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1985-1986 Suzuki GV1200GL, GV1200 Madura repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The following models are encompassed by this manual: GV1200GL, GV1200 Madura / Suzuki Suzuki GV1200GL Suzuki GV1200 Madura Engine: 1250cc v4, four-stroke, 78.0 mm x 78.0 mm, 10.5:1 Production year(s): 1985, 1986 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes (with all printers) Instant delivery/download: Your download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Download the Cruiser Motorcycle Service Manual for the 1985-1986 Suzuki GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura" Looking to maintain and service your 1985-1986 Suzuki GV1200GL or GV1200 Madura cruiser motorcycle? Look no further! Access the comprehensive service manual download that covers engine specifications, maintenance tips, tuning advice, and more. This detailed guide is essential for cruiser enthusiasts and owners, providing valuable insights and instructions for keeping your Suzuki GV1200GL or GV1200 Madura in top condition. Engine Specs/Technical Specifications: • The Suzuki GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura were equipped with a liquid-cooled, 1,198cc V-twin engine. • The engine featured a four-stroke design for smooth power delivery and efficiency. • It had a bore and stroke of XXmm x XXmm (provide specific numbers if available). • The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura utilized a 5-speed transmission for optimal gear ratios. • These models boasted electronic ignition systems for reliable starting and efficient combustion. • The motorcycles employed a shaft drive system, offering low maintenance and smooth power transfer. • They featured a double cradle steel frame for stability and durability. • The front suspension consisted of telescopic forks, providing responsive handling and a comfortable ride. • In the rear, dual shock absorbers were utilized for enhanced suspension performance. • The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura had a fuel tank capacity of XX liters (provide specific number if available), allowing for long-distance cruising. • Both models were equipped with hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear for reliable stopping power. • The motorcycles featured a wheelbase of XXmm (provide specific number if available) for stability and balanced handling. • The seat height of the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura provided a comfortable riding position for most riders. • These models incorporated a comprehensive instrument cluster, including a speedometer, tachometer, and various indicators. • The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura had a curb weight of XXkg (provide specific number if available), making them stable and manageable on the road. • The motorcycles rode on XX-inch (provide specific number if available) wheels, offering stability and grip. • They featured a dual exhaust system, producing a deep and distinctive sound. • The fuel efficiency of the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura allowed for extended rides without frequent refueling. • These models offered ample storage capacity with integrated saddlebags, making them suitable for touring. • The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura had a top speed of XXmph (provide specific number if available), providing exhilarating performance on the open road. Facts and Details (1985-1986 Suzuki GV1200GL, GV1200 Madura): - The Suzuki GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura were known for their powerful performance and distinctive styling. - They were considered among the top cruiser motorcycles of their time, competing with brands like Harley-Davidson and Yamaha. - The GV1200 Madura was named after the city of Madurai in India, known for its rich cultural heritage. - These models featured a unique full-fairing design, offering wind protection and a streamlined appearance. - Suzuki incorporated advanced technology, such as electronic ignition and fuel systems, for improved reliability and fuel efficiency. - The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura were praised for their comfortable riding positions, making them suitable for long rides. - These motorcycles were designed to provide a balance between power, comfort, and handling, appealing to a wide range of riders. - The shaft drive system in the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura eliminated the need for chain maintenance and adjustments. - They were lauded for their strong low-end torque, allowing for effortless acceleration and highway cruising. - The distinctive sound produced by the V-twin engine added to the overall experience of riding these Suzuki cruisers. - The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura featured a well-designed suspension system, providing a smooth and controlled ride. - These models were appreciated for their durability and reliability, showcasing Suzuki's commitment to quality craftsmanship. Maintenance Intervals, General Maintenance Tips, and Common Issues: * Regular maintenance intervals include oil and filter changes every XXXX miles (specific number depends on the model). * It is recommended to inspect the drive belt or shaft drive system periodically and replace it if signs of wear or damage are observed. * Valve clearance should be checked and adjusted according to the manufacturer's specifications at regular intervals. * General maintenance tips include keeping the air filter clean, checking tire pressure regularly, and lubricating cables and pivot points. * Common issues reported for the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura include electrical problems, such as wiring issues and charging system failures. * Solutions for electrical issues may include checking all connections, ensuring proper grounding, and replacing faulty components. * Fuel system-related issues, such as carburetor problems, may arise due to fuel contamination or improper adjustment. Regular cleaning and tuning can help address these issues. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications: + Upgrading the exhaust system can enhance the performance and sound of the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura. + Installing a high-flow air filter and rejetting the carburetors can improve throttle response and overall engine performance. + Upgrading the suspension components, such as adjustable rear shocks or progressive fork springs, can enhance ride quality and handling. + Customizing the handlebars, footpegs, and seating can provide a personalized and more comfortable riding experience. + Adding accessories such as highway bars, luggage racks, and windshields can increase the touring capabilities of these motorcycles. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: Suzuki offered a range of genuine accessories for the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura, including saddlebags, passenger backrests, and windshields. Aftermarket companies provided options for custom seats, handlebar risers, upgraded lighting systems, and chrome accents. Performance parts such as high-performance exhaust systems, carburetor kits, and air filters were available for enthusiasts seeking additional power and sound. Owner Reviews and Opinions (Strengths and Weaknesses): Strengths: Owners praised the GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura for their powerful and smooth V-twin engines, providing ample torque for highway cruising. The motorcycles were appreciated for their comfortable riding positions, allowing for long-distance journeys without fatigue. The shaft drive system received positive feedback for its low maintenance requirements and smooth power transfer. The GV1200GL and GV1200 Madura were admired for their distinctive styling, turning heads wherever they went. Weaknesses: Some owners mentioned electrical issues, particularly related to the charging system and wiring, requiring careful maintenance and occasional repairs. The weight and size of the motorcycles were cited as potential challenges when maneuvering in tight spaces or at low speeds. Repairs Needing Most Frequent Attention: ► Routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, and regular inspections are crucial to maintaining the overall health and performance of these motorcycles. ► Suspension components may require periodic servicing or replacement to ensure optimal ride quality. ► Electrical components, including wiring and charging system components, may need attention over time to address any issues that may arise. ► Carburetor cleaning and adjustment can help maintain proper fueling and performance. ► The drive belt or shaft drive system should be inspected regularly for wear and replaced as needed. Initiate the purchase of your detailed Suzuki PDF troubleshooting and repair guide by securely buying the shop handbook through RepairLoader. Simply click the green button to proceed with your PayPal payment. Upon completing your PayPal payment, you will instantly gain access to the official Suzuki OEM shop manual and parts list download link. Look for the download link on the checkout page, and rest assured, we will promptly email you the payment and download information. §
Price: 18.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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