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1996-2007 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird, CBR1100 shop manual

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The following models are included in this manual:

  • CBR1100XX Blackbird
  • CBR1100 / Honda Motor Corporation Ltd

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. General Information
  3. Frame / Body Panels / Exhaust System
  4. Maintenance
  5. PGM-FI System
  6. Fuel System
  7. Engine Removal / Installation
  8. Cylinder Head / Valve
  9. Cylinder / Piston
  10. Clutch / Gearshift Linkage
  11. Alternator / Starter Clutch
  12. Crankcase / Transmission
  13. Front Wheel / Suspension
  14. Rear Wheel / Suspension
  15. Hydraulic Brake
  16. Anti-lock Brake System
  17. Master Cylinder
  18. Electrical System
  19. Wiring Diagram

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The 1996-2007 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird, CBR1100 shop manual is an essential resource for mechanics, technicians, and owners. It provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and technical specifications to help with maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of the Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird motorbike.

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The Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird, a sport touring motorcycle icon from 1996 to 2007, embodies the perfect equilibrium of speed, comfort, and reliability. Being one of the paramount creations of Honda Motor Corporation Ltd, the CBR1100XX Blackbird integrates ingenious engineering and cutting-edge design to deliver an unparalleled riding experience. To facilitate the maintenance and optimal upkeep of these motorcycles, a detailed manual and parts catalog are crucial. These resources enable the owners to gain in-depth insights, troubleshoot issues efficiently, and preserve the motorcycle's excellence and performance over time.

Engine Specifications/Technical Data:

  • The CBR1100XX is powered by an 1137 cc, liquid-cooled, inline-four engine.
  • It produces a maximum power output of approximately 164 hp at 10,000 rpm.
  • The engine's maximum torque is around 91.5 lb-ft at 7,250 rpm.
  • The compression ratio is 11:1, optimizing performance and efficiency.
  • It utilizes a dual-stage fuel injection system with 42mm throttle bodies for precise fuel delivery.
  • The engine employs a DOHC valve configuration with 16 valves.
  • The Blackbird features a 6-speed constant mesh transmission.
  • It has a top speed of approximately 180 mph.
  • The motorcycle has a Torsion-spring, multi-plate wet clutch.
  • It features a Twin-spar aluminum frame for enhanced stability and handling.
  • The CBR1100XX is equipped with Pro-Link rear suspension with 120mm travel.
  • The front suspension is a 43mm cartridge-type telescopic fork with 109mm travel.
  • It utilizes dual 310mm discs with three-piston calipers at the front and a single 256mm disc with a three-piston caliper at the rear.
  • The motorcycle's wheelbase is 1,490mm, contributing to its balanced handling.
  • It has a fuel capacity of 22 liters (5.8 gallons).
  • The seat height of the Blackbird is 810mm, accommodating a range of riders.
  • The dry weight of the motorcycle is approximately 223 kg.
  • It features a fully-faired design, minimizing air drag.
  • The Blackbird has a fuel efficiency of around 35 mpg.
  • It comes with a multi-functional instrument panel, including a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge.
  • The front tire size is 120/70ZR17, and the rear tire size is 180/55ZR17.
  • The Blackbird is equipped with a maintenance-free battery.
  • The motorcycle utilizes a direct ignition system with a digital advance.
  • The engine uses an oil cooler to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  • It features a silent cam chain, reducing engine noise.
  • The Blackbird has a high-speed aerodynamic design.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable windscreen for enhanced wind protection.
  • The motorcycle features sleek and integrated turn indicators.
  • It has a user-friendly seating position, ensuring comfort during long rides.
  • The Blackbird comes with HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) for enhanced security.

Facts and Details:

  • Design Philosophy: The CBR1100XX Blackbird was designed to be the fastest production motorcycle, emphasizing speed, agility, and stability.
  • Name Origin: The name "Blackbird" is inspired by the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Global Acclaim: The Blackbird received widespread acclaim for its high-speed capabilities and balanced handling.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Despite its powerful engine, the Blackbird offers decent fuel efficiency for long rides.
  • Rider Comfort: The seating position and adjustable windscreen cater to rider comfort during extensive touring.
  • Aerodynamics: The fully-faired design and aerodynamic features minimize air drag and optimize high-speed performance.
  • Security: The integration of HISS enhances the security aspect of the motorcycle.
  • Instrumentation: The multi-functional instrument panel provides essential information to the rider in real-time.
  • Transmission: The 6-speed transmission ensures smooth and precise gear shifts.
  • Suspension System: The advanced suspension system ensures responsive handling and rider comfort.
  • Braking Performance: The advanced braking system provides effective stopping power and control.
  • Durability: The Blackbird is known for its durability and longevity with proper maintenance.
  • Versatility: It offers versatility as a sport touring motorcycle, suitable for both city commutes and long-distance rides.
  • Market Presence: The Blackbird had a significant market presence until it was discontinued in 2007.
  • Aftermarket Support: There is extensive aftermarket support for parts and accessories.

