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1993-1999 Hitachi EX300-3 excavator manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual provides information for the following models: EX300-3 / Hitachi Ltd Corporation Hitachi EX300-3 Standard (1993-1995) Basic variant with standard features. Hitachi EX300-3 LC (Long Carriage) (1994-1996) Extended undercarriage for better stability. Hitachi EX300-3 Advanced (1995-1997) Improved hydraulic and control systems. Hitachi EX300-3 Turbo (1996-1999) Turbocharged engine variant. Engine specs: A-6SD1TQA, 600cu in, 6 cylinders, turbocharged, 208hp, 2000rpm, 615.2lb ft, 1400rpm. Engine Make: 2353 Production year(s): 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. Total pages: 860 Manual Language: English # ³ Download Your OEM Manual for the Hitachi EX300-3 Parts Catalog Now! The Hitachi EX300-3 from 1993 to 1999 represents a significant period in the evolution of heavy excavators. As a proud offering from Hitachi Ltd Corporation, it became an essential tool for construction, mining, and various other industries, emphasizing reliability, robustness, and performance. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • The Hitachi EX300-3 is powered by an Isuzu 6BG1T diesel engine. • It boasts a maximum power output of 200hp. • The engine displacement stands at 6.5 liters. • The engine is equipped with a direct fuel injection system. • It has a water-cooled cooling mechanism to maintain optimum temperatures. • This excavator operates with a hydraulic drive system. • The operating weight of the EX300-3 is approximately 28,500 kg. • The fuel tank capacity is an impressive 450 liters, reducing refueling needs. • It possesses a maximum digging depth of 7 meters. • The swing speed is pegged at 11.5 rpm, ensuring efficient turnarounds. • The bucket capacity ranges between 1.0 to 1.3 cubic meters. • The arm breakout force stands at 16,500 kgf. • The bucket breakout force is a robust 20,500 kgf. • The machine has a track length of 4450 mm. • It operates with a hydraulic pilot control system. • The maximum travel speed reaches up to 5.0 km/h. • The width of the standard shoe is 600 mm. • The relief valve setting is 3200 psi. • The swing torque is approximately 85000 Nm. • The boom length varies from 5.7 to 6.1 meters. • The EX300-3 has a three-pump system for efficient hydraulic operations. • Its hydraulic reservoir holds up to 240 liters of hydraulic fluid. • The overall length of the excavator stands at 11,020 mm. • The width of the machine is 3,190 mm. • Its overall height reaches 3,060 mm. Facts and Details: - The Hitachi EX300-3 was part of the third generation of Hitachi's excavators. - It was widely used for mid to large-scale construction projects. - The excavator's design prioritized operator comfort with a spacious cabin. - Advanced hydraulic systems made for smoother and more precise operations. - Hitachi introduced a reinforced undercarriage for enhanced durability. - The EX300-3 featured a user-friendly monitor panel. - Advanced noise suppression technology was integrated for a quieter operation. - Enhanced fuel efficiency was achieved through improved engine design. - The model came with an anti-drop valve for safer lifting. - The EX300-3 was designed for easy maintenance, with readily accessible engine and hydraulic components. Maintenance Intervals and Tips: ► Regular oil changes every 250 hours of operation. ► Hydraulic fluid replacement every 500 hours. ► Air filter inspection and cleaning every 100 hours, replacement as needed. ► Fuel filter replacement every 400 hours. ► Inspect undercarriage and lubricate every 250 hours. Maintenance Tips: * Always conduct a pre-operation inspection, focusing on hydraulic lines, undercarriage, and bucket teeth. * Ensure that the radiator and oil cooler are free of debris for optimal cooling. * Regularly check the tension of the tracks and adjust as necessary. * Clean the air filter regularly, especially when operating in dusty environments. * Always use manufacturer-recommended fluids and parts for replacements. Tuning Tips/Modifications: ■ Enhanced LED lighting for night operations. ■ Installation of advanced hydraulic filters for cleaner fluid operations. ■ Upgrade to synthetic oils for extended component life. ■ Improved bucket teeth designs for more efficient digging. ■ Use of advanced telemetry systems for real-time machine health monitoring. Compatible Accessories and Attachments: + Heavy-duty digging bucket. + Rock bucket. + Grapple. + Hydraulic hammer. + Quick coupler. + Trenching bucket. + Auger attachment. + Ripper. + Compaction wheel. + Hydraulic thumb. Owner Reviews: Strengths: ☺ Reliable performance with minimal breakdowns. ☺ Efficient fuel consumption. ☺ Strong digging and lifting capabilities. ☺ Comfortable operator cabin. Weaknesses: ☻ Some owners noted difficulty in sourcing OEM parts. ☻ The weight of the machine limits transportation options. Common Repairs: → Hydraulic hose replacements. → Bucket teeth replacement. → Track tension adjustments. → Undercarriage repairs. → Replacement of worn-out sprockets. → Hydraulic pump maintenance. → Seal replacements. → Radiator repairs. → Oil cooler replacements. → Control valve maintenance. To get the comprehensive maintenance manual from Hitachi Ltd Corporation in PDF form, simply click here. Once your payment is processed, the link for the original parts list/shop manual from Hitachi Ltd Corporation will promptly appear on the checkout page, and a confirmation email will be sent to you without delay. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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