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Tips on How to Maintain Your Excavator

An excavator is a costly machine; so, you have to take good care of the device. To help you out on this, we will make an effort here to let you know some of the methods you can take care of your excavator. You can learn very much on how to maintain any excavator using our excavator repair manual download available on this site.  

A Few hints on How to take care of Your Excavator  

Manufacturer Manual 

To be acquainted with the controls, safety features, instrumentation, service schedules, and maintenance points, you have to go through the excavator manual. The manual is typically stored in the excavator's cab. By reading the instructions or manual, you will discover how to take good care of the excavator. Here is an excavator repair manual download available on this site.

Ensure You Check Lubricants and Fluids 

Before you begin any operation, it is advisable that you check the fluids comprising the hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and coolant. If any of these are below the average level, you should refill according to the maker's directions. When doing the top-up, you should pay attention to the viscosities and classification of the working environment. 

Adding to the fluids, you should also think of the lubrication of the excavator. As a rule of thumb, you should often lubricate the machine while putting into thought the application and temperature that the excavator will be functioning in. It would help if you used lithium-based multiuse grease to lubricate the moving parts comprising cylinders, buckets, blades, arms, and slew bearing parts for perfect results. Get the excavator repair manual download here to get more information about the excavator lubricants and fluids maintenance.  


An excavator has different varieties of filters that have diverse service intervals. When a filter is filthy or totally clogged, it greatly influences the machine's performance. It also disturbs sensitive parts. A lot of excavators come with indicators that show you when you have to change the filters. While it's good to change the filters as often as possible, you should shun changing them before the required time. This is to prevent contaminating the system.

Cooling System

The cooling system requires letting sufficient airflow and proper coolant level. If any of these is missing, the excavator won't operate appropriately, and there are high probabilities that it will overheat. You should often check the cooling system and make sure that it's functioning perfectly. On doing this, you should check the coolant hoses and airflow and make sure that they are not leaking. Check the excavator repair manual download here for more information on the excavator cooling system.

If the machine is overheating, you should consider cleaning the condenser, radiator, and oil cooler using low-pressure air or water. When cleaning the cooling system, you should be careful that you don't damage the radiator fins.

Excavation Safety Advices: 

Identify the location of any underground usefulness lines 

 Put on appropriate PPE - comprising protective hardhat, footwear, and eyewear 

 Keep heavy gear away from trench limits 

 Check for low oxygen and toxic gases. 

 Check trenches at the beginning of each shift or if there has been major rainfall 

 Create a safe way of access and egress 

 Identify the position of water sources and what the drainage patterns will be 


What You Should NOT Do When Carrying Out An Excavation Project: 

Do not enter a vulnerable trench deeper than 4 feet 

Do not begin excavating before locating and de-energizing the hidden services 

Do not go in a trench before testing the air 

Do not place whatsoever within 1 meter from the trench's edge 

Do not depend on natural freezing to function as a way of soil stabilization


These are several ways in which you can maintain your excavator. By following the few tips, we dropped here; you will have a long-lasting excavator. 

It's important not to forget that excavator collapses can happen without warning, irrespective of the depth. In fact, the vast commons of fatalities arise at minimal depths when personnel fail to appreciate the risks involved. We have many types of excavator manuals that you can buy here. Check out over 12,000 excavator repair manual download available on this site. 

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