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John Deere GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95 riding lawn mower service technical manual - TM1491

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual is valid for the following models: GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95 / John Deere John Deere GX70 (1991-1996) John Deere GX75 (1991-1996) John Deere GX85 (1997-2003) John Deere SX85 (1997-2003) John Deere GX95 (1995-2003) John Deere SRX75 (1991-1996) John Deere SRX95 (1995-2003) Engine GX70: Kawasaki FC290V, gasoline, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical-shaft, 290 cc, 17.7 ci, 3.07x2.36 inches, 78 x 60 mm, 9 hp, 6.7 kW. Engine GX75: ..., see above, 8.4:1. Engine GX85: Briggs & Stratton 28M707, gasoline, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical-shaft, 465 cc, 28.4 ci, 3.44x3.06 inches, 87 mm x 78 mm, 13 hp, 9.7 kW. Engine SX85: see above. Engine GX95: Kawasaki FB460V, gasoline, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical-shaft, 460 cc, 28.1 ci, 3.5x2.91 inches, 89 mm x 74 mm, 12.5 hp, 9.3 kW, 6.4:1. Engine SRX75: Kawasaki FC290V, ..., see above... Engine SRX95: Kawasaki FB460V, see above... Production year(s): 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. Publication Number: TM1491 Pages: 457 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Get the Ultimate Mower Repair Manual: Download the Detailed Shop Handbook for John Deere GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95" Maximize the performance and longevity of your John Deere GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95 mowers with the comprehensive repair manual. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, this detailed shop handbook provides you with the essential knowledge and step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and repair your mower. Download the PDF manual today and empower yourself to tackle any maintenance or repair task for these John Deere mower models. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The John Deere GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95 mowers are equipped with various engine options. • These models feature single-cylinder engines with different displacement and power outputs. • The GX70 and GX75 mowers have a 9-horsepower engine, while the GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, and SRX95 models have a 13-horsepower engine. • The engines operate on gasoline and are air-cooled for efficient heat dissipation. • They utilize a recoil starter for easy ignition. • The mowers employ a mechanical governor system to control engine speed. • The engines feature a splash lubrication system for adequate lubrication. • They are equipped with a dual-element air filter to prevent dust and debris from entering the engine. • The John Deere mowers have a fuel tank capacity ranging from 2.3 gallons (8.7 liters) to 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters). • They utilize a mechanical fuel pump for fuel delivery. • The mowers come with a variety of cutting deck sizes, ranging from 30 inches (76 cm) to 48 inches (122 cm), depending on the model. • The cutting height can be adjusted in multiple positions to achieve the desired grass height. • The mowers feature a manual or hydrostatic transmission, providing smooth and effortless operation. • They have a turning radius of approximately 18 inches (46 cm) for excellent maneuverability. • The John Deere mowers come with either a 2-wheel drive or a 4-wheel drive system, depending on the model. • They are equipped with electric PTO (Power Take-Off) clutches for engaging the cutting blades. • The mowers offer a comfortable operator seat and ergonomic controls for reduced fatigue during long mowing sessions. • They have a lightweight and compact design for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. • The mowers come with headlights for improved visibility during low-light conditions. • They feature a durable steel frame and quality components for long-lasting performance. Facts and Details: - The John Deere GX70, GX75, GX85, SX85, GX95, SRX75, SRX95 mowers are part of the John Deere residential mower lineup. - These models are designed for homeowners with smaller to medium-sized lawns. - The mowers offer a combination of power, maneuverability, and ease of use. - They provide a clean and precise cut with their sharp cutting blades and adjustable cutting heights. - The John Deere mowers are known for their reliable performance and durability. - They feature a user-friendly design, allowing for easy maintenance and serviceability. - These mowers offer excellent grass collection capabilities, thanks to their efficient bagging systems. - The mowers provide comfortable and smooth operation, ensuring a pleasant mowing experience. - They come with high-quality tires for optimal traction on various terrains. - The John Deere mowers are backed by a reputable dealer network, providing support and access to genuine parts. - These models have intuitive controls that make mowing tasks effortless, even