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ImagePRESS C6000 7000VP 6000VP Service Manual

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imagePRESS C6000 7000VP 6000VP Service Manual

+++ +++ +++ **NOTE!html format Manual+++ +++ +++

copier service repair manual has Detailed Pictures, Diagrams, It gives complete step by step information on repair, servicing and preventative maintenance.This manual is highly detailed
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+++ This CANON imagePRESS C6000 7000VP 6000VP Service Manual in html format.

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It run in Windows XP SP3 with Internet Explorer 6.0SP1 Plug-ins Flash Player and Media Player.
I tested run this manual in Windows XP SP3 with Internet Explorer 8.0, this manual runs very well.
if it can not to run in windows 7 system, you can use virtual machines to simulate winxp system. I use win7 with Oracle VM VirtualBox to simulate winxp system,
In this environment to run canon 7000vp manual, it runs very well.
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Extract canon 7000vp with winrar, download it from
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In this directory, '/ESM_imagePRESS_C7000VP_00440683'
click on 'ClickMeStartManuals.html', it can runs well.

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The following is a contentsTheory ChaptersSpecificationsSystem ConstructionProduct SpecificationsNames of PartsUsing the Machine User Mode Items Safety Product Specifications Function List MEAP RDS Basic Operation Construction Main Controller Construction Construction of the Electrical Circuitry Start-Up Sequence Actions when HDD Error Flow of Image Data Original Exposure System Construction Laser Exposure Construction Basic Sequence Various Control Controlling the Laser Activation Timing Controlling the Intensity of Laser Light Controlling the Laser Scanner Motor Controlling the Laser Shutter Correcting Image Displacement Image Formation Construction Image Formation Process Driving and Controlling the Image Formation System Image Stabilization Control Process Unit Outline Charging Mechanism Developing Assembly Toner Container Transfer Device Waste Toner Collection Mechanism Drum Heater Pickup/Feeding System Construction Basic Sequence Detecting Jams Jam Detection Outline Delay Jams Stationary Jams Other Jams Manual Feed Pickup Unit Deck Deck Pick-up Unit Lower Feeder Unit Vertical Path Feeder Unit Pre-registration Unit Registration Unit Duplex Feeding Unit Delivery De-curler Control Fixing System Construction Basic Sequence Various Control Mechanisms Controlling the Fixing Roller Temperature Down Sequence Control Detecting the Passage of Paper External Heat Roller Drive Control Belting inclined Control Belt Pressurizing Mechanism Fixing Cleaning Web Mechanisms Protective Functions Externals and Controls Control Panel Counters Fans Power Supply Power Supply Protection Function Backup Battery Energy-Saving Function Servicing Chapters Installation Making Pre-Checks Unpacking and Installation Checking the Connection to the Network Troubleshooting the Network Relocating the Machine Installing the Card Reader Installing the Platen Cover Installing the Key Switch Unit Installing the Tab Feeding Attachment Installing the Deck Heater Installing the Voice Guidance Kit Installation Procedure (for Print) Upgrading Outline Making Preparations Formatting the HDD Downloading System Software Batch Downloading Downloading the System Software (Single) Uploading and Downloading Backup Data Version Upgrade using USB Service Mode Outline DISPLAY (Status Display Mode) COPIER FEEDER I/O (I/O Display Mode) ADJUST (Adjustment Mode) COPIER FEEDER SORTER FUNCTION (Operation/Inspection Mode) COPIER FEEDER OPTION (Machine Settings Mode) COPIER FEEDER SORTER BOARD TEST (Test Print Mode) COPIER COUNTER (Counter Mode) COPIER Error Code Error Code Details Jam Codes Alarm Codes General Circuit Diagram Signal Names General Circuit Diagram General Timing Chart Maintenance Periodically Replaced Parts Durables and Consumables Scheduled Servicing Basic Procedure Cleaning Procedure Photosensitive Drum Unit (Y/M/C/Bk) Primary Transfer Unit Secondary Transfer Unit Fixing Unit Pickup / Feeding Unit Fiiter Image Adjustment Basic Procedure Image Adjustments Making Initial Checks Test Print Outline of Electrical Components Clutch/Solenoid Motor Fan Sensor Switch Lamps, Heaters, and Others PCBs Connectors Troubleshooting Image Faults Light Image / Weak Density Uneven Density Partially Blank/Streaked Smudged/Streaked Malfunction Malfunction/Faulty Detection Jam (Main Unit) Error Code Specifications-Related FAQ FAQ on Main Unit Specifications Service Tools Adjustments/Parts Replacement Procedure Main Controller Parts Replacement Procedure Hard Disk Main Controller Box Main Controller PCB SRAM PCB Boot ROM PCB Image Memory (SDRAM) RO-B PCB GU-Short PCB S-B PCB LAN-bar-B PCB O-B PCB RB-A PCB DRM PCB ZJ-A PCB Voice Guidance PCB Encryption PCB Original Exposure System Parts Replacement Procedure DADF Exposure Lamp Reader Controller PCB Inverter PCB CCD Unit Scanner Motor ADF Open/Close Sensor Scanner Home Position Sensor Original