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JCB 801.4, 801.5, 801.6 compact mini excavator manual

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. The manual is compatible with the following models: or brand: 801.4, 801.5, 801.6 / JC Bamford Excavators Ltd JCB 801.4: Year: 2007, 2010, 2013, etc. Variants: JCB 801.4 CTS, JCB 801.4 ZTS, JCB 801.4 T4F JCB 801.5: Year: 2009, 2012, 2015, etc. Variants: JCB 801.5 CTS, JCB 801.5 ZTS, JCB 801.5 T4F JCB 801.6: Year: 2011, 2014, 2017, etc. Variants: JCB 801.6 CTS, JCB 801.6 ZTS, JCB 801.6 T4F Engine specs (801.4): Perkins, 103-10, 12 kW. Engine specs (801.5): 403C-11, 69 cu in, 19.7 hp/19 hp, 69 cu in, 45.8 lb ft. Engine specs (801.6): 403C-11, see manual. Production years (depending on model): 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. Serial numbers or parts numbers: JCB 801.4 - 720001 and up JCB 801.5 730001 - 730614 JCB 801.6 728750 - 729999 Pages: 216 Manual Language: English Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. # ³ "Fix Issues with Your Compact Mini Excavator: Download the Ultimate Manual for JCB 801.4, 801.5, 801.6!" Are you facing technical challenges with your compact mini excavator? Fear not, as we bring you the comprehensive solution you need! Get ready to address all your excavator issues with the ultimate manual that covers the JCB 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 models. This guide contains a treasure trove of engine specifications, maintenance tips, common issues, and more. So, whether you're a seasoned operator or a new owner, this manual is your key to keeping your compact mini excavator in pristine condition. Engine Specifications / Technical Data: • The JCB 801.4 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine, delivering 13.8 horsepower (10.3 kW). • The 801.5 model features a robust diesel engine with 18.4 horsepower (13.7 kW) to tackle demanding tasks. • For increased performance, the JCB 801.6 boasts a diesel engine that produces 19.5 horsepower (14.5 kW). • All models come with a displacement of 854 cc, providing optimal power-to-weight ratios. • The 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 compact mini excavators have a fuel tank capacity of 22 liters, ensuring extended operation. • These excavators have a standard dig depth ranging from 2.40 meters to 2.75 meters. • The operating weight of the JCB 801.4 is approximately 1590 kg, while the 801.5 and 801.6 models weigh around 1635 kg. • The JCB 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 offer a hydraulic pump flow rate of 38.5 liters per minute. • All models feature rubber tracks for enhanced traction and maneuverability. • The maximum dumping height for the 801.4 is 2.61 meters, while the 801.5 and 801.6 models reach up to 2.71 meters. Facts and Details: - The compact design of these excavators allows easy access to confined job sites, increasing versatility. - JCB's advanced hydraulics system ensures precise and smooth operation during digging and lifting tasks. - The spacious operator cabin is designed for comfort, reducing operator fatigue during long hours of operation. - A well-balanced weight distribution provides stability, ensuring safe operation on uneven terrain. - JCB's innovative boom and dipper design maximizes digging depth and reach, improving overall productivity. - The 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 models are equipped with a simple and intuitive control layout, facilitating easy operation for operators of all experience levels. - The excavators' steel body construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance even in rugged conditions. - JCB's EcoMAX engine technology in these models ensures high fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. - The auto-idle feature helps conserve fuel when the excavator is not in use for a certain period. - A wide range of attachments is available, allowing these excavators to adapt to various applications. Maintenance Intervals: ► Change engine oil and filter every 250 hours of operation. ► Replace fuel filters every 500 hours of operation. ► Check and replace hydraulic fluid and filters every 1000 hours of operation. ► Inspect rubber tracks regularly for signs of wear and tear. General Maintenance Tips: * Keep the excavator clean to prevent debris from damaging components. * Grease all pivot points regularly for smooth operation. * Check and adjust the tension of tracks for proper alignment. Common Issues and Solutions: ■ Hydraulic Leaks: Inspect all hydraulic connections regularly, and replace any damaged seals or hoses promptly. ■ Overheating: Ensure the radiator and cooling system are clean, and check the coolant level regularly. ■ Electrical Problems: Keep electrical connections clean and secure, and inspect the battery regularly. Tips for Effective Maintenance: + Perform regular maintenance according to the recommended intervals to prevent costly breakdowns. + Keep the excavator's engine and hydraulic system clean to extend their lifespan. + Train operators on proper machine operation and maintenance procedures to minimize wear and tear. + Address minor issues promptly before they escalate into major problems. + Use genuine JCB parts and accessories for replacements and repairs to maintain optimal performance. Frequently Required Repairs and Commonly Replaced Parts: → Hydraulic pump repairs and replacements. → Track tensioning adjustments and track replacements. → Swing motor and swing bearing maintenance. → Bucket and attachment pin replacements. → Excavator blade and cutting edge repairs. Popular Tuning Tips and Modifications: ♦ Install a heavier-duty bucket for increased digging power and durability. ♦ Add a thumb attachment to the excavator for enhanced material handling capabilities. ♦ Install a protective cab guard to safeguard the operator and machine from falling debris. Accessories and Attachments: ~ Grading and tilting buckets. ~ Hydraulic hammers and breakers. ~ Augers for drilling applications. ~ Rippers for ground preparation. ~ Compactors for soil and material compaction. ~ Hydraulic thumbs for material handling. ~ Grapples for debris removal. ~ Trenchers for digging trenches. Owner Reviews and Opinions: ☺Strengths: Owners praise the JCB 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 for their excellent digging performance, compact size, and comfortable operator cabin. ☻ Weaknesses: Some users mention occasional issues with hydraulic leaks and the need for more durable tracks. The JCB 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 compact mini excavators are powerful, versatile machines designed to excel in various applications. With their robust engines and advanced hydraulic systems, these excavators deliver outstanding performance in confined job sites. To maintain their optimal performance, follow the recommended maintenance intervals, address common issues promptly, and use genuine JCB parts. With the comprehensive manual at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way with these exceptional compact mini excavators. Purchase the detailed PDF manual for JCB 801.4, 801.5, and 801.6 compact mini excavators securely through PayPal on the [RL] marketplace. Upon completing the payment, you will receive the download link for the OEM JCB parts list and shop handbook on the checkout page. Additionally, we will send you an immediate payment confirmation via email. §
Price: 24.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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