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2000-2004 Polaris Virage TX, SLX,Pro 1200,Genesis,Genesis FFI PWC repair manual

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The following models are encompassed by this manual: Virage TX, SLX,Pro 1200,Genesis,Genesis FFI / Polaris 2000 Polaris Virage TX 2000 Polaris SLX 2000 Polaris Pro 1200 2000 Polaris Genesis 2000 Polaris Genesis FFI 2001 Polaris Virage TX 2001 Polaris SLX 2001 Polaris Pro 1200 2001 Polaris Genesis 2001 Polaris Genesis FFI 2002 Polaris Virage TX 2002 Polaris SLX 2002 Polaris Pro 1200 2002 Polaris Genesis 2002 Polaris Genesis FFI 2003 Polaris Virage TX 2003 Polaris SLX 2003 Polaris Pro 1200 2003 Polaris Genesis 2003 Polaris Genesis FFI 2004 Polaris Virage TX 2004 Polaris SLX 2004 Polaris Pro 1200 2004 Polaris Genesis 2004 Polaris Genesis FFI Production year(s): 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Manual Language: English Printable: Yes (with all printers) Instant delivery/download: Your download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Manual Mastery for PWC Enthusiasts: Download the Ultimate Fix-It Guide for 2000-2004 Polaris Models" Experience the freedom of maintaining and repairing your 2000-2004 Polaris PWC with our comprehensive and user-friendly manual. Covering models such as the Virage TX, SLX, Pro 1200, Genesis, and Genesis FFI, this guide provides the necessary knowledge for all mechanical and maintenance needs. Don't let technical issues keep you from the open water - download the manual and regain control of your PWC today! Engine Specifications and Technical Details: • These Polaris models are powered by a 2-stroke, 3-cylinder engine. • They possess a displacement of 1200cc. • The Pro 1200 is known for its horsepower rating of 135 hp. • The engines of these PWCs utilize a Direct Injection fuel system. • The cooling system in these models is open-loop, employing lake or sea water for engine cooling. • The Genesis and Genesis FFI models feature a unique Ficht Fuel Injection system. • The Virage TX and Genesis models have a fuel capacity of 16.5 gallons, while the SLX and Pro 1200 have 15.3 gallons. • These models possess a dry weight of approximately 675 pounds. • The Polaris Virage TX, SLX, Pro 1200, Genesis, and Genesis FFI models all feature an electric starter. • The Genesis models come equipped with reverse functionality for enhanced maneuverability. • These PWCs feature a Direct Drive Transmission system. • The Polaris models use a 12V Lead-Acid Battery type. • The impeller of these Polaris PWCs is a stainless-steel, three-blade progressive pitch. • The pump type for these models is a mixed flow, axial flow single stage. • The hull material is made of high-quality FIBERGLASS (SMC) for durability. • All these models have a seating capacity for three persons. • They all feature a digital CDI ignition system. • The Polaris PWCs have an electronic throttle control for smooth acceleration. • These models also possess a fully automatic, variable trim system. • The bore and stroke measurements of these engines are 84mm x 70mm. • These models have an exhaust system that includes a tuned pipe, water jacketed manifold, and a resonator. • The impeller shaft in these models is made of stainless steel for maximum durability. • The Polaris PWCs have an overall length of 126 inches, a width of 49.5 inches, and a height of 40 inches. • These models have a maximum engine RPM of 6700. Facts and Details: - Polaris is known for producing some of the fastest personal watercrafts in the industry, and the 2000-2004 models of Virage TX, SLX, Pro 1200, Genesis, and Genesis FFI are no exception. - The Pro 1200 was the flagship of the Polaris line during these years, renowned for its performance and power. - The Genesis FFI was one of the first PWCs to feature Ficht Fuel Injection, a system that provided superior fuel efficiency and lower emissions. - Despite being two-stroke, these models are known for their relatively smooth and quiet operation. - These models feature Polaris' Integrated Steering System (ISS), which improves maneuverability at high speeds. - The Genesis model was the first three-seater PWC offered by Polaris, allowing for increased fun with friends and family. - Polaris PWCs were known for their bold and aggressive styling, with these models featuring a range of vibrant colors and graphics. Maintenance Intervals and Tips: The engine oil and filter should be replaced every 50 hours of operation or once a year, whichever comes first. Spark plugs should be inspected and replaced every 100 hours of operation or annually. The fuel system should be inspected every 100 hours of operation. The impeller and pump should be inspected for damage or wear every 50 hours. The hull and deck should be washed and waxed regularly to maintain their appearance and prevent corrosion. Common Issues and Solutions: Issue: Difficulty in starting - Solution: Check the battery and replace if necessary. If the problem persists, inspect the starter system. Issue: Overheating - Solution: Regularly check coolant levels and ensure the cooling system is not blocked. Issue: Loss of power or performance - Solution: Clean the fuel system and replace spark plugs as necessary. Tuning Tips and Modifications: Upgrading the exhaust system can improve performance. Installing an aftermarket intake grate can increase top speed and improve handling. Adding a ride plate can enhance stability and cornering. Upgrading to a high-performance impeller can boost acceleration and top speed. Available Accessories and Aftermarket Options: Towable tubes and ropes for watersports fun. Custom seat covers for added comfort and style. Jet pump upgrades for improved performance. High-performance air filters. Custom graphics kits for a unique look. Owner Reviews and Opinions: Owners of these Polaris models often commend their performance and stability. The powerful engines and responsive handling make them a favorite among thrill-seekers. However, some owners mention the higher maintenance needs of the two-stroke engine, especially in comparison to newer four-stroke models. Frequently Carried Out Repairs: - Engine oil and filter change. - Spark plug replacement. - Fuel system cleaning. - Battery replacement. - Cooling system maintenance. Initiate your overhaul journey with Polaris by securing your comprehensive manual from the RepairLoader marketplace via PayPal, and instantly access your PDF download. After completion of your payment, the checkout page will display your official Polaris OEM shop manual and parts list download link. Further, we will promptly dispatch all information regarding payment and download to your registered email. §
Price: 16.99 USD
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