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1996-2000 New Holland 1720 compact utility tractor manual

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This guide covers the following models:

  • 1720, Twenty Compact Series / New Holland Agriculture / Shibaura, built in Japan.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety Instructions
  3. Operating Instructions
  4. Maintenance and Lubrication
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Specifications
  7. And More

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The 1996-2000 New Holland 1720 compact utility tractor manual is a valuable resource for mechanics, technicians, and owners as it provides detailed information on the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the tractor. It offers step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and specifications to help users effectively service and repair the vehicle.

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  • Click the download button to instantly access this manual.# 1996 New Holland 1720 Premium:

  • Standard 3-cylinder diesel engine

  • 4WD drive train

  • Advanced equipment package with upgraded seat and lighting

1997 New Holland 1720 Advanced:

  • Standard 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4WD drive train
  • Advanced tech package with enhanced monitoring system

1998 New Holland 1720 Pro:

  • Standard 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4WD with differential lock
  • Pro equipment package with added safety features

1999 New Holland 1720 Elite:

  • Standard 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4WD drive train
  • Elite package with luxury seat, enhanced lighting, and superior tech system

2000 New Holland 1720 Limited Edition:

  • Standard 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4WD drive train
  • Limited edition features with unique branding, color options, and commemorative badges
  • Engine: Shibaura N843, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 91.3 ci, 1.5 L, 3.307x3.543 inches, 84 x 90 mm, 22.5:1.

Years: 1996 - 2000, 1997, 1998, 1999.

Manual Language: English

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Introducing the comprehensive guide for every New Holland 1720 owner. Whether it's basic maintenance or intricate repairs, this manual has been curated with in-depth details, tailored to the specifications of the 1996-2000 New Holland 1720 models. Dive in to discover all you need to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your tractor.

Engine Specifications/Technical Data:

  • The New Holland 1720 is powered by a 3-cylinder Shibaura N843 diesel engine.
  • The engine has a total displacement of 1.5 liters.
  • It boasts an impressive power output of 27.5 horsepower (HP).
  • The rated RPM for this model is 2500.
  • Fuel tank capacity stands at 8.2 gallons, ensuring longer work durations.
  • The 1720 operates on a liquid cooling system, ensuring optimal engine temperature.
  • It features a dual dry clutch, enhancing its performance.
  • The tractor's PTO (power take-off) operates at 540 RPM.
  • Compression ratio for this engine is approximately 23:1.
  • The engine uses direct injection for fuel delivery, improving fuel efficiency.
  • Bore and stroke measurements are 84mm x 84mm respectively.
  • It utilizes a 12V electrical system with a 40-amp alternator.
  • The engine oil capacity is around 3.6 liters.
  • An effective air filtration system ensures cleaner combustion.
  • The tractor can achieve a forward speed of up to 14.1 mph.
  • Reverse speeds can reach up to 4.3 mph.
  • The engine is paired with an 8 forward and 2 reverse speed gearbox.
  • It boasts a hydraulic system with a capacity of 20 liters.
  • The engine has a weight of approximately 2450 pounds.
  • The tractor dimensions are 115 inches in length, 63 inches in width, and 84 inches in height.

Facts and Details:

  • The 1996-2000 New Holland 1720 is a compact utility tractor.
  • It was manufactured in Japan, showcasing high-quality workmanship.
  • This model is equipped with hydrostatic power steering for easier handling.
  • It features a 4x4 MFWD 4WD drivetrain, enhancing its off-road capabilities.
  • The 1720 offers differential mechanical drum brakes for reliable stopping power.
  • The chassis is built with 4x2 2WD for standard operations and 4x4 MFWD 4WD for more challenging terrains.
  • Its wheelbase is approximately 67 inches, allowing for stability in various operations.
  • The tractor's lifting capacity at the lower link end stands at 1,102 pounds.
  • It comes with a ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure) for enhanced safety.
  • The New Holland 1720 is known for its versatility, catering to both farming and construction needs.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly check and change the oil to ensure the engine's longevity.
  • Clean or replace air filters routinely, preventing debris from entering the engine.
  • Inspect hydraulic systems for leaks and maintain proper fluid levels.
  • Check tire pressure consistently and ensure they are adequately inflated.
  • Lubricate all moving parts, especially the PTO shaft, to prevent wear and tear.

Common Issues & Solutions:

Issue: Overheating engine. Solution: Regularly check the cooling system, clean the radiator, and ensure the coolant is at the correct level.

Issue: Hydraulic system malfunction. Solution: Check for leaks, replace damaged seals, and ensure the hydraulic fluid is clean.

Issue: Difficulty in starting. Solution: Inspect the electrical system, battery connections, and replace worn-out spark plugs.

Issue: Uneven tire wear. Solution: Rotate tires regularly and ensure they are correctly inflated.

Issue: Excessive vibration during operation. Solution: Check for misaligned belts or loose parts and make necessary adjustments.

Tuning Tips/Modifications:

  • Upgrade air filters for enhanced airflow and improved engine performance.
  • Opt for high-quality synthetic oils for better engine protection and efficiency.
  • Install weight kits to improve stability during heavy-duty tasks.
  • Add auxiliary lighting for better visibility during nighttime operations.
  • Consider performance chips or tuners for enhanced horsepower and torque.

Accessories & Attachments:

  • Front-end loader for lifting and transporting materials.
  • Backhoe for digging and trenching tasks.
  • Mower deck for landscaping and lawn care.
  • Snow blowers for winter maintenance.
  • Pallet forks for material handling.
  • Landscape rakes for soil preparation.
  • Tiller attachments for farming.
  • Post hole diggers.
  • Box blades for leveling and grading.
  • Bale spear for handling hay.

Owner Reviews & Opinions:


  • Reliable and durable build quality.
  • Versatile for various tasks and terrains.
  • Efficient and powerful engine performance.
  • Comfortable and easy to operate.
  • Great value for money.


  • Some parts can be expensive to replace.
  • Limited advanced tech features in comparison to newer models.
  • Smaller fuel tank requires frequent refills during extended use.

Frequent Repairs & Breakages:

  • Hydraulic system leaks.
  • Worn-out brake pads.
  • Malfunctioning electrical components.
  • Damaged belts.
  • Fuel system issues.
  • Exhaust system rusting.
  • Cooling system malfunctions.
  • Transmission wear over time.
  • PTO shaft misalignments.
  • Worn-out tires.

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Price: 24.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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