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2004 Piper Saratoga II aircraft parts catalog

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual applies to the following models: Saratoga II / Piper Aircraft, Inc. Saratoga II HP PA-32R-301 (SERIAL NUMBERS 3246001 AND UP) Saratoga II TC PA-32R-301T (SERIAL NUMBERS 3257001 AND UP) PART NUMBER 753-690 Date: JULY 10, 2004 2004 Piper Saratoga II TC (Turbocharged) 2004 Piper Saratoga II HP (High Performance) 2004 Piper Saratoga II Standard 2004 Piper Saratoga II with Enhanced Avionics 2004 Piper Saratoga II Special Edition Serial numbers: 3246001, 3257001 Manual Language: English # ³ "Get Your Aircraft Fix with the Piper Saratoga II Parts Catalog!" In the world of general aviation, the 2004 Piper Saratoga II holds a distinguished position, reflecting the innovative spirit of Piper Aircraft. As a premier single-engine, six-seater aircraft, the Saratoga II is both versatile and powerful. For those looking to master the nuances of this classic bird, a thorough parts catalog is essential. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A engine. • This engine boasts a six-cylinder configuration. • The maximum power output is 300 horsepower. • It utilizes a horizontally opposed piston design. • The engine features a turbocharged induction system. • The compression ratio is 8.5:1. • It has a displacement of 541.5 cubic inches. • The recommended TBO (Time Between Overhauls) is 2,000 hours. • The Saratoga II's propeller is a two-bladed, constant-speed type. • Its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is 3,600 lbs. • The aircraft's fuel capacity is 102 gallons. • Its range is approximately 1,000 nautical miles. • The cruising speed averages 175 knots. • The stall speed with flaps down is 61 knots. • Its service ceiling reaches 20,000 feet. • The aircraft's rate of climb is approximately 1,087 feet per minute. • The wing span is 36.2 feet. • Its overall length measures 28.9 feet. • The aircraft stands at a height of 8.3 feet. • The wing area spans 178.3 square feet. • It uses AVGAS 100LL as its primary fuel. • The cabin width is 49 inches. • The cabin height is 49.5 inches. • The landing gear is retractable. • The fuel burn rate averages 20 gallons per hour at 75% power. • Its takeoff ground roll is approximately 1,000 feet. • The landing ground roll is roughly 960 feet. • The Saratoga II features a dual vacuum pump system. • It's equipped with a 24-volt electrical system. • The aircraft features a Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Facts and Details: - The Saratoga II is renowned for its spacious cabin. - It offers club-style seating for passenger comfort. - The aircraft has built-in oxygen systems for high-altitude flights. - The baggage compartment can accommodate up to 100 lbs. - Its doors are designed for easy entry and exit. - The aircraft's design prioritizes stability and smooth handling. - Saratoga II often serves multiple roles, from personal travel to business commuting. - The turbocharged engine ensures performance even in high-density altitude scenarios. - Its robust landing gear is suitable for various airstrips. - The cabin features state-of-the-art soundproofing for a quieter ride. - The aircraft's ventilation system is designed for optimal airflow. - It boasts a commendable safety record. - Piper has provided several avionics upgrade options over the years. - The 2004 model integrates modern safety enhancements. - Its maintenance requirements are well-documented, ensuring longevity with proper care. - The Saratoga II remains a popular choice in the resale market due to its reliability. Maintenance Tips: ► Adhere to the manufacturer's maintenance intervals and guidelines meticulously. ► Regularly inspect and clean the fuel system to avoid contamination. ► Monitor the engine's oil quality and change as required, noting any unusual contaminants. ► Ensure that the retractable landing gear system is frequently inspected for wear and lubricated appropriately. ► Protect the aircraft from environmental factors; using a hangar or quality cover can prevent damage. Tuning Tips or Modifications: * Upgrade to LED lighting for better visibility and efficiency. * Consider updating avionics to the latest versions for improved navigation and communication. * Retrofit wingtip vortex generators for enhanced low-speed handling. * Add an advanced engine monitoring system for detailed performance metrics. * Consider soundproofing upgrades for a quieter cabin experience. Accessories and Attachments: ■ Custom aircraft covers for protection. ■ Extended range fuel tanks. ■ Upgraded leather interiors. ■ Wheel fairings for improved aerodynamics. ■ Digital autopilot systems. ■ Advanced weather radar systems. ■ External power plugs for pre-flight preparations. ■ Upgraded exhaust systems for better performance. ■ Engine pre-heaters for cold climates. ■ Noise-reducing headsets. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Strengths: ☺ Spacious and comfortable cabin. ☺ Consistent and reliable performance. ☺ Versatility in multiple roles. Weaknesses: ☻ Higher fuel consumption compared to some competitors. ☻ Maintenance can be costly if not kept regular. ☻ Some find the cabin access to be slightly narrow. Frequent Repairs and Breakages: → Alternator replacements. → Exhaust system wear. → Landing gear hydraulic issues. → Electrical system inconsistencies. → Fuel system contamination. → Aging avionics needing updates. → Vacuum pump failures. → Brake pad replacements. → Cylinder compression issues. → Issues with retractable landing gear mechanism. → Corrosion in older models. → Starter motor replacements. → Fuel gauge discrepancies. → Battery replacements. Facing issues with your Piper? Get the detailed parts catalog in PDF format. Complete your secure checkout with PayPal! After completing your payment, the download link for the Piper OEM parts catalog will be available on the checkout page. Additionally, a confirmation of your payment will be dispatched to your email without delay. §
Price: 16.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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