Sensor Scanner Drive Cable Laser Exposure Adjustments Parts Replacement Procedure Laser Scanner Unit Image Formation Adjustments Parts Replacement Procedure Front Exposure Lamp Primary Charging Assembly Primary Charging Wire Primary Corona Grid Panel Primary Corona Pad Holder Primary Corona Slider Pre-transfer Charging Assembly Pre-Transfer Charging Wire Pre-Transfer Corona Pad Holder Pre-Transfer Corona Slider Drum Unit Photosensitive Drum Cleaning Unit Photosensitive Drum Scoop-Up Sheet End Seal Drum Cleaning Brush Roller Photosensitive Drum Cleaning Blade Drum Patch Sensor Cleaning Motor Hopper Assembly Sub Hopper Motor Developing Assembly Drum Patch Sensor Vibration Motor ITB Cleaning Unit ITB Cleaning Scraper ITB Cleaning Web Intermediate Transfer Belt ITB Home Position Sensor Primary Transfer Roller Secondary Transfer External Roller Secondary Transfer Internal Roller Secondary Transfer Cleaning Assembly ITB Cleaning Brush Roller ITB Cleaning Blade ITB Edge Seal ITB End Scraper Secondary Transfer Inlet Guide Secondary Transfer Toner Blocking Sheet Drum Patch Sensor Shutter Color Registration Patch Cleaning Shutter Leading Edge Registration Patch Sensor Shutter Pickup/Feeding System Adjustments Parts Replacement Procedure Vertical Path Unit Deck Unit Cassette Pickup Unit Cross-Feed Roller Separation Pad Manual Feed Roller Manual Feed Separation Roller Pre-Fixing Feeding Unit Main Station Duplexing Feed Unit Sub Station Duplexing Feed Unit Lower Feed Unit Bypass Feed Assembly Bypass Feed Roller Tandem Feed Assembly Tandem Feed Roller Feed Belt Merger pass Assembly Feed Roller (Merger Assembly) Duplexing Reversing Roller Duplex Decurler Feed Belt Delivery Roller Delivery Flapper Spring Delivery Reversing Roller Delivery Decurler Roller 1 Delivery Decurler Roller 2 One-way Clutch Fixing System Adjustments Parts Replacement Procedure Notice When Handling the Fixing Assembly Fixing Assembly Fixing Belt Unit Fixing Roller Pressure Roller Fixing Belt External Heat Roller Oil Applying Roller External Heat Cleaning Roller Fixing Web Roller Refresh Roller Steering Roller Pressure Pad Pressure Pad Cover Fixing Roller Thermistor External Heat Thermistor Inlet Thermistor Fixing Locking Thermal Switch Thermal Switch Fixing Belt Thermal Switch Fixing Web Fixing Web Solenoid Insulating Bush Bearing Separation Claw Delivery Upper Separation Plate Fixing Inner Delivery Roller External and Controls Adjustments Parts Replacement Procedure AC Power Supply Unit Power Supply Unit Main controller power supply PCB DC Controller PCB Non-All-Night Power Supply PCB All-Night Power Supply PCB Thermopile power supply PCB Leakage Breaker Enviroment Heater Driver PCB Ozone Filter Toner Filter Noise Filter Air Filter Power Unit Station Operator Maintenance Manual Introduction Initial Setup Log-in Method Setup Initial Start-Up Inspection Items of Initial Start-up Inspection (Recommended) Adjustment Adjustment Procedure Component Replaced ORC list/estimated life Replacement Procedure/Adjustment at Time of Replacement Photosensitive Drum Unit (Y/M/C/Bk) Primary Charging Assembly Primary Charging Wire (Y/M/C/Bk) Grid (Y/M/C/Bk) Drum Unit Drum (Y/M/C/Bk) Drum Cleaning Kit (Y/M/C/Bk) Drum Cleaning Blade (Y/M/C/Bk) Drum Patch Sensor (Y/M/C/Bk) Primary Transfer Unit (Intermediate Transfer Unit) Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) Primary Transfer Roller (Y/M/C/Bk) Secondary Transfer Internal Roller ITB Cleaner Unit ITB Cleaning Brush Roller ITB Inside Cleaning Scraper ITB Edge Scraper Unit ITB Web ITB Bias Roller Cleaning Blade Pre-transfer Charging Assembly Pre-Transfer Charging Wire Registration Patch Sensor Cleaning Shutter Leading Edge Registration Patch Sensor Cleaning Shutter Secondary Transfer Unit Secondary Transfer External Roller Secondary Transfer Cleaner Kit Primary Fixing Unit Primary Fixing Web Primary Fixing Refresh Cleaning Roller Primary Web Unit Primary Fixing Web Roller Primary Fixing External Heating Cleaning Roller Primary Fixing External Heating Roller Unit Primary Fixing Refresh Roller Primary Fixing Roller Primary Fixing Belt Unit Secondary Fixing Unit Secondary Fixing Web Secondary Fixing Refresh Cleaning Roller Secondary web unit Secondary Fixing Web Roller Secondary Fixing External Heating Cleaning Roller Secondary Fixing External Heating Roller Unit Secondary Fixing Refresh Roller Secondary Fixing Roller Secondary Fixing Pressure Roller Pickup / Feeding Unit Separation Pad Filter ITB Unit Inside Ozone Filter ITB Unit Inside Air Filter Sub-Station Rear Left Ozone Filter Sub-Station Rear Upper Ozone Filter Sub-Station Rear Middle Ozone Filter Main-Station Rear Ozone Filter Main-Station Rear Toner Filter Cleaning List of Cleaning Items/Frequency of Cleaning Cleaning Procedure Photosensitive Drum Unit (Y/M/C/Bk) Primary Transfer Unit Secondary Transfer Unit Fixing Unit Pickup / Feeding Unit Filter Alert Indications; Screen Operation Procedure, Life Data Maintenance Troubleshooting Initial Inspection Flow of Work in Response to E Code Overview of Equipment Image Formation Processes/Unit Construction Service Tools Diagram of Operator Maintenance Mode Layers
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