for beginners. - The mowers feature a compact size, allowing for easy storage in garages or sheds. - They offer a tight turning radius, enabling efficient maneuvering around obstacles and tight corners. - The John Deere mowers are equipped with safety features such as operator presence controls and emergency shut-off switches. Maintenance Intervals and Tips: ► Follow the recommended maintenance schedule provided in the owner's manual for optimal performance. ► Regularly change the engine oil and replace the oil filter as specified by the manufacturer. ► Clean or replace the air filter regularly to ensure proper engine airflow. ► Check and adjust the cutting blades' sharpness and balance to ensure an even and clean cut. ► Inspect and lubricate all pivot points, linkages, and belts as recommended by the manufacturer. ► Keep the mower's underside clean and free from grass clippings and debris to maintain optimal cutting performance. ► Monitor tire pressure and adjust as needed for optimal traction and stability. ► Check the fuel system for any signs of leaks or blockages, and address them promptly. ► Keep the mower's exterior clean to prevent debris accumulation and maintain its appearance. ► Store the mower in a dry and sheltered area to protect it from the elements. ► Consult the owner's manual or a qualified technician for any specific maintenance or troubleshooting concerns. Common Issues and Solutions: * Engine starting issues: Check the spark plug, fuel line, and carburetor for any obstructions or malfunctions. Clean or replace components as needed. * Poor cutting performance: Ensure the cutting blades are sharp and properly balanced. Clean the cutting deck and adjust the cutting height if necessary. * Belt slippage or breakage: Inspect the belts for wear and proper tension. Replace worn or damaged belts promptly. * Battery-related problems: Check the battery connections and charge level. Clean or replace the battery if necessary. * Transmission issues: Check the transmission fluid level and condition. Replace or top up the fluid as needed. * Electrical problems: Inspect wiring connections for any loose or damaged wires. Repair or replace faulty electrical components. * Excessive vibration: Inspect the cutting blades for damage or imbalance. Replace or balance the blades as needed. * Loss of power: Check the air filter and fuel system for any restrictions. Clean or replace components as necessary. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications: ■ Install a mulching kit to finely chop grass clippings and return nutrients to the lawn. ■ Upgrade the cutting blades to high-performance or aftermarket blades for improved cutting efficiency. ■ Consider adding a striping kit to create professional-looking stripes on the lawn. ■ Install a bagger attachment for efficient grass collection and lawn cleanup. ■ Upgrade the seat to a more comfortable and ergonomic option for extended mowing sessions. ■ Install LED headlights for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions. ■ Consider adding a hitch attachment to tow small trailers or carts for additional functionality. Accessories and Attachments: + Grass catchers and baggers for efficient grass collection. + Mulching kits for finely chopping grass clippings. + Striping kits for creating professional-looking lawn stripes. + Hitch attachments for towing small trailers or carts. + Snow blades for clearing snow during winter months. + Leaf blowers and vacuums for leaf and debris cleanup. + Sun shades and canopy attachments for protection from the sun. + Sprayers for applying fertilizers or pesticides. + Dethatchers for removing thatch from the lawn. + Aerators for improving soil compaction and lawn health. + Front-end loaders for material handling tasks. + Spreader attachments for even distribution of seed or fertilizer. + Broadcast spreaders for spreading granular materials. + Dozer blades for leveling and grading. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Strengths: ☺ Reliable and durable construction for long-lasting performance. ☺ Good cutting quality and ability to handle various grass types and conditions. ☺ Compact and maneuverable design for easy navigation around obstacles. ☺ Comfortable seating position and intuitive controls for user-friendly operation. ☺ Good bagging and grass collection capabilities. ☺ Quality and reputable brand with accessible dealer support. Weaknesses: ☻ Some owners experienced issues with belt wear or slippage. ☻ Limited cutting width compared to larger mower models. ☻ The grass collection bags may need frequent emptying during heavy mowing. ☻ Availability of certain parts or accessories may vary by location. Download the PDF manual to troubleshoot and repair your John Deere mower with confidence. Upon payment completion, you will find your download link for the official John Deere OEM shop manual and parts list on the checkout page. 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Price: 14.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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