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MTD Yard Machine Yardman garden tractor technical manual

Includes the following models

Model: Yardman Garden

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File type: PDF
Language: English
Buy detailed service manuals for Cub Cadet models 1027 to LT1050, offering comprehensive maintenance, repair, and operational instructions.
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Product Information

Table of Contents

MTD "Must Have" Manual of Outdoor Power Equipment





  • General
  • 500 Series RZT
  • Troubleshooting Safety Systems
  • Evaluating the Clutch/Brake Interlock System
  • Evaluating the Blade/PTO Interlock System
  • Evaluating the Reverse Safety (RIS) System
  • Evaluating the Seat Safety System
  • Checking for Shorts in the Safety System
  • General Evaluation
  • Relays
  • Relay Diagnostics for Circuit Repair
  • Testing a Suspect Relay
  • Making Repairs to Electrical Cables


  • General
  • Proper Alignment of V-Belts
  • Types of V-Belts
  • Causes of Problems with V-Belts
  • Variable Speed Pulley
  • Variable Speed Drive Belt Removal, 600 Series
  • Variable Speed Pulley Ratio Check
  • Replacing Motion Drive Belts
  • Transaxle Belt, 600 Series
  • Transaxle Belt, 800 Series
  • Transmission Drive Belt, 600 Series and 800 Series
  • Gear Drive Models 660 Thru 679
  • Hydrostatic Drive Models 690 Thru 699
  • Transmatic Drive Models 760 Thru 769
  • RZT Series
  • Transaxle Drive Belt Replacement, Models No. 618-0003...


  • Transmatic/Friction Drive Single Speed Transaxle, Model No. 618-0003...
  • Transmatic/Friction Drive 6-Speed Transaxle, Model No. 618-0073...
  • Transmatic/Friction Drive 7-Speed Transaxle, Model No. 618-073
  • Model 600 Series Transaxle
  • Model 800 Series Transaxle
  • Model 700 Thru 739 Transaxle
  • Model 750 Thru 769 Transaxle
  • Hydrostatic Transmission


  • (Model 690 Thru 699)
  • Model 750 Thru 769 Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Model 800 Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Model 820 Thru 829 Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Model 840 Thru 848 Hydrostatic Transmission

900 SERIES... Section 7

  • Hydraulic Transmission Control Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Lift Valve Adjustment
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • PTO Belt Off RZT (PTO)
  • Hydro Walk Behind
  • Drive Shaft Removal
  • Universal Joint Repair
  • Cutting Decks
  • Leveling the Deck
  • Other Deck Hardware
  • Cutting Deck Idler Hardware

CUTTING DECKS... Section 8

  • Model 600, 640, and 660 Rear Discharge Mowing Deck
  • Model 600, 640, and 660 Side Discharge Mowing Deck
  • Model 800 Series Tractor Model 890 2# 46 inch Garden Tractor 20#
  • Model 800 Series Tractor Model 891 2# 46 inch Garden Tractor 20#
  • Accessory Bracket and Attachments
  • Model 840 Thru 848 Hydrostatic Tractor 20#

GLOSSARY... Section 9

The MTD Yard Machine Yardman garden tractor, mower manual is a valuable resource for mechanics, technicians, and owners. It provides detailed instructions for operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and specifications, ensuring that users can effectively and safely utilize the equipment.

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