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2002 Yamaha outboard service manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. Repair, maintain and service your outboard motor: Buy this 2002 Yamaha service factory manual instantly (PDF). Specs: Production/model years: 2002 This manual applies to the following models: 2002 115TLRA LIT-18616-02-03 2002 115TXRA LIT-18616-02-03 2002 130TLRA LIT-18616-02-03 2002 130TXRA LIT-18616-02-03 2002 150TXRA LIT-18616-02-01 2002 15MSHA LIT-18616-01-65 2002 25MSH3A LIT-18616-01-94 2002 25MSHA LIT-18616-01-66 2002 25MSHA3 LIT-18616-01-94 2002 2MSHA LIT-18616-01-31 2002 30MSHA LIT-18616-01-94 2002 3MSHA LIT-18616-01-63 2002 40TLRA LIT-18616-01-81 2002 50TLRA LIT-18616-01-81 2002 5MSHA LIT-18616-01-33 2002 60TLRA LIT-18616-02-05 2002 70TLRA LIT-18616-02-05 2002 8MSHA LIT-18616-01-64 2002 9.9MSHA LIT-18616-01-65 2002 90TLRA LIT-18616-02-05 2002 C40TLRA LIT-18616-01-81 2002 DX150TLRA LIT-18616-01-99 2002 F100TLRA LIT-18616-01-96 2002 F100TXRA LIT-18616-01-96 2002 F115TJRA LIT-18616-02-18 LIT-18619-00-97 2002 F115TLRA LIT-18616-02-18 2002 F115TXRA LIT-18616-02-18 2002 F15ELHA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F15ESHA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F15MLHA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F15MSHA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F15PLHA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F15PLRA LIT-18616-F1-50 2002 F200TXRA LIT-18616-02-36 LIT-18616-02-39 2002 F225TURA LIT-18616-02-36 2002 F225TXRA LIT-18616-02-36 2002 F25ELHA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25ELRA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25ESHA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25ESRA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25MLHA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25MSHA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F25TLRA LIT-18616-01-95 2002 F30TLRA LIT-18616-F3-00 2002 F40ESRA LIT-18616-02-16 2002 F40MJHA LIT-18616-02-16 LIT-18619-00-97 2002 F40MLHA LIT-18616-02-16 2002 F40MSHA LIT-18616-02-16 2002 F40TLRA LIT-18616-02-16 2002 F4MLHA LIT-18616-01-79 2002 F4MSHA LIT-18616-01-79 2002 F50TJRA LIT-18616-02-33 LIT-18619-00-97 2002 F50TLRA LIT-18616-02-33 2002 F60TLRA LIT-18616-02-33 LIT-18616-02-40 2002 F6MLHA LIT-18616-02-19 2002 F6MSHA LIT-18616-02-19 2002 F80TJRA LIT-18616-01-96 LIT-18619-00-97 2002 F80TLRA LIT-18616-01-96 2002 F8MLHA LIT-18616-02-19 2002 F8MSHA LIT-18616-02-19 2002 F9.9ELRA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 F9.9MLHA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 F9.9MSHA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 LF115TXRA LIT-18616-02-18 2002 LF200TXRA LIT-18616-02-36 LIT-18616-02-39 2002 LF225TURA LIT-18616-02-36 2002 LF225TXRA LIT-18616-02-36 2002 LX225TXRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 LX250TURA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 LX250TXRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 LZ150TXRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 LZ200TXRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 SX150TXRA LIT-18616-01-99 2002 SX200TXRA LIT-18616-01-99 2002 SX225TURA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 SX225TXRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 SX250TURA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 SX250TXRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 T25TLRA LIT-18616-01-95 LIT-18616-02-20 2002 T50TLRA LIT-18616-02-16 2002 T8ELHA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T8EXHA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T8PLHA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T8PLRA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T8PXHA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T8PXRA LIT-18616-T8-00 2002 T9.9ELHA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 T9.9ELRA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 T9.9EXHA LIT-18616-01-83 2002 V150TLRA LIT-18616-02-01 2002 VX200TLRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 VX225TLRA LIT-18616-02-02 2002 VX250TLRA LIT-18616-02-28 2002 VZ150TLRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 VZ175TLRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 VZ200TLRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 Z150TLRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 Z150TXRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 Z175TXRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 2002 Z200TXRA LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22 VX250TLRA VZ250TLRA VX200TLRA VZ200TLRA SX200TLRA LX200TXRA VX175TLRA SX175TXRA VX150TLRA SX150TXRA LX150TXRA VX115TLRA SX115TXRA VX90TLRA SX90TLRA Manual Language: English Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "The Comprehensive Guide to the 2002 Yamaha Outboard Parts Catalog and Overhaul Tips" The 2002 Yamaha outboard motor is a high-performance engine that is perfect for boaters looking for power and efficiency. If you own a 2002 Yamaha outboard motor and need a reliable source of information for parts catalog and overhaul tips, then this guide is for you. With detailed instructions and exploded views, you'll have all the information you need to keep your engine running smoothly for years to come. The manual is available for secure download in PDF format at www.repairloader.com. Payment can be made via PayPal for a hassle-free transaction. Simply click on the green button to begin the instant download. Here are 15 tech specs for the 2002 Yamaha outboard motor: • The Yamaha outboard motor has a maximum power output of 300 hp. • The engine has a 4.2-liter displacement with a bore and stroke of 3.70 x 3.27 inches. • The engine has a V6 configuration and a 24-valve DOHC system. • The ignition system of the engine is a micro-computer-controlled digital ignition (CDI) system. • The engine has a maximum RPM range of 5000-6000. • The gear ratio of the engine is 1.75:1. • The engine has a standard 25-inch shaft length. • The engine is equipped with a freshwater flush system for easy maintenance. • The alternator of the engine has a maximum output of 50 amps. • The recommended oil for the engine is Yamalube 4M marine oil or SAE 10W-30. • The engine requires a minimum octane rating of 87 for optimal performance. • The spark plugs of the engine are NGK LFR6A-11 (or equivalent) with a gap of 0.031 inches. • The engine has a fuel tank capacity of 26.4 gallons. • The engine is compatible with a variety of propellers, depending on the model. • The engine has a weight range of 534-562 pounds, depending on the model. • Model list for the 2002 Yamaha outboard: The Yamaha outboard motor parts catalog in this guide includes exploded views of each component, making it easy to identify the parts you need for maintenance and repairs. The overhaul tips section covers the major repairs and maintenance procedures for the engine, including oil changes, spark plug replacements, and more. After payment, your download link will appear on the checkout page. In addition, we will email you with all the necessary download information within one minute of payment. Please download the manual and save it for future reference.
Price: 14.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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