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Bobcat 430 excavator repair manual

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Model / manufacturer (brand): 430 / Bobcat Company
Engine model/specs: V2203-M- DI, 134.3cu in, 4 cylinders, 42.8hp, 2400rpm.
Production year(s): 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.
Bobcat X220, 220 Mini Excavator repair manual
Model specifics / manufacturer: X220 220 / Bobcat Company Engine specs: 13,5 hp, diesel, 2500 rpm, turbocharged engine. Production year(s): 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992,
24.99 USD

Serials: S/N 562511001 & Above, S/N 562711001 & Above, S/N 562911001 & Above, S/N 563011001 & Above
Manual Language: English
Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip)
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Bobcat X225, 225 Mini Excavator repair manual
225 / Bobcat Company Engine specs (X225): Kubota, D1402B, 21.3 kW. Serials number: 508312000 & Above Production years (depending on model): 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990,
24.99 USD

10 tech specs about the Bobcat 430 excavator:

1. The Bobcat 430 excavator has a weight of 4,850 lbs and a maximum digging depth of 11 ft 2 in.
2. It is equipped with a powerful Kubota diesel engine that provides 25.5 horsepower.
Bobcat 435 Excavator repair manual
Above, S/N 562811001 & Above, S/N 563111001 & Above, S/N 563211001 & Above Model / manufacturer or brand: 435 / Bobcat Company. Engine specs:
29.99 USD

3. The machine has a bucket digging force of 3,688 lbs and a arm digging force of 2,652 lbs.
4. It has a transport length of 14 ft 9 in and a width of 5 ft 9 in, making it highly maneuverable in tight spaces.
5. The excavator features a hydraulic system that provides smooth and efficient operation.
6. The machine has a maximum digging height of 15 ft 8 in and a maximum dump height of 11 ft 4 in.
7. The Bobcat 430 excavator is equipped with a hydraulic quick-coupler that allows easy change of attachments.
8. It features an electronic control system that monitors the engine and hydraulic system performance.
9. The machine has a swing speed of 9.4 RPM and a swing torque of 3,880 lbs-ft.
10. The Bobcat 430 excavator comes with a comprehensive manual that covers maintenance and repair procedures, as well as a parts list for easy reference. The manual also provides troubleshooting guidance for fault-finding and maintenance procedures, including oil change requirements.

The Bobcat 435 Excavator is a compact and maneuverable machine that is widely used in construction, demolition, and excavation sites. It is designed to meet the needs of contractors and operators who require a versatile and efficient machine that can handle a variety of tasks. In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting technical specifications of the Bobcat 435 Excavator and how they contribute to its performance and efficiency.

Manual: The Bobcat 435 Excavator comes with a comprehensive manual that provides all the necessary information about the machine's operations, maintenance, and repair. The manual is an essential tool for operators and mechanics who need to troubleshoot and repair the machine.

Repair: Regular maintenance and repair of the Bobcat 435 Excavator are crucial for its longevity and efficiency. The machine is designed with easy-to-access components that make it easy to repair and maintain.

Fault-finding: The Bobcat 435 Excavator is equipped with a sophisticated fault-finding system that can detect and diagnose any problems with the machine. The system helps operators to identify the source of the problem and take corrective actions to resolve it.

Parts list: A parts list is an essential tool for the maintenance and repair of the Bobcat 435 Excavator. It provides a complete list of all the components and parts of the machine and their respective locations.

Schematic diagram: The schematic diagram of the Bobcat 435 Excavator is a visual representation of the machine's components and how they are interconnected. It helps operators and mechanics to understand the machine's workings and diagnose problems.

Kubota diesel engine: The Bobcat 435 Excavator is powered by a Kubota diesel engine, which provides ample power and efficiency. The engine is reliable, fuel-efficient, and easy to maintain.

Hydraulic system: The Bobcat 435 Excavator is equipped with a highly efficient hydraulic system that provides smooth and precise control of the machine's movements. The system is designed to operate with minimal noise and vibration, making the machine more comfortable to operate.

Oil change: Regular oil changes are important for the longevity and efficiency of the Bobcat 435 Excavator. The machine is designed with an oil drain valve that makes it easy to change the oil, ensuring that the engine is always lubricated and protected.

Swing arm: The Bobcat 435 Excavator is equipped with a swing arm that provides excellent reach and versatility. The arm can be extended and rotated to access hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for digging, grading, and demolition tasks.

Attachments: The Bobcat 435 Excavator is compatible with a range of attachments that can be easily fitted to the machine. These attachments include buckets, hammers, rippers, and other tools that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks.

In conclusion, the Bobcat 435 Excavator is a highly efficient and versatile machine that is designed to meet the needs of contractors and operators. Its technical specifications, including the manual, repair, fault-finding, parts list, schematic diagram, Kubota diesel engine, hydraulic system, oil change, swing arm, and attachments, make it an excellent choice for any construction or excavation project.

Price: 29.99 USD