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2007 Yamaha YZ85 repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. Instantly Download the Genuine Yamaha Motor Corporation YZ85 OEM Manual in PDF Format to Overhaul Your Two-Stroke Motocross Motorcycle. Specs and manual details: Pages: 249 Production/model years: 2007 This manual applies to the following models: YZ85 / Yamaha Motor Corporation, Ltd Engine: 84.7 cc (5.17 cubic inches), single cylinder, two-stroke, liquid cooled, 8.2:1, 47.5 x 47.8 mm (1.9 x 1.9 inches), Carburetor. PWK28 x 1, CDI, Manual Language: English Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Repair Your 2007 Yamaha YZ85 with Instant Download of Genuine OEM Manual in PDF Format" If you own a 2007 Yamaha YZ85, regular maintenance is essential to keep your motorcycle in top condition and ensure optimal performance. Whether you're a professional motocross rider or an amateur enthusiast, having the right tools and information is key to success. This is where the genuine Yamaha Motor Corporation YZ85 OEM manual comes in handy. Instantly download the manual in PDF format from www.repairloader.com with secure PayPal payment and start your DIY repairs and maintenance with confidence. Engine Specs/Technical Specs: • Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, reed-valve inducted • Displacement: 85cc • Bore x Stroke: 47.5mm x 47.8mm • Compression Ratio: 8.2 ~ 9.6:1 • Lubrication: Pre-mix (32:1) • Ignition: CDI • Transmission: Constant-mesh 6-speed • Carburetion: Mikuni TM28SS • Fuel tank capacity: 1.3 gallons • Front suspension: Inverted fork, fully adjustable • Rear suspension: Fully adjustable link-type Monocross • Front brake: 220mm hydraulic disc • Rear brake: 190mm hydraulic disc • Front tire: 70/100-17 40M • Rear tire: 90/100-14 49M • Wheelbase: 49.5 inches • Ground clearance: 13.0 inches • Seat height: 33.6 inches • Dry weight: 157 pounds • Maximum power: 34 HP @ 11,000 RPM • Maximum torque: 7.1 lb-ft @ 9,500 RPM • Top speed: 65 mph • Spark plug: NGK BR10ES • Chain size: 420 • Drive type: Chain Interesting Facts and Details: - The Yamaha YZ85 is one of the most popular youth motocross bikes on the market, designed for riders aged 9 to 16 years old. - The YZ85 features a lightweight, compact design with a low seat height and a high-revving 85cc 2-stroke engine. - The YZ85 has won numerous motocross championships over the years, including the AMA National Championship in 2019 and 2020. Yamaha introduced the YZ85 in 2002, and it has undergone several updates and improvements since then, including a revised chassis and suspension for 2007. - The YZ85 is designed to be easily customizable with aftermarket parts and accessories, allowing riders to customize their bikes to their specific needs and preferences. - The YZ85 is known for its smooth power delivery and excellent handling, making it a favorite among young motocross riders. - The YZ85 is built with high-quality components and materials to ensure durability and longevity, even under the most demanding riding conditions. - The YZ85 is equipped with an adjustable seat height, allowing riders to customize the bike to their size and comfort level. - The YZ85 is designed with an ergonomic cockpit and intuitive controls, making it easy for riders to operate the bike and focus on their performance. - The YZ85 is backed by Yamaha's reputation for quality and reliability, making it a popular Maintenance Intervals, General Maintenance Tips, and Common Issues and Their Solutions for 2007 Yamaha YZ85: Regular maintenance is key to keeping your 2007 Yamaha YZ85 running smoothly and avoiding costly repairs. Here are some general maintenance tips and common issues you may encounter: Maintenance Intervals: - Oil change: every 10 hours or every race - Air filter cleaning/replacement: every 3-5 rides or as needed - Spark plug replacement: every 20 hours or as needed - Coolant replacement: every 2 years or 100 hours - Brake fluid replacement: every 2 years or as needed - Suspension oil replacement: every 40 hours or as needed - Chain and sprocket inspection/replacement: every 20 hours or as needed General Maintenance Tips: - Always use high-quality oils and lubricants designed for 2-stroke engines. - Check the air filter before every ride and clean or replace as needed. - Check tire pressure before every ride and adjust as needed. - Lubricate the chain after every ride and adjust as needed. - Check the brakes and brake pads before every ride and replace as needed. - Keep the bike clean and free of debris to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan. Common Issues and Their Solutions: - Fouled spark plugs: this can be caused by running the bike too rich or using low-quality fuel. Replace the spark plug and adjust the carburetor as needed. - Clutch problems: if the clutch is slipping or not engaging properly, it may be worn out or need adjustment. Replace the clutch plates or adjust the clutch cable as needed. - Fork seals leaking: this can be caused by dirt or debris getting into the fork tubes or worn out seals. Replace the seals and clean the tubes thoroughly. - Overheating: this can be caused by a dirty or clogged radiator or low coolant level. Clean the radiator and replace the coolant as needed. - Chain and sprocket wear: if the chain and sprockets are worn out, they can cause poor performance and even damage the engine. Replace the chain and sprockets as needed. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications for 2007 Yamaha YZ85: - Upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system can increase power and improve sound. - Installing a high-performance air filter can improve airflow and increase horsepower. - Upgrading to a larger carburetor can improve throttle response and power. - Adding a reed valve system can increase power and improve engine response. - Installing a high-performance suspension system can improve handling and stability. List of Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options for 2007 Yamaha YZ85: - Aftermarket exhaust systems - High-performance air filters - Reeds and reed valve systems - High-performance carburetors - Suspension kits and components - Graphics kits and custom decals - Handlebars and grips - Seat covers and custom seats - Foot pegs and controls - Performance engine components and kits Owner Reviews and Opinions about the Strengths and Weaknesses of 2007 Yamaha YZ85: Owners of the 2007 Yamaha YZ85 praise the bike for its excellent power delivery, smooth handling, and durability. Many owners appreciate the bike's lightweight design and easy customization options. Some owners report issues with the bike's clutch and suspension, but these can be easily addressed with proper maintenance and upgrades. Overall, the 2007 Yamaha YZ85 is a reliable and high-performing motocross bike that is ideal for young riders and enthusiasts alike. Begin your repair project and purchase the Yamaha Motor Corporation YZ85 factory service manual (FSM)/PDF with just a few clicks using PayPal on www.repairloader.com. §
Price: 18.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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