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Continental C75, C85, C90, O-200 repair overhaul manual

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Models: C75, C85, C90 and 0-200 Series / Continental
Manual Language: English
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20 tech specs Continental C75, C85, C90, O-200:

• The Continental C75, C85, C90, and O-200 are a series of aircraft engines designed for light aircraft.
• These engines are four-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed piston engines.
• The C75 and C85 engines have a displacement of 75 and 85 cubic inches, respectively, while the C90 and O-200 have a displacement of 90 cubic inches.
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• The C75 and C85 engines produce 75 and 85 horsepower, respectively, while the C90 and O-200 produce 90 horsepower.
• These engines are known for their reliability and durability, and have been used in numerous aircraft models.
• The engines are typically carbureted, with a single float-type carburetor providing the fuel-air mixture.
• The engines feature a dual ignition system, with two spark plugs per cylinder for improved reliability.
• The engines are lubricated by a pressure-fed system, with oil being pumped through the engine to lubricate the various components.
• The engines are designed to run on 80/87 aviation gasoline, with a minimum octane rating of 80.
• The engines feature a magneto-based electrical system for ignition, with no need for an external power source.
• The engines are designed for direct drive, with the propeller being attached directly to the crankshaft.
• The engines feature a wet sump oil system, with the oil being stored in a sump at the bottom of the engine.
• The engines feature a cast aluminum crankcase for strength and durability.
• The engines have a dry weight of around 170-180 pounds, making them relatively lightweight compared to other aircraft engines.
• The engines are designed for a TBO (time between overhauls) of 1800 hours or more, depending on usage and maintenance.
• The engines feature a pushrod-driven overhead valve system, with two valves per cylinder.
• The engines are typically cooled by air, with fins on the cylinders and a fan blowing air over the engine to dissipate heat.
• The engines are typically started using an electric starter motor, with a battery providing the necessary power.
• The engines feature a gear-driven camshaft for improved reliability and reduced maintenance.

A comprehensive maintenance and repair manual is available for the Continental C75, C85, C90, and O-200 engines, providing detailed instructions for maintenance and repair procedures.

The Continental C75, C85, C90, O-200 Aircraft Engine Overhaul Repair Manual is your go-to guide for any critical situation you may face with your aircraft. Regular maintenance and repairs are essential for the safety of your aircraft and our manual will help you ensure that your aircraft is always in good condition.

This manual contains emergency procedures, general handling, service and maintenance, limitations, safety information, supplements, and much more. The general section provides detailed information about the engine, fuel, driver, oil, and weight specifications. Additionally, the manual contains diagrams and blueprints of various parts of the aircraft.

It is crucial to select the right aircraft technician for your aircraft's necessary maintenance work. Routine technicians are hired for general maintenance, inspecting engines, suppressing and repairing defective parts, repairing minor initial damage, and more. However, with this manual, you will be able to handle basic repairs and maintenance tasks on your own, without the need for a technician.

By purchasing this manual, you can consider aircraft maintenance, such as retractable landing gear assemblies, retransmission, turbine engines, auxiliary power units, and more. The manual can be accessed anywhere and at any time, making it a valuable asset to have on hand for emergency repairs or maintenance.

This aircraft engine overhaul manual is available in PDF format in English for easy understanding. It is the fastest way to obtain the manual without waiting for delivery. Simply purchase and download the manual through PayPal payment. The Continental C75, C85, C90, O-200 Aircraft Engine Overhaul Repair Manual is the perfect tool to keep your aircraft in top condition.

Price: 13.99 USD