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Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 1
Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 2
Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 3
Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 4
Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 5
Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list Preview image 6

Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM parts list

Includes the following models

  • Huskylock S21

  • Huskylock S25

  • Husqvarna Huskylock Viking S21

  • Huskylock Viking S25**

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Product Information

Table of Contents

1. Machine Overview

  • Introduction to Huskylock S21 and S25 Models
  • Machine Specifications

2. External Components

  • Covers and Housing
  • Control Panels and Interface Units
  • Access and Maintenance Panels

3. Mechanical Systems

  • Needle Assembly Components
  • Presser Feet and Holders
  • Feed Dog Systems

4. Electrical Systems

  • Motors and Motor Parts
  • Circuit Boards and Electronics
  • Wiring Harnesses and Connectors

5. Drive and Transmission

  • Belts and Pulleys
  • Gears and Bearings
  • Clutch Assembly

6. Threading System

  • Thread Guides
  • Tension Units
  • Thread Cutters

7. Lubrication and Maintenance

  • Lubrication Points
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Service Tools

8. Safety Components

  • Safety Sensors and Switches
  • Emergency Stop Features
  • Protective Covers and Guards

9. Software and Firmware

  • Control Software Updates
  • Firmware Chips
  • User Interface Modules

10. Accessories and Attachments

  • Standard and Optional Accessories
  • Extension Tables
  • Decorative and Functional Attachments

11. Detailed Parts Diagrams

  • Assembly Views
  • Parts Numbering System
  • Replacement Parts Order Information


  • Removing the covers
  • Basic position of eccentrics
  • Presser bar height
  • Needle bar height and parallelism
  • Needle timing
  • Height of the lower looper
  • Clearance between lower looper the "A" needle
  • Looper to needle clearance
  • Timing of the lower looper
  • Clearance between lower looper needle guard and "A", "B" needles
  • Upper looper position to the left needle
  • Timing of the upper looper
  • Clearance between the upper and lower loopers
  • Height of the chain stitch looper
  • Clearance between chain stitch looper the Left needle C ..21
  • Chain stitch looper to needle clearance ..22
  • Ellipsoidal movement of chain stitch. ..23
  • Chain stitch needle guard to needle clearance ..24
  • Feed Timing... 25
  • Feed dog height... 26
  • Differential feed - Huskylock S21 ..27
  • Lower Knife ... 28
  • Timing of the upper knife ..29
  • Upper Knife ... 30
  • Setting the seam width adjusting ..31
  • Set the Lower Looper lower thread guide..2
  • Set the Upper Looper lower thread guide ..33
  • Set the Upper Looper upper thread guide ..34
  • Set the Chain stitch loopers thread take up. ... 35
  • Set the Chain stitch Looper thread guide .36
  • Thread tension - Huskylock S21 ... 37
  • Thread tension, Basic - Huskylock S25 .38
  • Service program for Huskylock S25 .39
  • Circuit board - Circuit diagram 42
  • Main PC Board - in the front cover . 42
  • Power PC Board - in machine cover 43
  • Troubleshooting chart - Display/screen problem

The Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21, viking S25 OEM service manual is invaluable to mechanics, technicians, and owners as it provides detailed specifications, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair procedures for the Husqvarna Huskylock viking S21 and viking S25 machines. This comprehensive manual enables users to effectively maintain and repair their equipment, ultimately prolonging its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance.

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