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John Deere F911, F915, F925, F932 Front-mount mower Technical Manual - TM1487

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Models / brand: F911, F915, F925, F932, F900 Series / John Deere / Deere & Company / JD built in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Engine F911: Kawasaki FD620D, gasoline, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, horizontal-shaft V-Twin, 617 cc, 37.7 ci, 2.99x2.66 inches, 76 mm x 68 mm, 22 hp,
16.4 kW, 10.3:1, 1550-3650.
John Deere F911, F915, F925, F932, F935 Front-mount mower repair manual
F915, F925, F932, F935, F900 Series / John Deere, built in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. Production year(s): 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994,
18.99 USD

Engine F915: Yanmar 3TN66, diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, horizontal-shaft inline, 658 cc, 40.2 ci, 2.60x2.53 inches, 66 mm x 64 mm, 17 hp, 12.7 kW, indirect injection,
Engine 925: Yanmar 3TG72UJF, diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, horizontal-shaft inline, 878 cc, 53.6 ci, 2.84x2.84 inches, 72 mm x 72 mm, 22 hp, 16.4 kW, 22.7:1, 1450-3625
Engine F932: Yanmar 3TG72UJF, diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, horizontal-shaft inline, 878 cc, ... see above.
Production year(s): 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Model Identification Code: not defined
Serial numbers or parts numbers: all
1091 Pages
John Deere F510, F525 Residential Front Mower, Front-mount mower Repair Service Factory manual - TM1475
Factory Manuals, NOT 3rd party manuals. Specs: Publication number: TM1475 Models / manufacturer: F510, F525, F500 Series / Deere & Company built in
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Publication number: TM1487
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F911 Engine operation, tests & adjustments
John Deere F510, F525 Residential Front Mower repair manual
data: Model / Brand: F510, F525 F500 Series / John Deere (Horicon, Wisconsin, USA) Engine F510: Kawasaki FC420V, gasoline, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical-shaft, 422 cc, 25.8
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F915/F935 Engine operation, test, procedures
F932 Engine operation, tests, adjustments
F911 fuel/air tests, adjustments
F915/F935 fuel/air tests, and more.
F932 Fuel/Air operation, adjustments
F911 Electrical operation, adjustments
F915/F925/F935 Electrical Operation, Adjustments
F915/F925/F935 Electrical Operation, Adjustments
Power Train Operation, Tests, Adjustments
Steering & Brakes Operation, Adjustments
Steering & Brakes Operation, Adjustments

10 tech specs about the John Deere F932 Front-mount mower (Yanmar 3TG72UJF engine):

1. The John Deere F932 front-mount mower is powered by a Yanmar 3TG72UJF engine.
2. The engine is a 3-cylinder diesel engine.
3. The engine delivers 18.5 kW (24.9 hp)
4. The fuel tank capacity of the mower is 11.4 gallons (43 L)
5. The transmission of the mower comes with hydrostatic forward and reverse gears.
6. The operating weight of the mower is approximately 1,935 kg (4,265 lbs)
7. The mower deck cutting width is 122 cm (48 inches)
8. The mower has a cutting height range of 25-127 mm (1-5 inches)
9. The maximum speed of the mower is 14.9 km/h (9.3 mph)
10. The mower has an option for a power steering for easy maneuverability.


The John Deere F911 Front-mount mower is a heavy-duty mower designed for commercial and industrial use. It is equipped with a powerful Kawasaki FD620D engine that delivers 20 horsepower. The engine is air-cooled and has a displacement of 620cc. The mower has a hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth and easy operation. With a cutting width of 48 inches, it allows for efficient mowing of large lawns and fields.

To ensure the proper functioning of the mower, it is essential to maintain and service it regularly. The operator's manual, or the technical manual TM1487, provide detailed instructions on how to properly maintain and repair the mower. It is important to follow the recommended schedule for oil changes, filter replacements, and other routine maintenance tasks.

In case of any malfunctions or breakdowns, it's crucial to refer to the parts list to identify the specific parts that need to be replaced. It is always recommended to use original John Deere parts to ensure the optimal performance of the mower. Most of the common repairs can be done by a skilled operator, however, some repairs may need to be done by a professional.

Proper storage and protection of the mower during the off-season can help extend the life of the mower. It is recommended to clean the mower thoroughly and store it in a dry and covered place.

Overall, the John Deere F911 Front-mount mower is an efficient machine that can handle heavy-duty mowing tasks. With proper maintenance and repairs, it can provide long-lasting service. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance and repairs and use original parts for optimal performance.

Price: 23.99 USD