Maintenance Intervals and General Maintenance Tips:

  • Oil and Filter: Change the oil and oil filter every 8,000 miles or annually.
  • Air Filter: Inspect the air filter every 12,000 miles and replace it if necessary.
  • Brake Fluid: Check the brake fluid level regularly and replace it every two years.
  • Coolant: Replace the coolant every 24,000 miles or two years.
  • Chain Lubrication: Lubricate the chain every 600 miles and adjust it if necessary.
  • Tires: Check the tire pressure and condition regularly.
  • Brake Pads: Inspect the brake pads regularly and replace them when worn out.
  • Spark Plugs: Replace the spark plugs every 16,000 miles.
  • Valve Clearance: Check and adjust the valve clearance every 16,000 miles.
  • Battery Maintenance: Keep the battery charged and clean the terminals regularly.

Common Issues and Solutions:

  • Overheating Issues: Proper maintenance of the cooling system and regular coolant changes can prevent overheating issues.
  • Braking Issues: Regular inspection and maintenance of the brake system, including pads and fluid, can resolve braking issues.
  • Fuel Injection System Issues: Regularly cleaning the fuel injectors can help in resolving fuel injection system issues.
  • Electrical Issues: Addressing any corroded connections or frayed wires can prevent electrical issues.
  • Chain Wear: Regular lubrication and adjustment of the chain can prevent chain wear and ensure smooth operation.
  • Effective Maintenance Tips to Keep the Motorcycle in Excellent Condition:
  • Regular Inspection: Conduct regular inspections to identify any wear and tear or potential issues early on.
  • Scheduled Service: Adhere to the scheduled service intervals and replace parts as per the recommended timeline.
  • Use Quality Lubricants and Fluids: Using high-quality oils, lubricants, and fluids can enhance the performance and longevity of the motorcycle.
  • Keep it Clean: Regular cleaning can prevent rust and corrosion, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the motorcycle.
  • Store Properly: Store the motorcycle in a dry and cool place, preferably covered, to protect it from the elements.

Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications:

  • Performance Exhaust System: Installing a performance exhaust system can improve the power output and sound of the motorcycle.
  • ECU Remapping: ECU remapping can optimize the engine's performance and fuel efficiency.
  • High-Flow Air Filter: A high-flow air filter can enhance the airflow and performance of the engine.
  • Suspension Upgrades: Upgrading the suspension system can improve the handling and ride quality of the motorcycle.
  • Lightweight Wheels: Installing lightweight wheels can reduce the unsprung weight and improve the handling of the motorcycle.

Comprehensive List of Accessories and Attachments:

  • Panniers and Top Boxes: For additional storage during touring.
  • Windscreen Extensions: To enhance wind protection.
  • Heated Grips: For added comfort in cold weather.
  • Frame Sliders: To protect the motorcycle during a fall.
  • Seat Covers: For added comfort and aesthetic appeal.
  • Tank Pads: To protect the tank from scratches.
  • Performance Brake Pads: For improved braking performance.
  • LED Lights: For better visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Bar End Mirrors: For a sleek look and better rear visibility.
  • Performance Tires: For enhanced grip and handling.

Owner Reviews and Opinions:


  • Owners praise the Blackbird for its high-speed stability and handling.
  • The motorcycle's versatile nature is well-appreciated by users, making it suitable for both city commutes and long-distance touring.
  • The durability and reliability of the Blackbird are often highlighted by long-term owners.
  • The comfort level, even during long rides, is considered one of its major strengths.


  • Some owners have reported the weight of the motorcycle as a drawback, affecting maneuverability at low speeds.
  • The motorcycle’s fuel efficiency could be a concern for some, especially during city commutes.
  • A few users have mentioned the lack of modern features as the motorcycle ages.

The Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird stands as a timeless icon in the world of sport touring motorcycles, symbolizing speed, comfort, and reliability. It was engineered with meticulous precision, offering an amalgamation of power and stability with an 1137 cc engine producing 164 hp. The motorcycle shines in aspects like high-speed aerodynamics, rider comfort, and versatile applicability, suited for varied riding preferences and terrains. Owners commend its enduring reliability, high-speed stability, and the exceptional riding comfort it provides on long journeys.

However, potential drawbacks include its considerable weight, affecting its low-speed maneuverability, and the absence of modern features as newer models emerge in the market. Despite these, with appropriate maintenance, regular inspections, and adherence to service intervals, the Blackbird promises longevity and a rewarding riding experience, living up to its reputation as one of the finest creations of Honda Motor Corporation Ltd.

Repairs and Parts Replacement List:

  • Oil and Filter Changes
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Replacement
  • Coolant Replacement
  • Chain Lubrication and Adjustment
  • Tire Inspection and Replacement
  • Brake Pad Inspection and Replacement
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Valve Clearance Adjustment
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Transmission Inspection
  • Suspension System Maintenance
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning
  • Electrical System Inspection
  • Clutch Maintenance

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Price: 18.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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