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1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo all models service manual

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The following models are encompassed by this manual: Sea Doo / Bombardier SPX International 5636 GSX RFI (yellow) 5637 GSX RFI (Aztec) 5638 SPX 5828 GSX RFI (yellow) International 5652 GSX RFI (Aztec) International 5829 GS International 5846 GS 5847 GSX Limited International 5848 GSX Limited 5849 XP Limited International 5868 XP Limited 5869 GTS 5883 GTI International 5884 GTI 5885 GTX RFI International 5886 GTX RFI 5887 GTX Limited International 5888 GTX Limited 5889 Years: 1999 Language: English (some of our manuals are multilingual) # ³ "Sail Through Repairs: Download Your Comprehensive PWC Manual Today!" Equip yourself with the indispensable knowledge to master the mechanics of your 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo. This manual, designed for all models, holds the key to understanding its powerful engine, routine maintenance, and complex repairs. With this download at your disposal, you'll become the most competent captain of your personal watercraft. Engine and Technical Specifications: • The 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo models feature a reliable Rotax two-stroke engine, known for its performance and longevity. • These engines boast a displacement range from 718cc to 951cc, depending on the model. • The engine's design features a single overhead camshaft, allowing for better volumetric efficiency. • They utilize a carbureted fuel system, providing an optimum fuel-air mixture for combustion. • Depending on the model, the engines offer a horsepower range from 85 HP to 130 HP. • The Sea-Doo models are fitted with an innovative D-Sea-Bel system that reduces noise emissions. • The engines use a water-cooled closed-loop cooling system, offering reliability in marine environments. • They are paired with a direct drive transmission, allowing for smoother acceleration. • These models utilize Bombardier's unique forward/neutral/reverse (F/N/R) system for better maneuverability. • The 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo models have a fuel capacity ranging from 37 liters to 56 liters, depending on the model. • Depending on the model, these personal watercrafts can seat 1-3 riders comfortably. • They utilize a fiberglass reinforced composite (FRC) hull material, balancing durability and performance. • The length of these models ranges from 9.2 feet to 10.5 feet. • The dry weight of these personal watercrafts varies from approximately 475 lbs to 663 lbs. • The multi-function digital information center displays key operation metrics such as fuel level, speed, and engine temperature. • All models come equipped with Bombardier's Variable Trim System (VTS), allowing riders to adjust the watercraft's attitude for better performance. • They feature a dual automatic vacuum siphon pump for bilge draining. • The watercrafts are equipped with lanyard attached digitally encoded security systems (DESS) for added safety. • The standard propulsion system in these models is Bombardier's jet pump. • The hull design ensures high stability and excellent cornering capabilities. • The 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo models feature stainless steel impellers for enhanced performance and durability. • The rider-friendly design of these personal watercrafts includes convenient features like rear-view mirrors and tow hooks. • These models also feature an off-power assisted steering (OPAS) system for better control. Facts and Details: - The 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo models are part of the renowned Sea-Doo lineup that has been in production since 1968. - The '99 models introduced the unique forward/neutral/reverse (F/N/R) system that became a standard in later models. - The Rotax engine, used in these models, is well-regarded for its durability and high performance. - These models were among the first PWCs to include a digitally encoded security system (DESS). - The Sea-Doo lineup has a strong racing pedigree, with numerous wins in national and international competitions. - The 1999 Sea-Doo models are loved for their versatility, offering something for every type of rider, from the beginner to the seasoned enthusiast. - Despite being decades old, these models are still sought after by enthusiasts for their performance and build quality. - The innovative hull design of these models set a new standard for stability and maneuverability in the PWC world. Maintenance Intervals and Tips, Common Issues: Regular engine oil changes should be carried out every 50 hours of use or annually. Impeller and pump inspections should be conducted annually or after every 100 hours of operation. The spark plugs should be replaced every 200 hours of operation or as required. The jet pump oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation or every two years. Some common issues with these models include carburetor clogs and fuel system issues, which can often be mitigated with regular maintenance and use of fresh fuel. Over time, wear and tear on the impeller can affect performance; regular inspections and timely replacements can help maintain optimal operation. Battery failure is a common issue. Regular inspection and maintaining a full charge during off-season can help extend the battery life. Tuning Tips and Modifications: Upgrading to a high-performance impeller can improve acceleration and top speed. A carburetor jet kit can optimize fuel delivery and enhance engine performance. Upgrading the exhaust system can increase power and improve sound. Performance air filters can improve throttle response and power output. Installing a free flow water box can reduce backpressure and increase speed. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: PWC covers for protection during storage. Boarding ladders for easier access. Towable tubes and wakeboards for water sports. GPS and fish finders for navigation and fishing. Performance impellers and exhausts for enhanced speed and power. Comfort seats for a more enjoyable ride. Storage bags and coolers for added convenience. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Owners of the 1999 Bombardier Sea-Doo models often praise their power, stability, and versatility. The models' durability and reliability also receive significant positive feedback. However, some owners note that the carburetor can be tricky to tune, and the weight of the PWC can make it less agile compared to newer models. Most Frequent Repairs: - Carburetor cleaning and adjustment. - Impeller and jet pump repair or replacement. - Battery replacement. - Fuel system cleaning and repair. Downloading the Manual: Click the green symbol to initiate your purchase of the thorough BRP PDF troubleshooting guide from the RepairLoader marketplace, ensuring a secure transaction through PayPal. Once your payment is processed, the official Bombardier OEM shop manual and parts list download link will be visible on the final confirmation page. Additionally, all relevant payment and download data will be promptly dispatched to your email. §
Price: 16.99 USD
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