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Beechcraft Bonanza H35, J35, K35, M35, N35, P35, S35, V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog/Parts Manual

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Repair your used aircraft today: Download this Beechcraft Bonanza parts catalog / DIY guide.

Manual details, specs and technical data:
Model specification / type: H35, J35, K35, M35, N35, P35, S35, V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC
Beechcraft Bonanza 36, 35 aircraft parts catalog / service manual
the Beechcraft 35/36 bonanza. Bonanza 36 Series Library Illustrated Parts Catalog Maintenance Manual Service Information and ADs Shop Manual Wiring Diagram Manual Illustrated
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Serial numbers: #: 35-590015-9C
Manual Language: English
Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip)
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The Beechcraft Bonanza H35 Aircraft Repair Manuals is a professional manual which covers basic maintenance information about this aircraft. It gives specialized, general, and specific technical information regarding all aspects of aircraft care. This manual also has complete chapter listings so that the user can easily go to specific chapters and read about different aircraft parts of a process. It contains chapters such as; aircraft instruments, airframe and aircraft structure, preflight, maintenance, preventive maintenance, recovery, overhauling, preventive maintenance procedures, diagnostics, and preventive measures.
Beechcraft Bonanza 35 thru G35 IPC Parts Catalog Manual
Download and use this Beechcraft Corporation Bonanza repair guide/handbook. Specs: */#: September 15. 1960 35-590028 B --- Revised November 16, 1962 35-590028 B1 Model
16.99 USD

The Beechcraft Bonanza manual has easy to understand text, diagrams, and illustrations. This is particularly true for new operators because they need to be able to rapidly comprehend what their aircraft is doing. It is also of importance to the operator to be able to access important data such as manufacturer information, estimated time for repair, and estimated cost. Since time is a problem, it is good if the manual has a wide variety of common parts that can be replaced easily.
This manual covers all areas of aircraft care. It should have detailed descriptions of maintenance functions for all parts of the aircraft, such as; internal combustion engine, outer body, electrical, controls, oil, water, hydraulic systems, painting, and seats the manual also includes procedures for emergency repairs. It focuses on general maintenance rather than on specific parts or components. For example, an oil leak repair should be included but not a battery repair since they are two different parts. This manual contains technical drawings for both an in-flight aircraft and a grounded aircraft. The drawings will show different stages of an emergency repair, such as isolating a single burner engine. It will also describe how to complete other repairs to maintain the aircraft's safe operation, such as replacing an oil tank.

10 tech specs about the: Beechcraft Bonanza:

• (M35-N35-P35-S35), Continental IO-520-B (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
• Horsepower: 185 hp (H35), 225 hp (J35-K35), 250 hp (M35), 260 hp (N35-P35-S35), 285 hp (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
Beechcraft Bonanza 35 aircraft shop and overhaul manual
this Beechcraft Corporation Bonanza 35 repair handbook (pdf)! Manual details, specs and technical data: Model / manufacturer: Bonanza 35 / Beechcraft Corporation Engine specs:
24.99 USD

• Fuel Capacity: 52 gallons (H35-J35-K35), 64 gallons (M35-N35-P35-S35), 74 gallons (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
• Range: 728 nm (H35-J35-K35), 858 nm (M35-N35-P35-S35), 1024 nm (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
• Wingspan: 33.5 feet.
• Length: 25.2 feet.
• Height: 8.2 feet.
• Maximum Takeoff Weight: 3,400 pounds (H35-J35-K35), 3,500 pounds (M35-N35-P35-S35), 3,650 pounds (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
• Maximum Speed: 200 knots (H35-J35-K35), 215 knots (M35-N35-P35-S35), 220 knots (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).
• Stall Speed: 59 knots (H35-J35-K35), 62 knots (M35-N35-P35-S35), 64 knots (V35 & V35TC, V35A & V35A-TC).

Price: 16.99 USD