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John Deere 4110, 4115 compact utility tractor repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. Models / brand (manufacturer): 4110, 4115, 4000 Ten Compact Series / Deere & Company (Yanmar built), built in Japan. John Deere 4110 (Years Produced: 2000-2003) John Deere 4110 Gear (Standard) John Deere 4110 Hydro (Hydrostatic Transmission) John Deere 4115 (Years Produced: 2000-2002) John Deere 4115 Gear (Standard) John Deere 4115 Hydro (Hydrostatic Transmission) Engine 4110 specs: Yanmar 3TNE74, diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 61.4 ci, 1.0 L, 2.91x3.07 inches, 74 x 78 mm, 20 hp, 14.9 kW, Rated RPM 2650. Engine 4115 specs: Yanmar 3TNE78A, diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 73.3 ci, 1.2 L, 24 hp, 17.9 kW. Production year(s): 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Pages: 698 Language: English (some of our manuals are multilingual) Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. Attachments: 60" mid-mount mower deck 72" mid-mount mower deck Front-end loader # ³ "Get Your Comprehensive John Deere 4110, 4115 Compact Utility Tractor Manual/Parts List in PDF Format - Download Now for the Ultimate Repair and Maintenance Experience!" Discover the ultimate resource for your John Deere 4110 and 4115 compact utility tractors – the original parts catalog and manual available for download. Whether you're a tractor enthusiast, owner, or a professional looking for comprehensive technical data, this downloadable resource is designed to equip you with in-depth information about these reliable machines. From engine specifications and maintenance tips to popular tuning modifications and compatible attachments, this guide has it all. Let's dive into the world of the John Deere 4110 and 4115 compact utility tractors and explore their features and capabilities. Engine Specifications/Technical Specs: • The John Deere 4110 is equipped with a 20.2 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. • The 4115 model features a 24.1 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. • Both tractors have a liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder engine design. • The 4110 and 4115 engines use direct fuel injection for efficient combustion. • These compact utility tractors have a displacement of 61.1 cubic inches (1.0 L). • The engines have a dry-type air cleaner with dual elements. • Both tractors feature a 12-volt electrical system. • The 4110 has a 40-amp alternator, while the 4115 has a 50-amp alternator. • The fuel tank capacity of both models is 6.8 gallons (25.7 L). • Both tractors come with a hydrostatic transmission. • The 4110 and 4115 offer infinite forward and reverse speeds. • These compact utility tractors have a top speed of 9.3 mph (15 km/h) in forward and 6.8 mph (11 km/h) in reverse. • The tractors feature 4-wheel drive for better traction and performance. • Both models have wet-disc brakes for reliable stopping power. • The 4110 and 4115 have a hydraulic power steering system. • The hydraulic system flow rate is 4.6 gpm (17.4 L/min) for the 4110 and 5.3 gpm (20.1 L/min) for the 4115. • The maximum hydraulic pressure is 2,500 psi (17,237 kPa). • The 4110 and 4115 have a category 1, 3-point hitch. • The rear lift capacity of the 4110 is 1,435 lbs (650 kg), while the 4115 can lift up to 1,636 lbs (742 kg). • The front axle load capacity is 1,764 lbs (800 kg) for both models. • Both tractors have a wheelbase of 57.1 inches (145 cm). • The 4110 and 4115 have a ground clearance of 9.6 inches (24 cm). • The overall length of these compact utility tractors is 101.9 inches (258 cm). • The overall width of the 4110 and 4115 is 51.2 inches (130 cm). • The height of both tractors, with the ROPS folded, is 71.1 inches (180 cm). • The 4110 has a dry weight of 1,764 lbs (800 kg), while the 4115 weighs 1,874 lbs (850 kg). • The PTO (power take-off) is independent and has a rated speed of 540 rpm. • Both models come with a foldable ROPS (rollover protective structure) for safety. • The tractors have a turning radius of 8.2 feet (2.5 m) with brakes applied. Facts and Details: - The John Deere 4110 and 4115 compact utility tractors are designed for versatility, capable of handling various tasks such as mowing, tilling, and snow removal. - These tractors feature an advanced operator station, designed for comfort and ease of use, with ergonomic controls and a high-visibility instrument panel. - They are equipped with durable cast iron front axles, ensuring long-lasting performance in tough conditions. - The 4110 and 4115 tractors have a tight turning radius, allowing for excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. - Both models have a cruise control feature, making it easier to maintain a constant speed during long tasks. - The tractors are compatible with a wide range of John Deere attachments and implements, increasing their versatility and utility. Maintenance Intervals: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your John Deere 4110 and 4115 compact utility tractors running smoothly and efficiently. Follow these maintenance intervals as outlined in the owner's manual: ■ Engine Oil and Filter: Change the engine oil and replace the oil filter every 100 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first. ■ Air Filter: Inspect and clean the air filter every 100 hours or more frequently if operating in dusty conditions. ■ Fuel Filter: Replace the fuel filter every 200 hours or as recommended in the owner's manual. ■ Hydraulic System: Check hydraulic fluid