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2008-2012 Yamaha YP400 Majesty repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The following models are encompassed by this manual: YP 400 Majesty / Yamaha 2008 Yamaha YP400 Majesty 2009 Yamaha YP400 Majesty 2010 Yamaha YP400 Majesty 2011 Yamaha YP400 Majesty 2012 Yamaha YP400 Majesty Engine: 395 cc, water cooled, liquid cooled, DOHC, single cylinder, four-stroke, 36.3 Nm (26.77 lb-ft) @ 6000 rpm, 10.6:1 Production year(s): 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes (with all printers) Instant delivery/download: Your download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Master Your Maxi-Scooter: Download the Complete Fix-it Manual for the Yamaha Majesty" Are you a proud owner of the 2008-2012 Yamaha YP400 Majesty and wish to take control of its maintenance? Our comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your maxi-scooter running smoothly. With this guide, you will be equipped to perform a range of repairs and routine maintenance tasks, from minor adjustments to major overhauls. Download today and start a fulfilling journey of scooter self-care! Engine Specifications and Technical Details: • The 2008-2012 Yamaha YP400 Majesty boasts a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • This model features a single-cylinder, DOHC design. • The engine displacement stands at 395cc. • It utilizes a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). • The Yamaha Majesty employs electronic fuel injection for optimal efficiency. • It outputs a maximum horsepower of 34.8 hp at 7250 RPM. • The torque peaks at 37 Nm at 6000 RPM. • The compression ratio measures at 10.6:1. • This model has a TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) system. • It's equipped with an electric starter. • The Majesty's dry weight stands at 418 lbs (189.6 kg). • It carries a fuel capacity of 3.7 gallons (14 liters). • The model measures 88.2 in (2240 mm) in length. • The overall width is 30.7 in (780 mm). • The overall height measures 53.9 in (1370 mm). • It features a Telescopic Fork front suspension with 4.7 in (120 mm) of travel. • The rear suspension utilizes a swingarm with twin shocks, providing 4.1 in (104 mm) of travel. • It comes with a front tire size of 120/80-14 and a rear tire size of 150/70-13. • The Majesty comes with both front and rear disc brakes. • The seat height of this maxi-scooter is a comfortable 29.9 in (760 mm). • Its wheelbase measures 61.6 in (1565 mm). • The bore and stroke of the engine measure 83.0 x 73.0 mm. • The Yamaha Majesty is outfitted with a wet, multi-plate automatic clutch. • The fuel control is managed by a double overhead camshaft (DOHC). • This model features a fully automatic transmission, providing ease of use for riders of all skill levels. Facts and Details: - The Yamaha Majesty series is known for its combination of performance and comfort, offering a blend of motorcycle-like power with the convenience and comfort of a scooter. - The 2008-2012 YP400 Majesty is powered by a high-performance 400cc engine, making it one of the most powerful scooters in Yamaha's lineup. - These models are characterized by their stylish design and comfortable seating. - The Majesty features large wheels compared to a traditional scooter, providing better stability and handling. - The scooter offers ample storage, including a sizable under-seat compartment that can hold two full-face helmets. - The YP400 Majesty is fully equipped with modern features, including an easy-to-read digital instrument panel and electronic fuel injection. - Yamaha's YP400 Majesty models are well-regarded for their excellent fuel efficiency. Maintenance Intervals and General Tips: The engine oil and filter should be replaced every 3000 miles. The spark plug should be checked and replaced every 6000 miles. The air filter needs to be cleaned and replaced every 12000 miles. Brake fluid should be replaced every two years. Tire pressure should be checked weekly, and tires replaced when tread depth is below 2mm. Common Issues and Solutions: Issue: Reduced engine performance - Solution: Clean the fuel injector regularly and ensure the air filter is not clogged. Issue: Overheating - Solution: Regularly check coolant levels and ensure the radiator is not blocked. Issue: Difficulty in starting - Solution: Check the battery and replace if necessary. If the problem persists, inspect the starter system. Tuning Tips and Modifications: Upgrading the exhaust system can improve performance. Installing a power commander can optimize the fuel-air mixture, enhancing the scooter's performance. Replacing the standard air filter with a performance air filter can improve airflow to the engine. Upgrading the suspension can enhance ride comfort and handling. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: Hard luggage accessories for increased storage. Heated grips for comfortable riding in cold weather. Performance exhaust systems. High-Performance Air Filters. Custom seats for added comfort. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Owners of the Yamaha Majesty generally appreciate its smooth ride, ample storage space, and comfortable seating. They also laud the scooter's fuel efficiency and powerful 400cc engine. However, some owners may find the Majesty to be heavier than other scooters, which might affect handling. Frequently Carried Out Repairs: - Engine oil and filter change. - Brake pad replacement. - Battery replacement. - Spark plug replacement. - Fuel injector cleaning. Begin your Yamaha overhaul journey by purchasing your guide from the RepairLoader marketplace with PayPal. Post-transaction, your PDF manual is primed for immediate download. The link for downloading your official Yamaha OEM workshop manual and parts list will appear on the payment confirmation page as soon as your transaction concludes. Additionally, we'll email you all pertinent information regarding your payment and download without delay. §
Price: 15.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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