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Fiat Allis FD 145 hydraulic bulldozer Operation Maintenance Repair Service Workshop Manual

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Repair your bulldozer: Use this Fiat-Hitachi FD145 manual / repair guide.

Manual details, specs and technical data:
Model / brand: FD 145 / Fiat-Hitachi
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Serial numbers: 8065.25.099
Manual Language: English
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FD145 with 6 cylinders, Fiat Iveco 8065.25.099 turbocharged diesel engine.
Fiat Allis FD 145 Crawler bulldozer Manual 544 Pages:
Operation Maintenance Manual, 81 Pages
Repair Service Workshop Manual, 463 Pages

Fiat Allis FL145 Crawler Loader Operation Maintenance service manual
this Fiat Allis FL 145 Operation manual / repair guide. Manual details, specs and technical data: Model / manufacturer: FL145 / Fiat-Hitachi Engine specs:
29.99 USD

he Fiat-Allis FD 145 was a hydraulic bulldozer manufactured by the Fiat-Allis company. It was designed for heavy construction and industrial applications.

Here are some specifications and features of the Fiat-Allis FD 145:
1. Operating weight: Approximately 32,000 pounds
2. Engine: Fiat 6-cylinder diesel engine
3. Blade width: Approximately 10 feet
4. Blade capacity: Approximately 5 cubic yards
5. Maximum blade height: Approximately 3.5 feet
6. Tilt angle: Approximately 35 degrees
7. Track gauge: Approximately 6.5 feet
8. Track shoes: Approximately 20 inches
9. Transmission: Hydraulic transmission
10. Steering: Hydrostatic steering
11. Brakes: Hydraulic brakes
12. Operating speed: Approximately 2 mph
13. Fuel tank capacity: Approximately 70 gallons
14. Dimensions: Length - 26 feet, Width - 10 feet, Height - 12 feet

Repair, service, and maintenance are essential to ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of the Fiat Allis FD 145 hydraulic bulldozer. The first step in maintaining the bulldozer is to consult the manual, which provides information on proper operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

One of the most important components of the bulldozer to maintain is the engine. Regular oil changes, air filter replacements, and general engine cleaning are crucial to keep the engine running smoothly. The manual should be consulted to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule for the engine, which will vary depending on the operating conditions and usage.

In addition to regular maintenance, the bulldozer may require repairs from time to time. A repair manual, which is often available in pdf format through official Fiat Allis dealerships or online retailers, can be an invaluable resource in identifying and fixing problems with the bulldozer. The manual should be consulted to determine the cause of the problem and the recommended repair procedures.

To perform repairs, it is important to use only high-quality parts that meet the specifications listed in the manual. The use of generic or inferior parts can compromise the performance and safety of the bulldozer. A pdf parts list can be found in the repair manual, which can be used to identify and order the necessary components for the repair.

It is important to follow the procedures outlined in the manual for repair and maintenance, as deviations from these procedures can lead to problems that are more difficult and expensive to fix. Proper and timely maintenance, as well as prompt repairs, will extend the lifespan of the bulldozer and ensure its safe and reliable operation.

In conclusion, the manual, repair manual, and parts list in pdf format are essential resources for the repair, service, and maintenance of the Fiat Allis FD 145 hydraulic bulldozer. Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and the use of high-quality parts will ensure the bulldozer functions properly and lasts for a long time.

Price: 29.99 USD