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John Deere 450E Crawler Tractor, 455E Crawler Loader Operation and Test Technical Manual - TM1330

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Model, type / brand or manufacturer: 450E, 455E, 300 Series / Deere & Company / JD / John Deere
John Deere 450E Bulldozer, 455E Loader Repair Manual - TM1330
John Deere 450E Bulldozer, 455E Loader manual. Specs: Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip) Total Pages: 772 Model or type / brand: 450E, 455E
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Engine 450E specs: 4-276D, 276cu in, 73hp, 70hp, 2100rpm, 1200rpm, naturally aspirated, 228lb ft.
Engine 455E specs: 4-276D, 276 cu in. (4.5 L), Naturally aspirated or turbocharged, 4 cylinders, 4.19 x 5.00 in. (106 x 127 mm), 16.8 to 1, 228 lb-ft (309 Nm).
Production years: 1985, 1986, 1987.
Publication Number: TM1330
Serial numbers or parts numbers: all
Model Identification Code: not defined
Pages: 266
John Deere 655B, 755B Crawler Loader Operation and Test Manual - TM1333
and download this John Deere 655B, 755B repair manual. Specs, technical data: Pages: 588 Model, type / brand or manufacturer: 655B, 755B / John
24.99 USD

Type: Operation and Test manual
Manual Language: English
Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip)

10 interesting tech specs about the John Deere 450E Crawler Tractor (4-276D engine):
John Deere 750B, 850B Crawler Dozer Operation and Test Manual
/ Dozer: Download this TM1332 manual. Specs: Pages: 643 Model, type / brand or manufacturer: 750B, 850B / John Deere Construction Engine 750B specs:
29.99 USD

1. The John Deere 450E Crawler Tractor has a net power output of 66 horsepower.
2. It has a maximum operating weight of 15,200 pounds.
3. The tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine (4-276D engine).
4. It has a maximum travel speed of 3.8 miles per hour.
5. The 450E Crawler Tractor has a maximum drawbar pull of 5,000 pounds.
6. It has a maximum blade capacity of 1.3 cubic yards.
7. The machine has a maximum ground clearance of 14 inches.
8. It has a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 pounds at the end of the dipper stick.
9. The 450E Crawler Tractor is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission.
10. It has a maximum swing torque of 3,700 pound-feet.

5 Steps for Changing the Oil Filter on a John Deere 450E Excavator:

- If you own a John Deere 450E Excavator, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your machine running smoothly. One important part of regular maintenance is changing the oil filter. Here are 5 steps to guide you through the process:

- Ensure that the machine is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off before attempting to change the oil filter.

- Locate the oil filter and drain any oil that may still be in the filter housing by removing the drain plug.

- Use a filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Be prepared with a drain pan or a rag to catch any oil that may spill out when removing the old filter.

- Clean the filter housing with a clean rag to ensure that no debris or old gasket material remains.

Install the new oil filter and make sure to lubricate the gasket with fresh oil before installing it. Then, tighten the filter according to the manufacturer's specifications.

To ensure that the oil filter is changed correctly, it is important to consult the operator's manual for your John Deere 450E Excavator for detailed instructions and the proper torque specification for the oil filter. You can also find a comprehensive guide on how to change the oil filter in the repair manual available at www.repairloader.com.

Regularly changing the oil filter is essential for keeping your John Deere 450E Excavator running smoothly and efficiently. Don't forget to check the oil level after the filter change and top it off as needed. Click on the green button to buy the manual and start the instant download.

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