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Komatsu D58E-1, D58P-1, D58 bulldozer manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. Models + serial number: Komatsu D58E-1 D58P-1 D58 Dozer bulldozer (s/n D58E-1 - 80888 and up, D58E-1A - 80888 AND UP, D58E-1B - 81285 AND UP, D58P-1 - 80588 AND UP, D58P-1B - 81261 AND UP) Manual Language: English # ³ "Download the Comprehensive Repair Manual for Komatsu D58E-1, D58P-1, D58: Solutions for Common Issues" For those who own or operate the Komatsu D58 series bulldozers, having a detailed repair manual is essential. These machines, known for their rugged capabilities and performance, require meticulous attention to ensure optimal operation. This guide dives deep into the engine specifications, key features, and provides insights into maintenance and common issues. Tech specs: 1. Engine Type: The Komatsu D58E-1, D58P-1, D58 bulldozer is powered by a Komatsu 4D95LE-W-1 water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine. 2. Engine Power: The engine produces a maximum net power output of 57 kW (76 HP) at 2,200 RPM. 3. Operating Weight: The bulldozer has an operating weight of 11,800 kg (26,000 lbs). 4. Blade Capacity: The blade capacity is 3.7 m³ (4.8 yd³) for the D58E-1 and 4.0 m³ (5.2 yd³) for the D58P-1. 5. Blade Width: The blade width is 3.15 m (10' 4"). 6. Blade Height: The blade height is 0.91 m (3' 0"). 7. Track Gauge: The track gauge is 2.4 m (7' 10"). 8. Track Length on Ground: The track length on ground is 2.6 m (8' 6"). 9. Ground Clearance: The ground clearance is 0.43 m (1' 5"). 10. Track Shoe Width: The track shoe width is 0.46 m (18"). 11. Track Rollers: The bulldozer is equipped with four track rollers on each side. 12. Swing Radius: The swing radius is 2.5 m (8' 2"). 13. Maximum Digging Depth: The maximum digging depth is 2.5 m (8' 2"). 14. Maximum Digging Reach: The maximum digging reach is 4.7 m (15' 5"). 15. Maximum Dump Height: The maximum dump height is 3.3 m (10' 10"). 16. Maximum Cutting Height: The maximum cutting height is 4.3 m (14' 1"). 17. Maximum Load Over Front: The maximum load over front is 2.0 m (6' 7"). 18. Maximum Loading Height: The maximum loading height is 2.7 m (8' 10"). 19. Steering System: The bulldozer is equipped with a hydraulic-powered steering system. 20. Transmission: The bulldozer is equipped with a hydraulic transmission. 21. Travel Speed: The bulldozer has a maximum travel speed of 4.3 km/h (2.7 mph). 22. Brake System: The bulldozer is equipped with a hydraulic-powered brake system. 23. Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank capacity is 158 liters (41 US gallons). 24. Cooling System: The bulldozer is equipped with a water-cooled engine and hydraulic oil cooler. 25. Service Refill Capacities: The service refill capacities for the D58E-1 and D58P-1 include engine oil (16.5 liters / 4.4 US gallons), hydraulic oil (80 liters / 21 US gallons), and fuel tank (158 liters / 41 US gallons). Key Features/Interesting Details: • Ergonomically designed operator cabin for increased comfort. • Features an advanced hydraulic system for smoother operation. • ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) enhances safety. • Efficient fuel consumption owing to its eco-mode operation. • Advanced transmission system allows for swift gear shifts. • Spacious engine compartment for easier maintenance access. • Advanced monitoring system provides real-time updates on machine health. • Enhanced undercarriage design increases stability and lifespan. • Blade design optimized for better soil penetration and rolling characteristics. • Komatsu's KOMTRAX remote monitoring system offers detailed machine metrics. • Built-in noise reduction features for a quieter operational environment. • Advanced cooling system prevents overheating even in demanding conditions. • Reinforced steel structure ensures durability and longevity. • Advanced filtration system ensures cleaner emissions. • User-friendly controls with multi-function levers for ease of operation. Maintenance Tips and Common Issues: ► Maintenance Intervals: Regularly check engine oil and filters every 250 hours. Hydraulic oil and filters should be inspected every 500 hours. Undercarriage and blade joints should be greased every 50 hours. ► General Maintenance Tips: Always conduct a pre-operation inspection, checking for leaks, damage, or wear. Clean the air filter regularly and ensure the cooling system is free from obstructions. ► Common Issues: Some users have reported undercarriage wear, which can be mitigated by regularly cleaning and ensuring correct tension. Hydraulic system issues might arise if the fluid isn't replaced at recommended intervals. Ensure you use the right grade of hydraulic fluid. Overheating can result from blocked air passages or malfunctioning cooling systems. ► Solutions: Regular maintenance checks and following the recommended service intervals can help in identifying issues before they escalate. Using genuine Komatsu parts can ensure longevity and efficient performance. Maintenance Tips: * Always use genuine Komatsu spare parts and lubricants. * Check the blade's wear and tear regularly, replacing or sharpening as needed. * Regularly inspect the undercarriage and adjust tension to prevent premature wear. * Avoid prolonged idling, as it can lead to unnecessary fuel consumption and engine wear. * Ensure that operators are trained in the machine's proper use to prevent misuse or overloading. Tuning Tips/Modifications: ■ Enhance air intake with high-performance air filters for better engine breathing. ■ Consider eco-tuning for optimized fuel efficiency without compromising power. ■ Upgrade the hydraulic system with high-performance fluids for smoother operation. ■ Enhance the operator cabin with modern ergonomic seats for increased comfort during long hours. ■ Consider adding advanced monitoring systems for real-time performance metrics. Accessories and Attachments: + Multi-shank rippers for tough terrains. + Advanced GPS and mapping systems. + Additional lights for improved visibility. + Heavy-duty undercarriage guards. + Forestry kits for logging applications. + Winches for towing and pulling. + Custom blade attachments for specific tasks. + Fire suppression kits for added safety. + Advanced hydraulic kits for smoother operation. + Climate control kits for operating in extreme temperatures. Owner Reviews: ☺ Strengths: Durable build, reliable engine performance, advanced hydraulic system, user-friendly controls, and efficient fuel consumption. ☻ Weaknesses: Undercarriage might wear out if not maintained properly, some find parts expensive, and older models might lack modern features. Frequent Repairs and Prone-to-Failure Parts: → Undercarriage wear and tear. → Hydraulic pump replacements. → Blade edge sharpening or replacement. → Transmission system repairs. → Battery replacements. → Fuel injector issues. → Radiator replacements or cleanings. → Wear in the operator cabin controls. → Electrical system malfunctions. → Exhaust system repairs. Always refer to the manufacturer's official manual by Komatsu Limited before initiating any repair or service. Secure your copy by purchasing and downloading it here on [RL]. This manual offers in-depth illustrations and diagrams, providing step-by-step directions for repairs, servicing, and preventative care. The original manual in PDF format ensures a comprehensive approach to every troubleshooting step. For a complete review and specs of the original Komatsu Limited manual, hit the purchase button. Secure your download today through PayPal on [RL]. Upon successful payment for the OEM Komatsu Limited parts directory/shop guide, you'll find the download link on the payment confirmation page. Additionally, we'll promptly send you a payment confirmation via email. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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