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Komatsu D155AX-5, D155 bulldozer manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual applies to the following models: D155AX-5, D155 / Komatsu Limited Manual Language: English # ³ "Manual Shop Solutions for Komatsu D155AX-5, D155: Resolving Issues and Facilitating Fixes!" Welcome to our comprehensive manual shop, catering specifically to the Komatsu D155AX-5 and D155 bulldozers! These powerful and robust machines from Komatsu Limited, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, are integral in various construction and excavation operations. This guide will provide extensive engine specifications, technical data, and pivotal insights into maintenance intervals, general upkeep tips, common issues, and their resolutions. Additionally, it will delve into owner reviews, tuning tips, compatible accessories, and attachments, helping owners ensure optimal performance and longevity for their bulldozers. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The Komatsu D155AX-5 is powered by a robust SA6D140E-2 engine. • The engine operates with a direct fuel injection system for efficient fuel combustion. • This model features a power output of approximately 316 HP. • The D155AX-5 utilizes a powershift transmission, enabling smooth gear transitions. • The engine’s displacement is approximately 15.24 liters. • The bulldozer operates with a dual-path, closed hydraulic system. • The machine weighs approximately 39.2 tons, allowing for substantial ground traction. • It has a fuel tank capacity of about 625 liters, facilitating long operational hours. • The D155AX-5 features a blade capacity of approximately 9.4 cubic meters. • The ground clearance for this bulldozer is about 440 mm. • The length of the track on the ground is approximately 3,295 mm. • The D155AX-5 features a track gauge of around 2,135 mm. • The width of the standard shoe is about 560 mm. • The D155AX-5 offers three forward and three reverse speeds. • The forward speed range is approximately 3.4 to 11.6 km/h. • The reverse speed range is approximately 4.4 to 14.3 km/h. • The bulldozer operates with hydrostatic steering, allowing precise maneuvers. • The D155AX-5 employs a single-shank ripper for groundbreaking purposes. • The drawbar pull of this bulldozer is around 513 kN. • The machine features an adjustable operator’s seat for enhanced comfort. • The D155AX-5 is equipped with an advanced monitoring system to track machine conditions. • The engine incorporates an air-to-air aftercooling system to manage engine temperatures. • The model utilizes a sealed and lubricated track to minimize wear. • The D155AX-5 features a shoe width to shoe height ratio of 9.1. • The model has a turning radius of approximately 3.7 m. • The D155AX-5 uses a blade tilt function to adjust blade height. • The noise level for this model is around 115 dB(A). Facts and Details: ► Maintenance Intervals: Komatsu recommends a thorough inspection and maintenance every 250 hours of operation, including oil and filter changes. ► Durability: The D155AX-5 is renowned for its robust build and long service life. ► Efficiency: With its high HP and efficient fuel injection system, it is known for its operational efficiency. ► Advanced Monitoring: The advanced monitoring system aids in the timely detection of any operational anomalies. ► Comfortable Operation: The adjustable operator’s seat and hydrostatic steering provide comfortable and precise operation. ► Fuel Capacity: The large fuel tank allows for extended operational hours without frequent refueling. ► Ground Traction: The heavyweight of the D155AX-5 ensures substantial ground traction, essential for effective bulldozing. ► Track Durability: The sealed and lubricated track minimizes wear and extends the service life of the track components. ► Noise Level: Owners should be cognizant of the high noise levels and use appropriate hearing protection. ► Maneuverability: The turning radius and blade tilt function allow for effective maneuvering and operation in varied terrains. Maintenance Tips: * Regular Inspections: Conduct thorough inspections every 250 hours of operation, focusing on the engine, hydraulic system, and tracks. * Oil and Filter Changes: Regularly change the oil and filters to maintain engine efficiency and longevity. * Track Maintenance: Regularly inspect the tracks for wear and ensure they are adequately tensioned and lubricated. * Monitoring System Checks: Regularly check the advanced monitoring system and address any anomalies promptly. * Operator’s Seat Adjustment: Adjust the operator’s seat to the operator’s preference to avoid operational fatigue. Tuning Tips and Modifications: ■ Engine Tuning: Optimize the engine parameters for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. ■ Hydraulic System Upgrades: Enhance the hydraulic system for improved responsiveness and efficiency. ■ Blade Modifications: Modify the blade for specialized tasks to enhance operational versatility. ■ Track Upgrades: Upgrade to premium track components for extended durability and performance. ■ Aftercooling System Enhancement: Enhance the aftercooling system for improved engine temperature management. Compatible Accessories and Attachments: + Specialized Blades + Multi-Shank Rippers + Advanced Monitoring System Upgrades + Operator Cabin Enhancements + Track Shoe Upgrades + Hydraulic System Attachments + Protective Covers + LED Light Kits + Fuel Efficiency Kits + Noise Reduction Kits Owner Reviews: ☺ Owners praise the Komatsu D155AX-5 for its durability, efficiency, and robust build. They appreciate the large fuel tank and the advanced monitoring system which aids in the early detection of operational anomalies. However, some owners have pointed out the high noise levels, recommending the use of proper hearing protection. The comfortable operator’s seat and the hydrostatic steering have been highlighted for providing precision and comfort during operation. The Komatsu D155AX-5 and D155 bulldozers are remarkable for their durability, robustness, and operational efficiency. These machines, with their substantial horsepower and fuel injection systems, are designed to perform optimally in varied terrains. Regular maintenance, focusing on oil changes, filter replacements, and track inspections, is pivotal for maintaining these bulldozers in prime condition. Despite the high noise levels, the machines are well-regarded for their comfort and precision, with the adjustable operator’s seat and hydrostatic steering receiving notable appreciation. Specialized modifications and accessories enhance the versatility and operational capability of these bulldozers, making them a preferred choice for many in the construction and excavation sectors. Most Frequent Repairs and Parts Replacement: ► Oil changes ► Filter replacements ► Track inspections and adjustments ► Hydraulic system checks ► Monitoring system anomalies addressing ► Operator’s seat adjustments ► Blade inspections and adjustments ► Fuel system checks ► Engine tuning ► Aftercooling system checks ► Noise level management ► Track component replacements ► Cabin enhancements installations ► Light kit installations ► Protective cover replacements Hit the download button to procure the in-depth manual from Komatsu Limited in PDF form. Once the payment is concluded, the link to download the authentic manual and parts list from Komatsu Limited will be visible on the confirmation page. Furthermore, a confirmation email will be dispatched to you without delay. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual

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