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Suzuki GN400 factory, service , repair manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual is valid for the following models: GN400 / Suzuki Motor Corporation Suzuki GN400 - Standard Model - Year: 1980 Suzuki GN400T - Variant with Twin Shock Absorbers - Year: 1980 Suzuki GN400X - Variant with Spoke Wheels - Year: 1980 Suzuki GN400L - Variant with Disc Brake - Year: 1980 Suzuki GN400C - Variant with Kick Start - Year: 1981 Suzuki GN400E - Variant with Electric Start - Year: 1981 Suzuki GN400S - Variant with Telescopic Front Forks - Year: 1981 Suzuki GN400X - Variant with Spoke Wheels and Disc Brake - Year: 1981 Suzuki GN400E - Variant with Electric Start and Telescopic Front Forks - Year: 1982 Suzuki GN400T - Variant with Twin Shock Absorbers and Spoke Wheels - Year: 1982 Engine: air-cooled, 396 cc, SOHC single cylinder, 2 valves. 27 hp (19,7 kW) / 7.500 rpm, 3,0 kg-m/ 5.000 rpm. 5 speed. Language: English (some of our manuals are multilingual) Instant download/delivery: Your download link will appear on the checkout page after the payment. # ³ Buy the Original Manual and Download the Suzuki GN400 for an Authentic Riding Experience" Are you considering purchasing a Suzuki GN400 motorcycle? Look no further! In this article, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can buy the original manual and download it to ensure you have the complete guide for this classic bike. We'll share detailed engine specifications, interesting facts and details, maintenance tips, popular modifications, compatible accessories, owner reviews, and more. Whether you're a vintage motorcycle enthusiast or a first-time rider, the Suzuki GN400 offers a timeless appeal and an authentic riding experience. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The Suzuki GN400 is powered by a 398cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. • It features a bore and stroke of 85mm x 70mm, resulting in a displacement of 398cc. • The GN400 engine has a compression ratio of 8.2:1. • It is equipped with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) configuration. • The motorcycle utilizes a Mikuni BS34 carburetor for fuel delivery. • The GN400 engine produces approximately 27 horsepower (20 kilowatts) at 7,000 RPM. • It delivers a torque output of around 29.7 Nm (22 lb-ft) at 5,500 RPM. • The Suzuki GN400 utilizes a kick-start mechanism for ignition. • It features a five-speed transmission, providing smooth gear shifting. • The motorcycle employs a chain drive system for power transfer to the rear wheel. • The GN400 has a wet sump lubrication system with a total oil capacity of 2.8 liters. • It utilizes a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system for reliable spark generation. • The Suzuki GN400 is equipped with a 12-volt electrical system. • It features a maintenance-free battery for hassle-free operation. • The motorcycle has a fuel tank capacity of approximately 10 liters (2.6 gallons). • The Suzuki GN400 weighs around 162 kg (357 lbs) with a full fuel tank. • It has a wheelbase of 1,410mm (55.5 inches), providing stability and maneuverability. • The GN400 features front telescopic forks with 140mm (5.5 inches) of travel. • It utilizes dual rear shock absorbers with 91mm (3.6 inches) of travel. • The motorcycle comes with front and rear drum brakes for stopping power. • The GN400 features a front tire size of 3.00-19 and a rear tire size of 3.50-16. • It has a ground clearance of approximately 145mm (5.7 inches). • The Suzuki GN400 offers a seat height of around 780mm (30.7 inches). • It features a classic, low-slung frame design for a comfortable riding position. • The GN400 has a vintage-style round headlight and simple instrument cluster. Facts and Details: - The Suzuki GN400 was introduced in 1980 as a successor to the popular GN250 model. - It was designed to cater to riders seeking a reliable and fuel-efficient motorcycle for daily commuting and leisure rides. - The GN400 gained popularity for its simplicity, ease of maintenance, and approachable power delivery. - It featured a timeless design with chrome accents, spoke wheels, and a single-seat configuration. - The Suzuki GN400 offered a comfortable and upright riding position, making it suitable for both city streets and longer journeys. - It became a popular choice for customization due to its robust engine, simple wiring, and classic styling. - The GN400's air-cooled engine provided sufficient power for urban riding, while its torquey nature made it versatile on different terrains. - It had a reputation for reliability and longevity, with many GN400 motorcycles still in operation today. Maintenance Intervals, General Maintenance Tips, and Common Issues with Solutions: ► Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes, spark plug replacements, and valve adjustments. ► Regularly clean and lubricate the chain to maintain proper tension and reduce wear. ► Check the tire pressure and condition frequently, ensuring optimal grip and safety. ► Inspect the brake system regularly for proper operation and wear on brake pads and shoes. ► Keep the air filter clean and replace it as necessary to maintain proper engine performance. ► Address any oil leaks promptly, as they can indicate worn gaskets or seals that may require replacement. ► Periodically check the electrical connections and wiring harness for any signs of damage or corrosion. ► It is advisable to use genuine Suzuki parts and recommended lubricants for optimal performance and longevity. Tips for Effective Maintenance: 1. Regularly clean the motorcycle to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and grime that can lead to premature wear and corrosion. 