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New Holland TN75S Supersteer tractor parts list

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual is applicable to the following models: TN75S Supersteer, TN series / New Holland Agriculture, built in Jesi, Italy. New Holland TN75S Supersteer 2WD (2001-2003) New Holland TN75S Supersteer 4WD (2001-2003) 32LA FARM LOADER33LA FARM LOADER46LB AG LOADER52LA FARM LOADER7310 QUICK ATTACH FARM LOADER7210 QUICK ATTACH FARM LOADER7312 QUICK ATTACH FARM LOADER7314 QUICK ATTACH FARM LOADER7511 FARM LOADER Engine specs: Iveco 8035, turbocharged diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 179 ci, 2.9 L, 4.094x4.528 inches, 104 x 115 mm, 75 hp, 55.9 kW, 18:1, 218 lb-ft, 295.6 Nm. Production years: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. 2874 pages Manual Language: English # ³ "Download the Essential Repair Guide: New Holland Tractor Parts List" Navigating the intricate world of tractor maintenance becomes undeniably smoother with a comprehensive parts list at your disposal. The New Holland TN75S Supersteer is no exception. Synonymous with power and precision, this tractor embodies New Holland's commitment to innovation and reliability. In this guide, we dive deep into the engine specifications of the TN75S Supersteer and provide invaluable insights to keep this machinery running at its best. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The TN75S Supersteer boasts a robust 3.2-liter, 4-cylinder engine. • It delivers a commendable 75 horsepower. • The tractor operates with a direct-injection fuel system. • It benefits from a water-cooled cooling system, ensuring longevity. • A synchronized transmission system offers efficient power delivery. • With an 8x2 speed range, it provides flexibility in various tasks. • Its hydraulic system features an open-center design. • The tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 68 liters. • Dual dry clutch ensures smooth power transfer. • The power steering system provides precision control. • Features independent, 540 rpm PTO (power take-off). • Front tires are uniquely designed to enable the Supersteer capability. • Rear lifting capacity is substantial, standing at around 2,500 kg. • The engine utilizes an efficient air filter system to keep out debris. • Engine's rpm stands at a maximum of 2300. • The hydraulic pump flow rate is optimized for various attachments. • It comes with a comfortable operator station for extended usability. • The tractor integrates modern safety features for operator protection. • Wet disc brakes ensure effective stopping power. • It is designed for both 2WD and 4WD configurations. • Implements an advanced emissions control system. • Comes with a spacious cabin, equipped with ergonomic controls. • Advanced suspension system ensures a smoother ride. • With a turbocharged engine, it delivers consistent power. • Its differential lock is synchronized to prevent wheel slippage. Facts and Details: - The Supersteer feature offers unparalleled front-wheel turning. - Designed for both agricultural and commercial use. - Its advanced hydraulic system enables multiple tool attachments. - Comes with an option for an enclosed cabin with HVAC. - Known for its fuel efficiency and lower emissions. - Maintenance parts are strategically placed for easy access. - Features a user-friendly interface with clear indicators. - Adjustable seating ensures comfort during extended operations. - Maintenance intervals recommended at every 500 hours. - Regular checks on the transmission fluid level are vital. - For optimal performance, radiator cleaning is advised bi-monthly. - Equipped with protective guards against potential debris damage. - Features advanced telematics for performance tracking. - Owners laud its compact design, which doesn't compromise on power. - Proper greasing at pivotal points is recommended every 50 hours. Maintenance Tips: ► Regularly check oil levels and ensure timely oil changes. ► Inspect belts and hoses for signs of wear or deterioration. ► Clean the radiator and ensure the cooling system is working efficiently. ► Check tire pressure and adjust according to the job's requirements. ► Grease all joints and pivot points to reduce wear and friction. Tuning Tips and Modifications: * Engine tuning can enhance power and torque. * Consider aftermarket exhaust systems for better engine efficiency. * Upgrade to high-performance filters for improved air and fuel flow. * Enhanced hydraulic fluids can optimize tool and attachment operations. * Implementing electronic monitoring tools for real-time performance tracking. Accessories and Attachments: ■ Front-end loaders. ■ Mower attachments. ■ Baling equipment. ■ Plows and harrows. ■ Seed drills. ■ Backhoes. ■ Post hole diggers. ■ Sprayers and spreaders. ■ Graders and blades. ■ Hydraulic augers. Owner Reviews: Strengths: ☺ Exceptional maneuverability with Supersteer. ☺ Consistent power delivery across tasks. ☺ Durable and built for the long haul. Weaknesses: ☻ Some users cite hydraulic system maintenance as a frequent requirement. ☻ The initial cost might be a barrier for some. Frequent Repairs and Common Issues: → Replacement of worn-out belts. → Hydraulic system flush and fluid replacement. → Repair of power take-off (PTO) systems. → Replacing or cleaning clogged filters. → Adjusting or replacing brakes. → Transmission fluid changes and inspections. → Replacing worn tires or tubes. → Radiator cleaning and potential replacement. → Repairing leaky hoses or seals. → Replacing spark plugs and checking ignition systems. → Adjustments to the front-end alignment, especially for Supersteer. → Battery maintenance or replacement. → Clutch adjustments or replacements. → Lubrication system checks and top-ups. → Replacing worn or damaged cutting blades (if mower attachment is used). To address your New Holland issues, click here to get the parts list manual in PDF format. Safe and secure with PayPal. Post-payment, you'll be directed to the checkout page where your genuine New Holland parts list awaits. Additionally, an email confirming your payment will be sent to you promptly. §
Price: 16.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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