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Komatsu D155AX-5, D155 Bulldozer manual

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Fix your Bulldozer: Komatsu Limited D155AX-5, D155 factory manual / repair guide.

Production/model years: 0000
Komatsu D20, D21A,P,PL bulldozer repair manual
help of this dozer bulldozer manual. Specs: Models / brand: D20, D21A,P,PL / Komatsu Limited Manual Language: English Pages: 223 Manual format: PDF /
29.99 USD

Model / manufacturer: D155AX-5, D155 / Komatsu Limited
Manual Language: English
Manual format: PDF / e-book (zip)
Printable: Yes
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29.99 USD

10 tech specs about the Komatsu D155AX-5 bulldozer:

1. Engine Type: The Komatsu D155AX-5 bulldozer is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D140E-5 Tier 4 Final emission compliant engine.
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39.99 USD

2. Engine Power: The engine produces a maximum net power output of 343 kW (460 HP) at 1,800 RPM.
3. Operating Weight: The bulldozer has an operating weight of 56,000 kg (123,460 lbs).
4. Blade Capacity: The blade capacity is 9.3 m³ (12.2 yd³).
5. Blade Width: The blade width is 3.35 m (11').
6. Blade Height: The blade height is 1.0 m (3' 3").
7. Track Gauge: The track gauge is 2.9 m (9' 6").
8. Track Length on Ground: The track length on ground is 3.6 m (11' 10").
9. Ground Clearance: The ground clearance is 0.5 m (1' 8").
10. Track Shoe Width: The track shoe width is 600 mm (23.6").

The Komatsu D61PX-12 bulldozer requires regular maintenance and repair to ensure smooth and efficient operation. A manual provides detailed information on the repair, service, maintenance, overhaul, and troubleshooting of the bulldozer. The manual includes an exploded diagram which makes it easy for technicians to locate and identify parts, as well as understand the assembly of the machine.

One important aspect of the maintenance and repair of the Komatsu D61PX-12 bulldozer is changing the fuel filter and the air filter. This helps to keep the engine running smoothly and prevents any contaminants from entering and damaging the engine. The parts list in the manual makes it easier for technicians to find and purchase the correct parts.

In addition to routine maintenance, the engine of the Komatsu D61PX-12 bulldozer may also require repair. The manual provides information on how to troubleshoot any faults and how to carry out repairs. This information is crucial for technicians to perform repairs in a timely and effective manner.

The manual for the Komatsu D61PX-12 bulldozer is available in PDF format, making it easy to access and use. It is important for technicians to have access to the manual and to use it as a reference when performing repairs, maintenance, or overhauls. With proper care and maintenance, the Komatsu D61PX-12 bulldozer will continue to provide reliable and efficient performance for a long period of time.

Price: 29.99 USD