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Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 1
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 2
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 3
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 4
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 5
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide Preview image 6

Hewlett-Packard Laserjet C910 color laser service guide

Models covered in this manual:

Laserjet C910 / Hewlett-Packard

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Product Information

Table of Contents

  1. Safety Information

    • Safety Notice
  2. General Information

    • Maintenance Approach
    • Inspection and Cleaning Procedures
    • Recommendations for Service
    • Tools
    • Serial Numbers
    • DIP Switches
    • DIP Switch Positions
    • Controller Asm Board
    • Accessories/Options
    • FRU/CRU Removal
    • Media Specifications
    • Output Media Capacity
    • Memory/Hard Disk
    • Door Switches
    • High Voltage Power Supply
    • Transfer Roller
    • Fuser
    • Laser Scanner
    • Developer
    • Drum Cartridge
    • Paper Input Unit
    • Media Feeder
    • Media Feeder ADF
    • Manual Feed
    • Output Bin
    • Duplex Option
    • Interlock Switch
    • Firmware and Function
    • Operator Panel
    • Power Cord
    • Maintenance Kit
    • Operator Panel Button
    • High Capacity Paper Feed Sensor / Switch Test
  3. Diagnostic Information

    • Adjustments and Procedures Following Parts Replacement
    • Service Checks
    • Symptom Table
    • Service Code
    • Maintenance Message Table
    • Paper Path
    • Maintenance Analysis Procedures (MAPs)
    • Service Checks
      • Engine Test Print
      • Repetitive Defect Chart
      • Drive Motor Service Check
      • Paper Path Service Check
      • Engine Output Test
      • Engine Maintenance Print
      • Diagnostic Aids
      • Engine Print Position Check
      • High Capacity Paper Feeder Service Check
      • Paper Feed Service Check
      • Fuser Service Check
      • Toner Level Check
      • Main Motor Service Check
      • HVPS Check
      • Engine Performance Check
      • Error Code Check
      • Parts Replacement Check
      • Engine Registration Check
      • Page Count Check
    • Diagnostics Aids
      • Control Panel Test Sequence
      • DC Controller Test
      • Formatter Test
      • Laser Scanner Test
      • Error Log
  4. Repair Information

    • Service Precautions
    • Adjusting / Frame Circuit Boards
    • High Capacity Paper Feed Timing Belt Adjustment
    • Right Cover Removal
    • Left Cover Removal
    • Paper Feed Unit Removal
    • Fuser Removal
    • Transfer Roller Removal
    • Laser Scanner Unit Removal
    • Engine Controller Removal
    • Main Motor Removal
    • Formatter Removal
    • HVPS Removal
    • Drive Unit Removal
    • Engine Feed Roller Removal
    • Engine Exit Roller Removal
    • Engine Drive Roller Removal
    • Paper Pick Roller Removal
    • Exit Drive Roller Removal
    • Main Drive Motor Removal
    • Paper Feed Motor Removal
    • Exit Drive Motor Removal
    • Paper Input Unit Removal
    • Paper Output Unit Removal
    • Media Feeder (ADF) Removal
    • Manual Feed Removal
    • Engine Controller Board Removal
    • Laser Unit Removal
    • High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) Removal
    • Image Processor Board Removal
    • Power Supply Unit (PSU) Removal
    • Paper Pick Roller Removal
    • Paper Feed Roller Removal
    • Engine Transfer Roller Removal
    • Toner Cartridge Drive Gear Removal
    • Main Motor Gear Removal
    • Laser Scanner Drive Gear Removal
    • Engine Controller Board Installation
    • Main Motor Installation
    • Fuser Installation
    • Transfer Roller Installation
    • Laser Scanner Unit Installation
    • Engine Drive Roller Installation
    • Paper Pick Roller Installation
    • Media Feeder (ADF) Installation
    • Manual Feed Installation
    • Engine Controller Board Installation
    • Laser Unit Installation
    • High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) Installation
    • Image Processor Board Installation
    • Power Supply Unit (PSU) Installation
  5. Parts Catalog

    • Standard Accessories
    • Optional Accessories
    • Consumables
  6. Troubleshooting

    • Error Code Troubleshooting
    • Print Quality Troubleshooting
    • Paper Jam Troubleshooting
    • Scanner Troubleshooting
    • Fuser Troubleshooting

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