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1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C transmission service manual

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Repair your used tractor: Get a copy of this Fendt transmission service manual (pdf).

Pages: 410
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Disconnecting tractor at engine/clutch housing joint in Favorit 509 C to 515 C
Removing and fitting turboclutch
Disconnecting tractor at clutch housing/manual transmission joint in Favorit 509 C
bis 515 C
Removing and fitting transmission in Xylon 520 to 524
Repairing powershift transmission
Repairing p.t.o. clutch
P.t.o. gear train with 750/1400 und 540/1000 p.t.o. gear
Check drive clutch cooling system
Check/adjust drive clutch operation
Bleed drive clutch operation system
Check operating pressure of drive clutch
Repair drive clutch
Disconnecting tractor at manual transmission/rear-axle housing joint in Favorit
509 C to 515 C
Repairing manual transmission
Gearshift (manual transmission)
Front-wheel drive
Removing/dismantling differential
Brake system
Axle drive
Front p.t.o.

The 1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C is a highly advanced tractor that requires proper maintenance and repair to keep it running efficiently. The transmission service manual, available for instant download in pdf format at repairloader, provides a comprehensive guide for repairs and maintenance of the 1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C. This manual includes a detailed parts list, troubleshooting tips, and step-by-step instructions for overhaul and maintenance procedures. The repair guide also offers helpful tips for failure analysis and fault-finding.

In addition to the transmission service manual, the 1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C comes with a variety of impressive technical specifications. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy:

1. Engine Power: 125 HP
2. Engine Type: 4-cylinder diesel
3. Max. Torque: Up to 375 Nm
4. Transmission: Synchronized 8-speed
5. Top Speed: 40 km/h
6. Hydraulic System: Dual hydraulic pump system
7. Steering System: Hydraulic steering
8. PTO Power: Up to 108 HP
9. PTO Speed: 540/1000 RPM
10. Cab Comfort: Climate-controlled with ergonomic controls.

The 1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C transmission service manual is a valuable resource for those looking to perform their own repairs or for those who want to know more about the tractor. Whether you are a professional workshop technician or a farmer looking to maintain your own equipment, the manual provides the information you need to keep your 1999 Fendt Xylon Favorit 500 509 C in top condition.

Price: 19.99 USD