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Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 laser copier manual & service handbook + parts list

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To make it easier for you to choose the right manual, we have compiled various information for you below, such as model designations, types, and production years. This manual is compatible with the following models: e-Studio 350 + 450 / Toshiba Toshiba e-Studio 350 Laser Copier Toshiba e-Studio 450 Laser Copier Manual Language: English Delivery: Download link will appear on the checkout page after your payment is complete. Files: 1. Toshiba e-STUDIO 350 + 450 Service Manual (286 pages) 2. Toshiba e-STUDIO 350 + 450 Service Handbook (464 pages) 3. Toshiba e-STUDIO 350 + 450 Parts List Catalog (174 pages) # ³ "Download the Comprehensive Laser Copier Service Manual for the Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450" For efficient maintenance and repair of your Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 laser copier, having a reliable service manual is essential. Whether you are an IT professional, a technician, or a DIY enthusiast, having access to detailed technical information and step-by-step instructions can help you keep your copier in optimal working condition. Now, you can easily download a comprehensive service manual that covers all aspects of the Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450. From engine specifications to maintenance tips, common issues, tuning options, and compatible accessories, this manual will be your go-to resource. Read on to explore everything you need to know about the Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 laser copier. Engine Specifications/Technical Data: • Copy Speed: 35 pages per minute (e-Studio 350) and 45 pages per minute (e-Studio 450) • Warm-Up Time: Approximately 25 seconds • First Copy Out Time: 4.5 seconds (e-Studio 350) and 3.9 seconds (e-Studio 450) • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (dots per inch) • Paper Capacity: Standard 1,050 sheets (e-Studio 350) and 1,550 sheets (e-Studio 450) • Maximum Paper Size: 11" x 17" (ledger) • Duplexing: Automatic Duplex Unit for two-sided printing (optional) • Original Size: Maximum 11" x 17" (ledger) • Zoom: 25% to 400% (in 1% increments) • Multiple Copying: Up to 999 copies • Magnification: 7 reductions, 5 enlargements • Memory Capacity: 64 MB (e-Studio 350) and 128 MB (e-Studio 450) • Hard Disk Drive: 10 GB (e-Studio 450 only) • Interface: Ethernet (10/100BaseT), USB 2.0, Parallel Port (optional) • Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Novell Facts and Details: - The Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 are high-speed and versatile laser copiers designed for medium to large office environments. - These copiers offer fast copying speeds, allowing for efficient production of documents and reports. - With their high-resolution capabilities, the e-Studio 350 + 450 deliver sharp and clear prints. - The warm-up time of approximately 25 seconds ensures quick readiness for printing. - The e-Studio 450 has a faster first copy out time compared to the e-Studio 350, reducing wait times for users. - These copiers have generous paper capacities, minimizing the need for frequent paper replenishment. - Automatic duplexing is available as an optional feature, enabling two-sided printing and reducing paper consumption. - The zoom and multiple copying functions offer flexibility for various document reproduction needs. - The copiers feature a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls for easy operation. - Both models come with ample memory capacity, allowing for efficient processing of complex print jobs. - The e-Studio 450 includes a built-in hard disk drive, enabling advanced document storage and print-on-demand capabilities. - The copiers support various operating systems, ensuring compatibility with different network environments. - Regular maintenance and proper servicing are crucial to maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the copiers. - The Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 are known for their reliability, durability, and consistent print quality, making them popular choices for office environments. Maintenance Intervals, Tips, and Common Issues: ► Cleaning: Regularly clean the scanning glass, rollers, and paper path to ensure optimal print quality. ► Toner Replacement: Replace the toner cartridge when the "Replace Toner" indicator appears or when print quality starts to degrade. ► Paper Jam Prevention: Use the correct paper size and type, properly load paper trays, and keep the copier clean to minimize paper jams. ► Drum Unit Replacement: Replace the drum unit as recommended by the manufacturer or when print quality deteriorates. ► Common Issues: Paper jams, toner smudging, print quality issues, and error codes are common problems that can be resolved by following proper maintenance procedures, troubleshooting steps, and contacting technical support if needed. Popular Tuning Tips or Modifications: * Firmware Upgrades: Installing the latest firmware updates can provide enhanced features, improved security, and performance optimizations. * Network Configuration: Optimize network settings to ensure efficient data transmission and seamless integration with networked devices. * Document Management Software: Implementing document management software can streamline workflows, improve productivity, and enhance document security. * Secure Printing: Enable secure printing features to protect sensitive documents and control access to confidential information. * Finisher Options: Consider adding finisher attachments such as staplers, hole punchers, or booklet makers to enhance document finishing capabilities. Compatible Accessories and Attachments as described in the official manual: ■ Paper Trays and Cassettes ■ Staple Finisher ■ Hole Punch Unit ■ Booklet Maker ■ Job Separator ■ Large Capacity Feeder ■ Stand/Cabinet ■ External Print Controller ■ Wireless Network Adapter ■ Bluetooth Adapter Owner Reviews and Opinions: ☺ Strengths: Fast copying speeds, excellent print quality, reliable performance, versatile features, ample paper capacity. ☻ Weaknesses: Relatively large footprint, optional features can add to the overall cost. Repairs frequently needed: → Paper feed roller replacements → Drum unit replacements → Toner cartridge replacements → Fuser unit repairs or replacements → Cleaning unit maintenance or replacements → Sensor adjustments or replacements → Firmware updates and software troubleshooting Download the detailed PDF service manual for fixing Toshiba e-Studio 350 + 450 laser copiers by clicking the green button. Upon completing the payment, your official Toshiba OEM shop manual and parts catalog download link will be displayed on the checkout page. Additionally, we will immediately send you an email confirming your payment. §
Price: 4.99 USD
Lifetime Guarantee
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