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Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual is valid for the following models: WB97R-2 / Komatsu Limited Komatsu WB97R-2 Komatsu WB97R-2A Komatsu WB97R-2B Technical engine specs: SD106-1FA, 269.3cu in, 4 cylinders, turbocharged, Gross Power 113hp, Net Power 97.9hp, 2200rpm, 1500rpm, Engine Make: 2238 Production years: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Language: English (some of our manuals are multilingual) Serial numbers: s/n 97F20001 and up Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Get the Complete Backhoe Loader Manual: Download the Comprehensive Guide for the Komatsu WB97R-2" Unlock the full potential of the Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader with the comprehensive manual at your fingertips. This versatile machine combines the capabilities of a loader and a backhoe, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from construction and landscaping to excavation and material handling. To ensure you have all the information you need to operate and maintain the Komatsu WB97R-2 effectively, we present a comprehensive guide that covers engine specifications, technical data, maintenance intervals, troubleshooting tips, accessory compatibility, and more. Whether you're a professional operator or an owner looking to maximize productivity, this manual is your key to getting the most out of your Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • Engine Type: Komatsu S4D106 • Displacement: 4.46 liters • Engine Power: 97 horsepower • Operating Weight: 8,530 kg • Digging Depth (Backhoe): 5,915 mm • Loading Height (Loader): 2,935 mm • Max. Digging Force (Bucket): 8,700 kgf • Max. Digging Force (Arm): 4,800 kgf • Fuel Tank Capacity: 160 liters • Hydraulic System Capacity: 130 liters • Travel Speed: 0-36 km/h • Bucket Capacity (Loader): 1.0 cubic meters • Bucket Capacity (Backhoe): 0.23 cubic meters Facts and Details: - The Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader combines the versatility of a loader and a backhoe in a single machine, allowing for efficient material handling and excavation. - The powerful Komatsu S4D106 engine provides 97 horsepower, ensuring excellent performance and productivity on the job site. - The backhoe digging depth of 5,915 mm enables efficient excavation tasks, while the loader loading height of 2,935 mm allows for easy loading and dumping. - The backhoe loader's operating weight of 8,530 kg provides stability and durability for heavy-duty operations. - With a maximum digging force of 8,700 kgf for the bucket and 4,800 kgf for the arm, the WB97R-2 delivers exceptional digging power. - The machine's fuel tank capacity of 160 liters provides extended operation time, reducing the need for frequent refueling. - The hydraulic system capacity of 130 liters ensures smooth and precise operation of the backhoe loader and its attachments. - The travel speed of up to 36 km/h allows for efficient transportation between job sites, increasing productivity. - The loader bucket capacity of 1.0 cubic meters and the backhoe bucket capacity of 0.23 cubic meters offer versatility for different tasks. - The Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader features a comfortable operator cabin with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls for enhanced productivity and operator comfort. - The machine's rugged construction and quality components ensure durability and reliability, even in demanding working conditions. - The WB97R-2 is designed with easy maintenance in mind, with conveniently located service points and access panels for efficient servicing and reduced downtime. - Komatsu's reputation for exceptional build quality and customer support ensures that the WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader is backed by reliable service and parts availability. Maintenance Intervals, Tips, and Common Issues: ► Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance intervals for engine oil changes, filter replacements, and overall inspections. ► Regularly check and maintain proper fluid levels for engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant. ► Inspect and clean the air filters to ensure optimal engine performance. ► Grease all fittings and pivot points as per the recommended schedule. ► Common issues may include hydraulic leaks, electrical faults, and wear on tires and drivetrain components. ► Hydraulic leaks can often be resolved by inspecting hoses, fittings, and seals for damage and replacing as needed. ► Electrical faults may require checking and repairing wiring connections or replacing faulty components. ► Regularly inspect tires for wear and replace them if they are worn beyond the recommended tread depth. Tuning Tips and Modifications: * Consult with experienced operators or professional technicians for specific tuning tips and modifications tailored to the Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader. * Upgrading to heavy-duty tires can improve traction and durability in challenging terrain. * Adding auxiliary lighting can enhance visibility during nighttime or low-light operations. * Installing a backup camera or sensor system can improve safety and awareness on the job site. Compatible Accessories and Attachments: ■ General-purpose buckets ■ Grading buckets ■ Trenching buckets ■ Forks for material handling ■ Hydraulic hammers for breaking concrete or rock ■ Augers for drilling applications ■ Grapples for log and debris handling Owner Reviews and Opinions: ☺ Strengths: Powerful engine, excellent digging capabilities, versatility, operator comfort. ☻ Weaknesses: Limited lift height compared to larger models, occasional hydraulic leaks reported. Repairs That Are Frequently Carried Out and Commonly Broken Parts: → Hydraulic hoses and fittings → Hydraulic cylinder seals → Electrical switches and connectors → Tires and tire-related components → Starter motors → Alternators → Brake components Download the Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader troubleshooting manual in PDF format by clicking the provided button. Upon payment, your official Komatsu WB97R-2 Backhoe Loader OEM shop manual/parts list download link will be available on the checkout page, and we will promptly email you the payment confirmation. §
Price: 39.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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