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1997-1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 500 600 VT600 MM600 VX700SX MM700 snowmobile repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual pertains to the specified models: Mountain Max 500 600 VT600 MM600 VX700SX MM700 / Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd Production/model years: 1997 1998 1999 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Download Your Comprehensive Manual for the 1997-1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 500 600 VT600 MM600 VX700SX MM700 Snowmobile Now!" Get ready to explore the thrilling world of the 1997-1999 Yamaha Mountain Max series snowmobiles. These powerful machines combine cutting-edge technology and superior performance to conquer any snowy terrain. To assist you in maximizing your snowmobiling experience, we have compiled a detailed manual that covers everything you need to know about these models. From engine specs to maintenance tips and aftermarket options, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. Engine Specs/Technical Specifications: • The 1997-1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 500 features a 497cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • The 1997-1999 Yamaha Mountain Max 600 boasts a 598cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • The 1997-1999 Yamaha VT600 comes with a 598cc, two-stroke, fan-cooled engine. • The 1997-1999 Yamaha MM600 houses a 593cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • The 1997-1999 Yamaha VX700SX showcases a 696cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • The 1997-1999 Yamaha MM700 is equipped with a 696cc, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. • The suspension system includes long-travel front shocks and an articulated rear suspension for optimal performance. • These snowmobiles feature an electric start system for convenient and reliable ignition. • The track size on these models measures 15 inches wide by 136 inches long, providing excellent traction. • The fuel capacity ranges from 10 to 12 gallons, ensuring long rides without frequent refueling. • These snowmobiles feature dual carbide skis for improved steering and control. • The dry weight of the Yamaha Mountain Max models varies from 515 to 571 pounds, depending on the specific model. • They come with a variable ratio transmission system for smooth power delivery. • The ski stance is adjustable, allowing riders to customize their handling preferences. • The Yamaha Mountain Max series offers excellent ground clearance, enabling riders to navigate deep snow with ease. • These snowmobiles have a top speed of approximately 90 miles per hour, delivering exhilarating performance. • The clutch system is designed to provide consistent engagement and smooth acceleration. • The track features deep lugs for enhanced traction in various snow conditions. • Yamaha's YPZ aluminum front suspension provides superior shock absorption and precise handling. • The cooling system includes a thermostat-controlled liquid cooling mechanism for optimal engine temperature regulation. • The braking system features hydraulic disc brakes for reliable and responsive stopping power. • The digital instrument cluster provides riders with vital information such as speed, mileage, and engine diagnostics. • These snowmobiles feature a comfortable seat designed to reduce fatigue during long rides. • The dual-range transmission allows riders to choose between high and low gears for different riding conditions. • The Yamaha Mountain Max models are equipped with a high-performance exhaust system, delivering a powerful and distinct sound. Interesting Facts and Details: - The Mountain Max series was renowned for its exceptional off-trail performance and deep snow capabilities. - These snowmobiles featured a lightweight chassis design, contributing to their agility and maneuverability. - Yamaha's Mountain Max models were popular among snowmobile enthusiasts for their reliable and durable construction. - The adjustable ski stance allowed riders to customize their sled's handling characteristics based on their preference and riding conditions. - The Mountain Max series featured a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, reducing rider fatigue during long journeys. - Yamaha incorporated advanced suspension technology into these models, providing a smooth and controlled ride. - The two-stroke engines utilized in the Mountain Max series delivered instant throttle response and impressive power-to-weight ratios. - These snowmobiles were equipped with wide running boards, offering ample space for riders to stand and shift their weight during aggressive maneuvers. - The Mountain Max series came with durable and efficient cooling systems to prevent overheating, even during demanding rides. - Yamaha's commitment to innovation was evident in the Mountain Max series, as these models introduced several industry-first features. - The lightweight construction of these snowmobiles, combined with their powerful engines, resulted in exceptional acceleration and performance. - The Mountain Max series featured eye-catching graphics and stylish design elements, making them stand out on the trails. Maintenance Intervals, Tips, and Common Issues: To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Yamaha Mountain Max snowmobile, it is important to adhere to regular maintenance intervals. Here are some general guidelines and common issues: - Oil and filter change: Replace the oil and filter every 500-1,000 miles or as recommended in the owner's manual. - Check spark plugs: Inspect and clean or replace the spark plugs every season or as needed. - Suspension lubrication: Regularly lubricate the suspension components to maintain smooth operation. - Belt inspection: Check the drive belt for wear and replace if necessary. Inspect the belt for proper tension. - Cooling system: Clean the cooling system regularly and ensure proper coolant levels to prevent overheating. - Carburetor cleaning: Clean the carburetor periodically to remove debris and maintain fuel efficiency. - Battery maintenance: Keep the battery charged and clean the terminals regularly. - Fuel system inspection: Check fuel lines and filters for any blockages or leaks. - Track inspection: Inspect the track for wear, damage, or missing studs. Replace as necessary. Common issues: Some common issues reported by owners include carburetor problems, electrical issues, and track damage. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can help prevent these problems. For those looking to enhance their Yamaha Mountain Max snowmobile's performance, here are some popular tuning tips and modifications: - Clutching upgrades: Upgrading the clutch components can improve acceleration and overall performance. - Exhaust system: Installing an aftermarket exhaust system can enhance power and provide a deeper, more aggressive sound. - Suspension upgrades: Upgrading shocks and springs can improve handling and stability in various conditions. - Jetting adjustments: Fine-tuning the carburetor jetting can optimize fuel delivery for better performance. - Air intake modifications: Installing a high-flow air filter or air intake kit can improve airflow to the engine, resulting in increased power. - Track studs: Adding studs to the track can enhance traction on icy or hard-packed surfaces. - Handlebar upgrades: Upgrading to aftermarket handlebars can improve ergonomics and control. - A range of accessories and aftermarket options are available for the Yamaha Mountain Max series. These include: - Windshields: Various windshields are available to provide protection from the elements. - Storage bags: Saddlebags and cargo racks offer convenient storage options for longer rides. Handguards: Handguards protect your hands from cold weather and debris. - Skid plates: Skid plates help protect the undercarriage from damage. - Track studs and traction products: Enhance grip and traction with aftermarket studs and traction products. - Performance parts: Upgrade your sled with performance-oriented parts such as high-performance exhausts and clutch kits. - Lighting upgrades: LED light bars and auxiliary lights can improve visibility in low-light conditions. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Here are some owner reviews highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the Yamaha Mountain Max series snowmobiles: Strengths: Owners rave about the Mountain Max's powerful engines, exceptional off-trail performance, and excellent handling in deep snow. Strengths: The lightweight construction and maneuverability of these snowmobiles are highly praised by riders. Weaknesses: Some owners have reported occasional carburetor issues, particularly in extreme cold weather conditions. Weaknesses: A few owners have mentioned electrical gremlins, such as faulty wiring or ignition issues, although these are relatively rare. Click the green button to initiate the download of the comprehensive shop handbook for your Yamaha snowmobile, available in PDF format. Make your payment conveniently through PayPal and gain immediate access to the RepairLoader platform. Upon completing your secure payment through PayPal, the checkout page will display the download link for your official Yamaha OEM shop manual/parts list. Additionally, we will promptly email you all the necessary information for instant access to your download. §
Price: 17.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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