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Volvo A25C Articulated Dump Truck manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual applies to the following models: A25C / Volvo Construction Equipment Volvo A25C Basic - 1995 Volvo A25C Pro - 1998 Volvo A25C Premium - 2001 Volvo A25C Advanced - 2004 Volvo A25C Ultra - 2007 Serial numbers: A25C - 11001 and up Pages: 1180 Manual Language: English Always rely on official sources and trained professionals when servicing heavy-duty machinery. - Get it here! Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Get the Complete Volvo A25C Articulated Dump Truck Manual, Parts List and PDF Download Today" If you're in need of a comprehensive manual and parts list for your Volvo A25C Articulated Dump Truck, look no further. Our PDF download includes detailed technical specifications, engine specs, and more, all in one convenient package. Engine specs/technical specifications: • Engine: Volvo TD 122 KAE • Gross power: 265 hp • Net power: 256 hp • Engine displacement: 732 cu in • Number of cylinders: 6 • Max torque: 946 lb-ft • Operating weight: 44,640 lbs • Fuel capacity: 105.7 gal • Hydraulic system fluid capacity: 51.5 gal • Cooling system fluid capacity: 12.9 gal • Transmission fluid capacity: 12.7 gal • Front axle fluid capacity: 30.4 gal • Rear axle fluid capacity: 30.4 gal • Tire size: 23.5 R25 • Steering angle: 35 degrees • Turning radius: 29.9 ft • Top speed: 34.8 mph • Max payload: 51,810 lbs • Dump angle: 70 degrees • Dump height: 20.8 ft • Bed length: 15.1 ft • Bed width: 8.7 ft • Overall length: 33.8 ft • Overall height: 11.4 ft • Overall width: 9.5 ft • Ground clearance: 1.5 ft • Wheelbase: 14.3 ft • Traction aid: Yes • Suspension: Front - hydraulic; Rear - bogie • Brakes: Oil-cooled multidisc Key Features and Details about the Volvo A25C: - Powerful Engine: The Volvo A25C is driven by a robust diesel engine optimized for performance and efficiency. - All-Terrain Capability: Designed as an articulated dump truck, it navigates challenging terrains with ease. - Automatic Transmission: It features a fully automatic transmission for smooth and efficient gear shifts. - Superior Load Capacity: With its spacious dump body, the A25C has an impressive payload capacity. - Optimal Weight Distribution: The design ensures a balanced distribution of weight, enhancing stability. - Advanced Hydraulic System: Efficient hydraulic systems ensure effective dumping mechanisms. - Safety Measures: Equipped with modern safety features, including a ROPS/FOPS cabin. - User-Friendly Interface: Onboard diagnostics and a clear dashboard for better operator insights. - Effective Brake System: Features both service and engine brakes for safe operations. - Fuel Efficiency: The engine is tuned for optimal fuel consumption, making it cost-effective. Maintenance Information: Intervals: ► Engine oil and filters: Every 500 hours. ► Transmission oil and filters: Every 1000 hours. ► Hydraulic filters: Every 2000 hours. ► Full inspection and service: Annually or every 4000 hours. Maintenance Tips: * Always use genuine Volvo parts during replacements. * Check tire pressure regularly and ensure they are evenly worn. * Clean the dump body and ensure the hydraulic system is free from leaks. * Check and clean the air filter regularly, especially in dusty conditions. * Always use the recommended grade of fuel and lubricants. Common Issues & Solutions: ■ Hydraulic system leaks: Ensure regular maintenance and use genuine seals and parts during replacement. ■ Uneven tire wear: Rotate tires regularly and maintain appropriate pressure. ■ Engine overheating: Clean the radiator, check coolant levels, and ensure the cooling system is functioning correctly. Maintenance Tips: + Regularly inspect the articulation joint and ensure it's well-lubricated. + Ensure the load is evenly distributed when dumping. + Always park the truck on level ground to prevent structural stress. + Check the brake system frequently as the heavy-duty nature can cause faster wear. + Regularly check all lights and safety signals to ensure visibility and safety. Tuning Tips/Modifications: ♦ Upgrade to LED lights for enhanced visibility during nighttime operations. ♦ Implement software updates for onboard diagnostics and performance metrics. ♦ Consider installing protective screens or meshes for work in areas with flying debris. ♦ Opt for tire upgrades suitable for specific terrains or conditions. ♦ Enhance cabin ergonomics for operator comfort during prolonged use. Accessories and Attachments: + Tailgate for preventing material spillage. + Upgraded tires for specific terrains. + Onboard camera systems for better visibility. + Protective mesh or grille for the cabin. + Advanced diagnostic tools for real-time performance metrics. Owner Reviews: Strengths: ☺ Durable and reliable even in rough conditions. ☺ Impressive payload capacity. ☺ User-friendly interface and controls. Weaknesses: ☻ Can be fuel-intensive if not maintained regularly. ☻ Spare parts can be expensive. Common Repairs & Parts: → Engine oil and filter changes. → Transmission system maintenance. → Hydraulic system overhauls. → Tire replacements and rotations. → Brake system repairs. → Cabin instrumentation fixes. → Lighting system repairs. → Articulation joint maintenance. → Radiator and cooling system checks. → Exhaust system repairs. Always consult the official manual from Volvo Construction Equipment before undertaking any service or repairs! Secure your copy here. Shop for the detailed repair manual in PDF format from Volvo Construction Equipment and download it via PayPal right here. Once your payment is processed, you'll see a download link for the official parts directory and shop guide from Volvo Construction Equipment on the confirmation page. Additionally, a prompt payment acknowledgment will be dispatched to your email. §
Price: 29.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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