levels and inspect filters every 200 hours. ■ Greasing: Grease all fittings every 50 hours or according to the manufacturer's guidelines. ■ Cooling System: Inspect the cooling system regularly and clean the radiator and cooling fins from dirt and debris. ■ Belts and Hoses: Check belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage regularly, and replace them as needed. General Maintenance Tips: In addition to following the recommended maintenance intervals, here are some general maintenance tips to keep your tractors in excellent condition: * Keep it Clean: Regularly clean the tractor to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and contaminants that can cause damage. Clean the exterior, engine bay, and undercarriage. * Proper Storage: Store the tractor in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements and prevent rusting. If storing for an extended period, consider using fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel quality. * Inspect Electrical Components: Regularly check the electrical system for loose connections, damaged wires, or corroded terminals. Ensure the battery terminals are clean and secure. * Battery Maintenance: Keep the battery terminals clean and tight, and recharge the battery during long periods of inactivity. Consider disconnecting the battery during storage to prevent drainage. * Lubrication: Keep all moving parts well-lubricated to reduce friction and wear. Refer to the owner's manual for proper lubrication points. Common Issues and Solutions: ♦ Starting Problems: If the tractor is difficult to start or won't start, check the battery for charge and connections. Replace the battery if needed, and ensure the glow plugs (if equipped) are working correctly. ♦ Overheating: Inspect the cooling system for leaks or blockages. Clean the radiator and cooling fins, and replace any damaged hoses or belts. Ensure the coolant level is within the recommended range. ♦ Hydraulic Leaks: Check hydraulic hoses and connections for leaks. Replace or repair any damaged components, and refill the hydraulic fluid to the proper level. ♦ Uneven Cutting: If the mower deck is cutting unevenly, check for blade damage or worn belts. Sharpen or replace the blades and adjust the deck level as needed. ♦ Lack of Power: If the tractor lacks power, inspect the air filter, fuel filter, and fuel lines for clogs. Clean or replace as necessary. Check for proper fuel flow and quality. ♦ Steering Issues: Check the power steering fluid level and inspect the system for leaks. Adjust the steering linkage if needed, and ensure the tires are inflated to the correct pressure. ♦ Electrical Problems: If experiencing electrical issues, inspect fuses, switches, and wiring for damage. Repair or replace as necessary. Check for any loose connections. Five Tips for Effective Maintenance: 1. Stick to the maintenance schedule and record all service activities in a logbook. 2. Keep the tractor clean, removing debris and dirt from air intakes and cooling fins. 3. Inspect hoses, belts, and electrical connections for signs of wear or damage regularly. 4. When storing the tractor for extended periods, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation. 5. Invest in genuine John Deere replacement parts for optimal performance and longevity. Accessories and Attachments: + The John Deere 4110 and 4115 are compatible with various accessories and attachments, such as: + Front-end loaders for versatile material handling. + Backhoes for digging and trenching tasks. + Rotary cutters and finishing mowers for lawn maintenance. + Box blades and rear blades for land leveling. + Seeders and spreaders for agricultural applications. + Snow blowers and blades for snow removal. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Owners praise the John Deere 4110 and 4115 for their reliability, compact size, and ease of use. Their maneuverability and versatility make them perfect for various tasks. However, some mention that finding replacement parts can be challenging for older models. Final Summary: The John Deere 4110 and 4115 compact utility tractors are true workhorses, offering power and flexibility for a range of tasks. From engine specifications and maintenance tips to tuning modifications and attachments, these tractors can be tailored to suit individual needs. Regular maintenance and the use of genuine parts are crucial to ensure their longevity and peak performance. Whether you're a hobby farmer, landscaper, or professional, the original parts catalog and manual provide invaluable insights into these dependable machines. Frequent Repairs and Commonly Replaced Parts: → Fuel injector cleaning/replacement. → Battery replacement. → Brake adjustments and replacement. → Belt replacements (fan belt, mower deck belt, etc.). → Hydraulic hose repairs or replacements. → Electrical system repairs (wiring, switches, etc.). → Radiator and cooling system maintenance. → PTO clutch repairs. → Steering system adjustments and repairs. → Ignition system maintenance (spark plugs, ignition coils, etc.). To access the comprehensive shop manual and repair guide for your John Deere 4110, 4115 compact utility tractor, simply click on the green button and choose the PDF download option, securely processed through PayPal. After payment, your download link for the OEM John Deere parts list and shop handbook will be available on the checkout page instantly, and you will also receive a payment confirmation via email. §
Price: 24.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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