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Kenmore 385.19233-385.19233400 sewing machine manual

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Overhaul/Service your sewing machine: Buy this Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 user manual. Manual details, specs and technical data: 393 pages This manual applies to the following models: 385.19233, 385.19233400 / Kenmore Kenmore 385.19233 Kenmore 385.19233400 Manual Language: English, multi-languages Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip) Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. SECTION I. NAME OF PARTS Cabinets and sewing machine tote bag Names of parts Available accessories and attachments SECTION II. GETTING READY TO SEW Connecting machine to power supply Before using your sewing machine Polarized plug Controlling sewing speed Speed control lever Machine operating buttons Up/down needle position button Auto-lock button Reverse stitch button Screen sharpness adjusting dial Cursor keys Mode key Stitch width selection key Stitch length selection key Memory key Clear key Function touchpad Direct pattern selection Number keys Pattern selection and screen indication Number key selection Language selection Presser foot lifter Thread cutter Extension table Detaching the table Attaching the table Accessory box Changing needle To remove and attach the foot holder To remove To attach Changing presser foot Presser foot types Zigzag foot (Foot A) Straight stitch foot (Foot H) Automatic buttonhole foot (Foot R) Zipper foot (Foot E) Blind hem stitch foot (Foot G) Satin stitch foot (Foot F) Overedge foot (Foot C) Overcast foot (Foot M) Darning foot (Foot P) Quilter 1/4" Seam foot (Option) Walking foot (Option) Selecting needle and fabric Bobbin winding Removing the bobbin Horizontal spool pin Additional spool pin Bobbin winding Inserting the bobbin Threading the machine Threading the machine Needle threader Drawing up bobbin thread Adjust the needle thread tension for a straight stitch Correct tension Tension is too tight Tension is too loose Adjust the needle thread tension for a zigzag stitch Correct tension Tension is too tight Tension is too loose SECTION III. BASIC SEWING Straight stitch Starting to sew Changing sewing direction Finishing sewing Using the seam guides on the needle plate Turn a square corner Quilting Sewing on heavy fabrics Manual stitch length Variable needle position To drop or raise the feed dog Basting Attaching the darning foot To sew Automatic reverse stitch Triple stretch stitch Straight stretch Auto-lock stitch Saddle stitch Zigzag stitch To change the width and length Overcasting Tricot stitch Knit stitch Over edge stitch Double overedge stitch Button sewing Automatic buttonhole Preparation for sewing Starting to sew Adjusting the stitch width and density in buttonholes To change the stitch width To change the stitch density Round end buttonhole Keyhole buttonhole Stretch buttonhole Knit buttonhole Adjusting the stitch width and density in rounded end and keyhole buttonhole # ³ "Download Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 Sewing Machine Manual in PDF Format and Get 20 Technical Specifications" If you are looking for a comprehensive manual for the Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 sewing machine, you can download it in PDF format today. This manual includes 20 technical specifications for the machine, providing you with all the information you need to keep your sewing machine in top-notch condition. Proper Maintenance for Your Sewing Machine Regardless of whether you own a brand-new or vintage sewing machine that is frequently used or rarely touched, it can sew perfectly for several years if it is given the right care. While an adjustment or part replacement may be necessary at times, a well-maintained and regularly cleaned sewing machine seldom "wears out." You can download the Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 Sewing Machine Manual here for machine maintenance and repair services. Basic sewing machine maintenance tasks include oiling, cleaning, and lubricating. These procedures are explained in the maintenance and repair manual that comes with the machine, or you can obtain it online. The manual is the most reliable source of information for the specific care required by your machine. Some machines need to be oiled and lubricated frequently, so it is essential to follow the instructions in your manual carefully. Our Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 Sewing Machine Manual Download here is very comprehensive, complete with diagrams to guide you through the maintenance processes. If you do not have an instruction manual for your sewing machine, you can find one on repairloader.com. To make it easy to locate the manual, ensure that you have the machine's name, serial number, model, and approximate age. By taking good care of your sewing machine, you can prolong its lifespan and ensure that it stays in perfect working condition. If you own a Kenmore sewing machine, you can obtain a copy of our Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 Sewing Machine Manual, which provides comprehensive guidance on the necessary maintenance required to keep the machine in top-notch condition. 20 Technical Specifications: • Dimensions: 17 x 7 x 13 inches • Weight: 16.6 pounds • Maximum sewing speed: 800 stitches per minute • Number of stitches: 23 • Number of buttonhole styles: 1 • Needle position: variable • Thread tension: manual, adjustable • Feed system: drop feed • Bobbin winding: automatic • Bobbin type: top loading • Needle threading: automatic • Stitch length: adjustable • Stitch width: adjustable • Presser foot pressure: manual, adjustable • Presser foot lift: manual, adjustable • LED light: built-in • Reverse sewing: manual • Free arm: yes • Foot pedal: included Complete your purchase through PayPal on www.repairloader.com and receive an instant download of the Kenmore 385.19233, 385.19233400 Sewing Machine Manual for an overhaul of your machine. Once your payment has been processed through PayPal on www.repairloader.com, you will receive an email with all the necessary download information within a minute.
Price: 13.99 USD
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