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1985-1986 Honda™ ATC250R 3-wheeler shop manual

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The following models are included in this manual: ATC250R / Honda Motor Corporation Ltd

  • 1985 Honda ATC250R
  • 1986 Honda ATC250R

Engine: 246 cc, liquid-cooled two-stroke single.
Production year(s): 1985, 1986
Language: English (some of our manuals are multi-language)
Number of pages: 243

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • General Information
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel System
  • Engine Removal/Installation
  • Cylinder Head/Valves
  • Clutch
  • Transmission
  • ...and more

Please note that the following table of contents is a partial overview and does not cover all the sections and topics included in the manual. It provides a glimpse of the manual's content.

The 1985-1986 Honda™ ATC250R 3-wheeler shop manual is an invaluable resource for mechanics, technicians, and owners alike. It provides detailed and comprehensive guidance on maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting for the ATC250R 3-wheeler, helping to keep it in peak condition.

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Click the download button and instantly download this manual# Engine Specifications/Technical Data

  1. Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder
  2. Displacement: 246 cc
  3. Bore x Stroke: 66 x 72 mm
  4. Compression Ratio: 6.7:1
  5. Carburetion: 27mm round-slide
  6. Ignition: Capacitor discharge (CDI) system
  7. Transmission: 5-speed with manual clutch
  8. Maximum Power: 38 HP at 8,500 rpm
  9. Maximum Torque: 32 Nm at 7,500 rpm
  10. Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.8 liters
  11. Cooling System: Radiator and fan-assisted
  12. Starter: Kick-starter mechanism
  13. Lubrication: Pre-mix (32:1 fuel to oil ratio)

Maintenance Intervals and General Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly check and replace air filters.
  • Change engine oil every 15 hours of riding.
  • Inspect the brake system every month.
  • Clean and lubricate the chain regularly.
  • Check tire pressure and tread wear before each ride.
  • Regularly inspect the coolant level and replace annually.
  • Adjust the carburetor settings seasonally for optimal performance.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Issue: Fouled spark plugs - Solution: Regular cleaning or replacement.
  • Issue: Overheating - Solution: Check coolant levels and radiator functionality.
  • Issue: Clutch slipping - Solution: Adjust or replace the clutch.
  • Issue: Brake inefficiency - Solution: Replace brake pads and inspect hydraulic lines.
  • Issue: Irregular idle - Solution: Clean and adjust the carburetor.

Five Tips for Effective Maintenance

  1. Follow a strict maintenance schedule based on hours of usage.
  2. Use only high-quality two-stroke oil for engine lubrication.
  3. Regularly inspect and tighten all nuts and bolts.
  4. Keep the air filter clean and free of debris.
  5. Store the ATC250R in a dry, clean environment to prevent rust and corrosion.

Popular Tuning Tips and Modifications

  • Upgrade the exhaust system for better performance.
  • Replace the stock air filter with a high-flow filter.
  • Install a larger carburetor for improved throttle response.
  • Upgrade suspension components for better handling.
  • Add a high-performance ignition system for more reliable starting.

Compatible Accessories and Attachments

  • Customized graphics kits
  • High-grip tires for various terrains
  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Upgraded suspension kits
  • Enhanced brake systems
  • High-capacity fuel tanks
  • Protective gear and accessories
  • LED lighting kits
  • Racing handlebars and grips

Owner Reviews: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Powerful engine, excellent handling, and rugged build.
  • Weaknesses: Maintenance-intensive, rare parts, and limited dealer support.

Frequent Repairs and Commonly Broken Parts

  1. Spark plug replacements
  2. Clutch adjustments and replacements
  3. Brake pad replacements
  4. Carburetor cleaning and tuning
  5. Air filter cleaning and replacements
  6. Radiator hose and coolant replacements
  7. Chain adjustments and lubrication
  8. Tire replacements and pressure adjustments
  9. Engine oil changes
  10. Suspension servicing and adjustments
  11. Exhaust system repairs
  12. CDI box and electrical wiring issues
  13. Kick-starter mechanism repairs
  14. Seat cover replacements
  15. Handlebar and control adjustments

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Price: 18.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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