2. Inspect the engine and chassis for any signs of leaks, loose bolts, or damaged components before each ride. 3. Maintain proper chain tension and lubrication to ensure smooth power transfer and extend chain life. 4. Keep the tires properly inflated to the recommended pressure for optimal handling and tire longevity. 5. Store the GN400 in a dry and secure location, preferably with a cover, to protect it from the elements and minimize exposure to moisture and rust. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications: * Installing a high-flow air filter and rejetting the carburetor can enhance engine performance and responsiveness. * Upgrading the exhaust system to a freer-flowing aftermarket option can improve both power and sound. * Customizing the motorcycle's appearance with new handlebars, mirrors, and a different seat can add a personal touch. * Swapping the stock tires for more aggressive treads or different sizes can enhance off-road capabilities or alter the bike's aesthetic. * Adding a luggage rack, saddlebags, or a small windshield can increase the GN400's touring capabilities and practicality. Comprehensive List of Accessories and Attachments: ■ Engine Guards ■ Rear Luggage Racks ■ Saddlebags ■ Windshields ■ Handlebar Grips ■ LED Lighting Upgrades ■ Upgraded Exhaust Systems ■ Tank Pads ■ Fork Gaiters ■ Cafe Racer-style Seats ■ Performance Air Filters ■ Custom Paint and Graphics ■ Rearview Mirrors ■ LED Turn Signals Owner Reviews and Opinions: + Review 1: "The Suzuki GN400 is a fantastic motorcycle for daily commuting and weekend rides. It's reliable, easy to maintain, and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. I appreciate its classic design and versatility for customization. Highly recommended for vintage bike enthusiasts!" + Review 2: "I've owned my Suzuki GN400 for several years now, and it has been a pleasure to ride. The engine is responsive, and the bike handles well in various conditions. It's a reliable and affordable option for those looking for a straightforward and enjoyable motorcycle experience." + Review 3: "The GN400 is a gem of a motorcycle. Its simplicity and reliability make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. The aftermarket support and customization options are endless, allowing you to create a unique bike that suits your style. It's a true classic!" Strengths: ☺ Simple and reliable design ☺ Fuel-efficient and torquey engine ☺ Versatile for daily commuting and leisure rides ☺ Comfortable riding position ☺ Ample customization opportunities Weaknesses of the Suzuki GN400: ☻ Limited top-end power ☻ Drum brakes may require more effort for rapid deceleration ☻ Availability of certain original parts may be limited due to its age The Suzuki GN400 is a timeless motorcycle that continues to captivate riders with its simplicity, reliability, and classic design. Whether you're a vintage bike enthusiast or a new rider, the GN400 offers an authentic riding experience. With proper maintenance and care, this motorcycle can provide years of enjoyable riding. Its torquey engine, comfortable ergonomics, and versatility for customization make it a popular choice among riders seeking a reliable and straightforward motorcycle. The GN400's strengths lie in its simplicity and nostalgia, allowing riders to connect with the essence of motorcycling. Embrace the spirit of the road with the Suzuki GN400! Repairs frequently needed: → Carburetor cleaning and adjustments due to clogging or improper fuel mixture. → Electrical system repairs, including wiring issues and faulty ignition components. → Chain and sprocket replacements due to wear and stretching. → Brake system maintenance, such as brake pad replacements and caliper servicing. → Suspension component repairs, including fork seal replacements and shock absorber maintenance. → Engine gasket replacements to address oil leaks and ensure proper sealing. → Exhaust system repairs or replacements to address rust, cracks, or muffler damage. → Clutch cable and lever replacements due to wear or cable snapping. → Fuel tank cleaning and rust removal to prevent fuel system blockages. → Throttle cable replacements to address sticking or frayed cables. → Wheel bearing replacements due to wear or damage. → Indicator and light bulb replacements for malfunctioning or burnt-out bulbs. → Seat cover replacements to address tears or worn-out upholstery. Click the green button to purchase and instantly download the comprehensive Suzuki GN400 PDF manual. Upon completing your purchase, the original Suzuki OEM shop manual and parts list will be available for download as a PDF file on the checkout page. Additionally, we will promptly email you the payment confirmation. §
Price: 18.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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