Lifetime Guarantee!

Hello Repairloader Community!

We wanted to take a moment to remind you of our special service that provides lifetime replacements for lost manuals!*

Did you accidentally delete your manual? Has your hard drive crashed, or can’t you find your manual anymore? Don’t panic! For a small processing fee, we offer a replacement. Simply send us $1.99 via PayPal. Please ensure that the payment is sent through the same email address that was used for the original purchase. This way, we can identify which manual we need to resend to you.

After receiving your payment, we’ll provide you with a new download link within 24 hours. This link will be valid for three days. If you haven’t received the download link, please do check your spam folder before reaching out to us. Thank you!

Please be aware, this offer is valid as long as the manual is still available on our marketplace!

*Attention: The Lifetime Guarantee applies only as long as the manual is offered by the seller/provider on our marketplace!

In closing, we want to wish you all the best in your repair efforts, and hope you continue to find our manuals useful and accessible. Remember, we’re here to make your repair process simpler and stress-free. Have a wonderful day, and happy repairing, Repairloader Community!

The team
Alexis Flynn






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