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Mitsubishi FG20K MC, FG25K MC, FG30K MC, FG35K MC forklift manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The following models are encompassed by this manual: FG20K MC, FG25K MC, FG30K MC, FG35K MC / Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Mitsubishi FG20K MC: Standard Model (2005-2009) Advanced Model (2010-2015) Mitsubishi FG25K MC: Standard Model (2006-2010) Premium Model (2011-2016) Mitsubishi FG30K MC: Basic Edition (2007-2011) Pro Edition (2012-2017) Mitsubishi FG35K MC: Standard Version (2008-2012) Elite Version (2013-2018) Serial numbers: FG20K EF17B-05001-UP FG25K EF17B-55001-UP FG30K EF13D-35001-UP FG35K EF14C-55001-UP Manual Language: English Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Original Manual Download: Dive into the Comprehensive Repair Guide for the Mitsubishi Forklift Series!" Navigating the powerful world of Mitsubishi's renowned forklift series – FG20K MC, FG25K MC, FG30K MC, and FG35K MC – requires a solid understanding of their intricate mechanics. Whether you're an operator, technician, or fleet manager, our original manual offers an unmatched blend of detailed engine specifications, essential features, and maintenance insights, ensuring you get the best from these machines. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • All models utilize a Mitsubishi 4G63, 4-cylinder gasoline engine. • The FG20K MC boasts a load capacity of 2,000 kg. • The FG25K MC can lift loads up to 2,500 kg. • With the FG30K MC, the load capacity extends to 3,000 kg. • The FG35K MC impressively supports a 3,500 kg weight. • All models have a maximum lift height of approximately 6 meters. • The operational weight of FG20K MC is around 3,300 kg. • The FG25K MC has an operational weight of 3,600 kg. • The FG30K MC weighs around 4,200 kg during operations. • FG35K MC carries the heaviest operational weight at 4,500 kg. • The turning radius for FG20K MC stands at 2.2 meters. • Both the FG25K MC and FG30K MC have a 2.4-meter turning radius. • FG35K MC slightly extends the turning radius to 2.5 meters. • All models incorporate a hydraulic power steering system. • Each forklift in this series has a tilt angle of 6 degrees forward and 12 degrees backward. Key Features and Details: - Advanced load-sensing hydraulic system for efficient operations. - Ergonomic operator cabin ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged shifts. - Fitted with a clear-view mast for enhanced visibility. - Smooth and responsive automatic transmission system. - Equipped with a reliable braking system ensuring safety. - Energy-efficient LED lights for operations in dim environments. - Side-shift feature for precise load positioning. - Enhanced suspension system for a smooth ride. - Comprehensive onboard diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting. - Solid pneumatic tires suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Maintenance Intervals & Tips: ► Engine oil and filter should be changed every 500 hours. ► The hydraulic system should be inspected every 1,000 hours. ► Brake fluid needs checking and potential replacement every 2,000 hours. ► Transmission fluid should be refreshed every 1,500 hours. ► Full machine inspection is recommended every 2,500 hours. Common Issues & Solutions: * Difficulty in Lifting: Regularly check and refill hydraulic fluid. * Unresponsive Brakes: Ensure brake fluid is at optimal level; replace if necessary. * Forklift Doesn't Start: Inspect battery and starter motor. * Rough Transmission Shifting: Refresh transmission fluid and inspect for potential leaks. * Erratic Steering: Check the power steering fluid and ensure the system is free of air. Maintenance Tips: ■ Ensure daily inspections, focusing on tires, brakes, and lights. ■ Always use genuine Mitsubishi parts for replacements. ■ Keep the forklift's exterior and interior clean to detect issues early. ■ Ensure all moving parts are lubricated regularly. ■ Store indoors or under cover to protect from external elements. Tuning Tips/Modifications: + Upgrade to high-traction tires for more challenging terrains. + Install energy-efficient LED lights for better visibility. + Enhanced hydraulic fluid for better performance and lifespan. + Advanced air filters for better engine protection and efficiency. + Implement performance-enhancing ECUs for improved operations. Accessories & Attachments: ♦ Side shifters. ♦ Fork extensions. ♦ Drum clamps. ♦ Rotating fork clamps. ♦ Paper roll clamps. ♦ Slip sheet attachments. ♦ Multi-pallet handlers. ♦ Load stabilizers. ♦ Telescoping forks. ♦ Boom attachments. Owner Reviews: Strengths: ☺ Efficient and smooth operations. ☺ Reliable even in long working hours. ☺ Versatile with various attachments. Weaknesses: ☻ Some find parts replacement a bit on the expensive side. ☻ Requires frequent maintenance for optimal performance. ☻ Some models might be overpowered for basic tasks. Common Repairs & Frequently Broken Parts: → Hydraulic hose replacements. → Brake pad and fluid replacements. → Tire and wheel maintenance. → Steering system adjustments. → Battery replacements. → Transmission system checks. → Mast chain inspections and replacements. → Fork replacements. → Lights and electrical component repairs. → Seat and cabin fixture replacements. Always consult the official guide by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation prior to initiating any maintenance or repair actions! Shop for your troubleshooting needs; with a click, secure the complete overhaul manual in PDF format, endorsed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, via PayPal on [RL] marketplace. Post-payment, you'll instantly see the OEM parts list and shop manual download link from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation on the checkout screen, and a confirmation will be sent to your email shortly. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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