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1987-2001 Yamaha SH50 Razz repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The following models are included in this manual: SH50 Razz / Yamaha Motor Company 1987 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1988 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1989 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1990 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1991 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1992 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1993 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1994 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1995 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1996 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1997 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1998 Yamaha SH50 Razz 1999 Yamaha SH50 Razz 2000 Yamaha SH50 Razz 2001 Yamaha SH50 Razz Engine: 49cc, air-cooled, 2-stroke, 40.0mm x 39.2mm, 6.3:1, 12mm Teikei Carb Production year(s): 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Manual Language: English Printable: with all printers Instant delivery/download: Your download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Troubleshoot and Download the Yamaha SH50 Razz Manual for Scooter Enthusiasts" If you're a proud owner of a Yamaha SH50 Razz scooter from the years 1987 to 2001, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you. From engine specifications and interesting facts to maintenance tips, common issues, tuning modifications, available accessories, owner reviews, and more, we've got you covered. Whether you're a beginner looking for basic maintenance information or an experienced rider seeking to enhance your scooter's performance, this guide will provide valuable insights into the world of the Yamaha SH50 Razz. Engine Specs/Technical Specifications: • The Yamaha SH50 Razz is equipped with a single-cylinder, 49cc two-stroke engine. • It features an automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system. • The scooter is air-cooled, ensuring optimal engine temperature regulation. • With a bore and stroke of 40mm x 39.2mm, the engine delivers a balanced power output. • The compression ratio stands at 7.2:1, providing efficient combustion. • The fuel system utilizes a Mikuni VM12SC carburetor for smooth operation. • The scooter has a CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) system for reliable spark generation. • The ignition timing is set at 16° BTDC (Before Top Dead Center). • It runs on a 2% oil-to-fuel mixture (50:1 ratio) for proper lubrication. • The SH50 Razz has a top speed of approximately 30 mph (48 km/h). • It comes with both electric and kick-start options for convenience. • The scooter's suspension consists of telescopic front forks and a rear unit swingarm. • The wheelbase measures 1,155mm, offering stability and maneuverability. • Front and rear drum brakes provide adequate stopping power. • The Yamaha SH50 Razz features 2.10-10 front and rear tires for excellent traction. • It has a fuel tank capacity of approximately 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters). • The scooter weighs around 137 lbs (62 kg), making it lightweight and nimble. • The electrical system operates on a 12V battery. • The overall length of the vehicle is 1,655mm, with a width of 640mm and height of 1,030mm. • The seat height is set at 685mm, providing a comfortable riding position. Facts and Details: - The Yamaha SH50 Razz was marketed as a compact, urban commuting scooter. - It featured a step-through design, allowing easy mounting and dismounting. - The scooter was known for its fuel efficiency, making it cost-effective for daily commutes. - The SH50 Razz had a simple and minimalist design, appealing to both young and mature riders. - It was equipped with a spacious under-seat storage compartment for carrying small items. - Yamaha offered various color options for the SH50 Razz, including red, black, blue, and white. - The scooter's lightweight construction made it highly maneuverable in crowded city streets. - Its low seat height and compact dimensions made it accessible to riders of different heights. - The Yamaha SH50 Razz had a reputation for reliable starting and smooth acceleration. - It gained popularity among college students and urban commuters for its affordability and ease of use. - The scooter's small size and nimble handling made it ideal for navigating through traffic. - Despite being discontinued, the Yamaha SH50 Razz still has a dedicated fan base that appreciates its simplicity and practicality. Maintenance Intervals, General Maintenance Tips, and Common Issues: * It is recommended to change the engine oil every 1,000 miles (1,600 km) or as per the manufacturer's guidelines. * Regularly inspect and clean the air filter to ensure proper airflow and prevent engine damage. * Check the spark plug periodically and replace it if necessary for optimal ignition. * Keep an eye on the drive belt's condition and tension, as worn belts can negatively affect performance. * Lubricate the throttle and clutch cables to ensure smooth operation. * Maintain the tire pressure within the recommended range for better handling and increased tire life. * Clean and adjust the carburetor regularly to prevent fuel system issues. * Inspect the brakes for wear and replace the brake pads when they reach their minimum thickness. * Ensure the exhaust system is free from blockages and leaks for efficient performance. * Common issues with the Yamaha SH50 Razz may include carburetor problems, starting issues, and electrical faults. * To troubleshoot starting problems, check the battery, spark plug, and ignition system components. * Cleaning the carburetor jets and adjusting the idle mixture screw can often resolve carburetor-related issues. Tuning Tips or Modifications: Installing a performance air filter and a free-flowing exhaust can enhance airflow and increase power. Upgrading the carburetor to a larger size may improve throttle response and overall performance. A variator kit can improve acceleration by modifying the transmission system. Consider fitting a high-performance ignition coil for a stronger spark and better combustion. Installing lighter roller weights in the variator can improve low-end torque and acceleration. Upgrading the suspension with adjustable shocks can enhance the scooter's handling and ride quality. Adding a rear luggage rack or top box can increase the scooter's carrying capacity. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: Windshields and wind deflectors for added protection from wind and debris. Lockable storage compartments and cargo boxes for increased storage space. Custom seat covers to personalize the scooter's appearance and improve comfort. Performance exhaust systems for improved sound and increased power. LED lighting kits for enhanced visibility and a modern look. Handlebar grips with ergonomic designs for increased comfort during long rides. Phone mounts and USB charging ports for convenient device usage on the go. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Strengths: The Yamaha SH50 Razz is highly fuel-efficient, saving money on daily commutes. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to handle in congested urban areas. The scooter's reliability and smooth acceleration provide a hassle-free riding experience. Owners appreciate the generous under-seat storage compartment for carrying essentials. The low seat height and step-through design make it accessible to riders of all heights. Weaknesses: Some owners have reported issues with the scooter's starting reliability, requiring troubleshooting. The lack of power for steep hills or carrying heavy loads can be a limitation for some riders. The small wheel size and drum brakes may result in reduced stopping power compared to larger scooters. Limited aftermarket parts availability may restrict customization options for enthusiasts. Repairs that Need to be Carried Out Most Frequently: ► Carburetor cleaning and adjustment. ► Spark plug replacement. ► Drive belt replacement. ► Brake pad replacement. ► Electrical system troubleshooting. To obtain the detailed shop handbook, simply click the green button and make your payment via PayPal to get the PDF service manual for your Yamaha SH50 Razz. Upon completing your payment, the checkout page will display the download link for your official Yamaha OEM shop manual and parts catalog. Additionally, we will promptly email you the payment and download information for your convenience. §
Price: 15.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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