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John Deere JD570, JD570A Motor Grader Technical Manual - TM1001

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual applies to the following models: JD570, JD570A Motor Grader / John Deere Serial Numbers for John Deere JD570, JD570A Motor Grader: John Deere JD570: 110001-119999 John Deere JD570A: 110001-119999 Engine JD570 specs: 329 cu in, Turbocharged, 6 cylinders, 238lb ft, Net Power Gears 7-8 85hp, Max Power 92hp, 2300rpm, 1300rpm. Publication number: TM-1001 Total pages: 526 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Transform Your John Deere JD570 and JD570A Motor Grader with the Comprehensive Repair Manual and Tech Specs Download" If you need to repair your John Deere JD570 or JD570A Motor Grader, this manual download is just what you need. It includes all the technical specifications and engine details to help you repair your equipment with confidence. Engine Specs/Tech Specs: • Engine Type: John Deere 4-cylinder diesel engine • Engine Displacement: 158 cu in • Engine Power Output: 60 hp • Fuel Tank Capacity: 35 gallons • Transmission Type: Power shift • Hydraulic System Type: Open center • Operating Weight: 11,000 lbs • Blade Width: 12 feet • Blade Height: 24 inches • Brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes • Steering: Power steering • Tires (front): 14.00-24 • Tires (rear): 20.5-25 • Electrical System: 12-volt • Alternator: 55 amps • Battery: 12V-71Ah • Engine Cooling: Liquid cooled • Engine Lubrication: Full pressure lubrication • Engine Valve Train: OHV • Engine Ignition: 12-volt • Engine Fuel System: Diesel • Engine Exhaust: Vertical • Engine Warranty: 2-year warranty • Ripper: Optional • Winch: Optional • Blade Tilt: Optional • Cab: Enclosed • Remote Valves: Optional • Front-end Loader: Optional • Snow Blower: Optional • Scarifier: Optional • Angle Blade: Optional • Crown Blade: Optional • Side Shift Blade: Optional • Rear Ripper: Optional Facts and Details: - The John Deere JD570 and JD570A Motor Graders are equipped with powerful John Deere 4-cylinder diesel engines for reliable performance and durability. - They feature a power shift transmission for easy operation and an open center hydraulic system for efficient power transmission. - The 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, and the power steering allows for easy maneuvering. - The John Deere JD570 and JD570A Motor Graders have a blade width of 12 feet and a blade height of 24 inches, making them ideal for a variety of grading and landscaping tasks. Maintenance Intervals & General Maintenance Tips: ♦ Regular service checks should ideally be carried out after every 50 to 100 operating hours. Some components may require service more frequently, such as filters and fluid levels. ♦ Hydraulic systems: Inspect and maintain regularly. Hydraulic fluid should be changed every 1,000-2,000 operating hours. ♦ Engine oil: Typically changed every 250-500 hours, though this can vary depending on specific operating conditions. ♦ Filters (oil, air, fuel): Check and replace regularly, typically every 250-500 hours. ♦ Transmission fluid and filters: These typically need to be changed every 1,000-2,000 operating hours. ♦ Tires: Check the pressure regularly and inspect for wear and damage. Depending on usage, tires may need to be replaced every 2-5 years. ♦ Greasing: Many moving parts need regular greasing, typically every 10-50 operating hours. ♦ Blades and cutting edges: Inspect for wear and damage and replace as necessary. ♦ Electronics: Ensure all lights, indicators, and other electronics are functional. Common Issues and Solutions: * Hydraulic System Issues: If the hydraulic systems fail to operate correctly, check the fluid levels and the seals for leaks. Damaged seals should be replaced promptly. * Engine Overheating: Regularly clean out dust and debris from the radiator and ensure that the coolant levels are correct. * Transmission Issues: If the grader is not moving smoothly or is making unusual noises, check the transmission fluid level and quality. * Tire Issues: Regularly check tire pressure and inspect for damage. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications: ► Upgraded Seating: For operator comfort, consider upgrading to a more comfortable, adjustable seat. ► Lighting: Additional or improved lighting can be beneficial for operating in low-light conditions. ► GPS Systems: Some operators choose to add GPS systems for improved navigation and job tracking. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: + Snow Attachments: Plows and blowers can turn a grader into a powerful snow removal machine. + GPS Systems: Aftermarket GPS systems can provide real-time feedback for precision grading. + Auxiliary Hydraulics: Some operators choose to add additional hydraulic capabilities to their graders. + Ripper/Scarifier: This attachment can be useful for breaking up hard ground before grading. Most Frequent Repairs: → Hydraulic Repairs: Due to the heavy reliance on hydraulic systems, these components often require attention. → Tire Replacement: Tires wear out with use and must be replaced. → Blade/Cutting Edge Replacement: The blades and cutting edges of the grader can wear out over time and will need to be replaced. → Filter Replacements: Regular maintenance often involves replacing various filters (oil, air, fuel). Strengths: ☺ Durability: John Deere is renowned for making robust and reliable machinery. They are known for their quality construction and durable parts, which can provide a longer lifespan. ☺ Brand Support: John Deere has an extensive dealer network that can provide support, maintenance, and parts even in remote locations. ☺ Resale Value: Thanks to their reliability and brand reputation, John Deere machines often maintain good resale value. ☺ Ease of Operation: John Deere machinery is often praised for its user-friendly operation and control system. Weaknesses: ☻ Cost: John Deere equipment can be relatively expensive to purchase and maintain compared to some other brands. ☻ Specific Parts: Some John Deere machinery requires proprietary parts that may be more expensive or harder to source than more standardized parts. ☻ Fuel Efficiency: Depending on the model, some John Deere machinery may be less fuel-efficient compared to equipment from other manufacturers. ☻ Technology Integration: Depending on the model and its age, some machinery may lack the latest technology that is incorporated into newer or more advanced equipment. Streamline Your Motor Grader Repair with the Instant PDF Download of the John Deere JD570 and JD570A Repair Manual, Available for Purchase with PayPal! Upgrade Your John Deere JD570 and JD570A Motor Grader Performance with the Download of the manual and Parts List via Secure PayPal Payment on RepairLoader, with Email Confirmation for Your Download Information. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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