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Volvo Penta MD22, TMD22, TAMD22 workshop manual Preview image 1
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Volvo Penta MD22, TMD22, TAMD22 workshop manual

Models covered in this manual:

  • Volvo Penta MD22: Standard model suitable for various applications (Years: 1991-2002)
  • Volvo Penta TMD22: Upgraded model with increased horsepower (Years: 1993-2002)
  • Volvo Penta TAMD22: High-performance model with a turbocharger (Years: 1996-2002)

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Product Information

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

General Information

  • Safety Information
  • General Information
  • Repair Instructions
  • Special Tools
  • Identification Numbers
  • Introduction to the Engine

Cylinder Head

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Cylinder Head, Removal (12A-01)
    • Cylinder Head, Disassembly (12A-02)
    • Cylinder Head, Inspection (12A-03)
    • Cylinder Head, Reassembly (12A-04)
    • Cylinder Head, Installation (12A-05)
    • Valve Guide, Replacement (12A-06)
    • Valve Seat, Machining (12A-07)
    • Valve Seat, Replacement (12A-08)
    • Valve, Grinding (12A-09)
    • Valve, Inspection (12A-10)
    • Valve Spring, Inspection (12A-11)
    • Rocker Arm Shaft, Removal (12A-12)
    • Rocker Arm Shaft, Inspection (12A-13)
    • Rocker Arm Shaft, Installation (12A-14)

Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Piston, Removal (13A-01)
    • Piston, Disassembly (13A-02)
    • Piston, Inspection (13A-03)
    • Piston, Reassembly (13A-04)
    • Piston, Installation (13A-05)
    • Connecting Rod, Removal (13A-06)
    • Connecting Rod, Inspection (13A-07)
    • Connecting Rod, Installation (13A-08)

Crankshaft Assembly

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Crankshaft, Removal (14A-01)
    • Crankshaft, Inspection (14A-02)
    • Crankshaft, Reassembly (14A-03)
    • Crankshaft, Installation (14A-04)
    • Main Bearing Cap, Removal (14A-05)
    • Main Bearing Cap, Installation (14A-06)
    • Main Bearing, Inspection (14A-07)
    • Main Bearing, Replacement (14A-08)

Timing Cover and Sprocket

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Timing Cover, Removal (15A-01)
    • Timing Cover, Installation (15A-02)
    • Timing Gear, Removal (15A-03)
    • Timing Gear, Installation (15A-04)

Cylinder Block

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Cylinder Block, Inspection (16A-01)
    • Cylinder Block, Machining (16A-02)
    • Cylinder Bore, Honing (16A-03)

Engine Settings

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Setting the Piston to TDC (17A-01)
    • Valve Timing, Checking and Adjustment (17A-02)
    • Injection Timing, Checking/Adjusting (17A-03)

Lubrication System

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Oil Pump, Removal (18A-01)
    • Oil Pump, Inspection (18A-02)
    • Oil Pump, Reassembly (18A-03)
    • Oil Pump, Installation (18A-04)
    • Oil Filter and Suction Pipe, Inspection (18A-05)
    • Oil Cooler, Removal (18A-06)
    • Oil Cooler, Inspection (18A-07)
    • Oil Cooler, Reassembly (18A-08)
    • Oil Cooler, Installation (18A-09)
    • Oil Pan, Removal (18A-10)
    • Oil Pan, Installation (18A-11)

Fuel System

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Fuel Injection Pump, Removal (19A-01)
    • Fuel Injection Pump, Inspection (19A-02)
    • Fuel Injection Pump, Reassembly (19A-03)
    • Fuel Injection Pump, Installation (19A-04)
    • Fuel Injector, Removal (19A-05)
    • Fuel Injector, Inspection (19A-06)
    • Fuel Injector, Reassembly (19A-07)
    • Fuel Injector, Installation (19A-08)
    • Fuel Feed Pump, Removal (19A-09)
    • Fuel Feed Pump, Inspection (19A-10)
    • Fuel Feed Pump, Reassembly (19A-11)
    • Fuel Feed Pump, Installation (19A-12)

Cooling System

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Water Pump, Removal (20A-01)
    • Water Pump, Inspection (20A-02)
    • Water Pump, Reassembly (20A-03)
    • Water Pump, Installation (20A-04)
    • Thermostat, Removal (20A-05)
    • Thermostat, Inspection (20A-06)
    • Thermostat, Installation (20A-07)
    • Heat Exchanger, Removal (20A-08)
    • Heat Exchanger, Inspection (20A-09)
    • Heat Exchanger, Installation (20A-10)
    • Expansion Tank, Removal (20A-11)
    • Expansion Tank, Inspection (20A-12)
    • Expansion Tank, Installation (20A-13)

Flywheel, Flywheel Cover

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Flywheel, Removal (21A-01)
    • Flywheel, Inspection (21A-02)
    • Flywheel, Reassembly (21A-03)
    • Flywheel, Installation (21A-04)
    • Flywheel Cover, Removal (21A-05)
    • Flywheel Cover, Installation (21A-06)

Electrical System

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Alternator, Removal (22A-01)
    • Alternator, Inspection (22A-02)
    • Alternator, Reassembly (22A-03)
    • Alternator, Installation (22A-04)
    • Starter Motor, Removal (22A-05)
    • Starter Motor, Inspection (22A-06)
    • Starter Motor, Reassembly (22A-07)
    • Starter Motor, Installation (22A-08)

Intake and Exhaust System

  • General
  • Repair Instructions
    • Intake Manifold, Removal (23A-01)
    • Intake Manifold, Inspection (23A-02)
    • Intake Manifold, Reassembly (23A-03)
    • Intake Manifold, Installation (23A-04)
    • Exhaust Manifold, Removal (23A-05)
    • Exhaust Manifold, Inspection (23A-06)
    • Exhaust Manifold, Reassembly (23A-07)
    • Exhaust Manifold, Installation (23A-08)
    • Turbocharger (TMD22, TAMD22), Removal (23A-09)
    • Turbocharger, Inspection (23A-10)
    • Turbocharger, Reassembly (23A-11)
    • Turbocharger, Installation (23A-12)
    • Boost Pressure Control Valve, Checking (23A-13)


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