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Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 Owner Manual Manual Download 0*

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File specifications
File size: 5.30 MB
File ending in: pdf
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This is a professional electronic pdf download version of the Pfaff coverlock 3.0 Owners Manual.
How to fix your coverlock machine with the help of this Pfaff manual.

Parts of the machine ..4
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Accessories ..5
Optional accessories from INSPIRA ..6
Connecting the foot control
and the power supply ....7
Setting up the spool stand 7
Setting up the telescopic thread stand ..7
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Front cover..8
Open 8
Attaching the waste tray ..8
Presser foot lift ..8
Changing the presser foot ...8
Needle information ..9
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Changing the needles .9
Movable upper cutter ...9
Disengaging, position B ....9
Engaging, position A ....9
2-thread overlock converter ..10
Engaging .10
Disengaging ....10
Upper looper .10
Disengaging ..10
Engaging ..10
Changing to coverstitch table B ....10
Stitch ? nger lever setting ..11
General threading information ..11
Threading the upper looper (red) ...12
Threading the lower looper (yellow) ..13
Threading chainstitch looper (purple) 14
Threading the right needle ..15
Threading the left needle ....16
Threading the chainstitch needle ...17
Threading the coverstitch needles .18
Needle threader .21
Changing thread ...21
Stitches & Sewing techniques
Stitch overview .22
Start sewing ..28
Pin placement ....28
Chain off ....28
Rolled edge sewing ..29
Coverstitch sewing ...29
Machine set up .29
Start sewing ...29
Securing the coverstitch seam end ..29
Flatlock sewing ...30
Standard ? atlock stitch..30
Ornamental ? atlock stitch ..30
Ladder stitch .30
Chainstitch sewing ...31
Machine set up .....31
Start and end of sewing 31
Sewing hints .31
Pintuck sewing ..31
Sew in circles ...31
Securing the thread chain ..31
Braiding by chaining off ..31

Stitch adjustments
Stitch width adjustment ..32
Width adjustment by changing needle position ..32
Width adjustment with the cutting width dial .32
Presser foot pressure adjustment .32
Stitch length adjustment ..32
Differential feed adjustment .33
Gathered overlock (stretch, knit fabrics) ...33
Stretch overlock (lightweight fabrics) .33
Thread tension ? ne tuning ..34
Machine maintenance 36
Cleaning .36
Oiling ....36
Replacing the movable upper cutter ..36
Changing the light bulb ..37
Storage .37
Servicing ...37
Trouble shooting ....38
Machine speci? cations ..39
Intellectual Property ..39

Type: Owner manual
Model specifications: coverlock 3.0
Manual Language: English
Manual format: pdf - manual / ebook (zip)
Printable: Yes
Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader & WinZip
Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete.
Compatible: All versions of Windows & Mac

This version is the same manual used by Pfaff coverlock service technicians for service, maintenance and repairs.
This Pfaff coverlock pdf / manual will pay for itself with one repair!

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