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Cub Cadet 7360SS Compact Tractor Service Repair Shop Manual 7000 Series

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Here you will find the Cub Cadet 7360SS Compact Tractor Service Repair Shop Manual 7000 Series This manual contains all the information you need to properly perform complex repairs on the entire machine (excluding engines). Engine repair manuals sold separately.

Cub Cadet 7000 Series Compact Service Repair Manual
Service Repair Manual 7000, 7192, 7193, 7194, 7195, 7200, 7205, 7232, 7233, 7234, 7235, 7260, 7265, 7272, 7273, 7274, 7275, 7300, 7305 General Section 1
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- Repair Service & Shop Manual: 170-Pages 11-Sections

Easy to read exploded views to make easy identification, careful disassembly, accurate adjustment, and correct repairs. All sections are organized in Adobe Acrobat. Pages are scalable to several times normal size. Tons diagrams, specifications, step-by-step instructions, procedures, special info etc.

This is exactly like the paper manual made for this equipment; the only difference is this one is not paper, and doesnt need to be shipped. You get it right away! Zoom it, print it, save it, close it. Print a few pages at a time, as you need; no need to lug that bulky binder around anymore!   Once you buy the manual, you will immediately get a link in your email, then just go view it, print it, and save it for use later on. Viewed in popular Adobe PDF format, which most computers have already. To download the latest FREE Adobe viewer go to www(dot)adobe(dot)com

Section Index1. GENERAL 31. SAFETY 42. LOCATION OF ENGINE MODEL, ENGINE SERIAL NO. AND TRACTOR SERIAL NO. IDENTIFICATIONS 63. SPECIFICATION AND DATA 74. TRANSMISSION DIAGRAM 85. TIGHTENING TORQUES 96. PRECAUTIONS FOR DISASSEMBLY 107. GENERAL INFORMATION 112. ASSEMBLY REMOVAL AND REINSTALLATION 121. FRONT AXLE ASSY REMOVAL AND REINSTALLATION 131-1 FRONT AXLE ASSY REMOVAL 131-2 FRONT AXLE ASSY REINSTALLATION 142. ENGINE ASSY REMOVAL AND REINSTALLATION 152-1 ENGINE ASSY REMOVAL 152-2 ENGINE ASSY REINSTALLATION 193. CLUTCH HOUSING, TRANSMISSION CASE, REAR AXLE CASE AND HYDRAULIC LIFT CASE REMOVAL AND REINSTALLATION 213-1 HOUSING REMOVAL 213-2 HOUSING REINSTALLATION 234. ENGINE 254-1 DETERMINING WHEN TO OVERHAUL THE ENGINE 254-2 TROUBLE SHOOTING 284-3 DISASSEMBLING 344-4 REASSEMBLING 444-5 INSPECTION 794-6 ADJUSTMENT 1004-7 SPECIAL TOOLS 1075. CLUTCH 1085-1 DISASSEMBLING 1085-2 REASSEMBLING 1085-3 ADJUSTMENT 1096. TRANSMISSION 1116-1 CLUTCH HOUSING DISASSEMBLING 1116-2 CENTER CASE DISASSEMBLING 1136-3 TRANSMISSION CASE DISASSEMBLING 1156-4 CLUTCH HOUSING REASSEMBLING 1176-5 CENTER CASE REASSEMBLING 1186-6 TRANSMISSION CASE REASSEMBLING 1216-7 CHECK AND MAINTENANCE 1237. REAR AXLE 1267-1 DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSY DISASSEMBLING 1267-2 REAR AXLE DISASSEMBLING 1267-3 BRAKE CONTROL DISASSEMBLING 1277-4 DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSY REASSEMBLING 1287-5 REAR AXLE REASSEMBLING 1297-6 BRAKE CONTROL REASSEMBLING 1307-7 CHECK AND MAINTENANCE 1318. FRONT AXLE 1328-1 FRONT AXLE DISASSEMBLING 1328-2 FRONT AXLE REASSEMBLING 1358-3 FRONT AXLE CHECK AND MAINTENANCE 1399. STEERING 1419-1 OPERATOR CONTROL AREA DISASSEMBLING 1419-2 STEERING UNIT DISASSEMBLING 1429-3 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER DISASSEMBLING 1449-4 OPERATOR CONTROL AREA REASSEMBLING 1469-5 STEERING UNIT REASSEMBLING 1479-6 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER REASSEMBLING 1509-7 CHECK AND MAINTENANCE 15210. HYDRAULICS 15310-1 MAIN HYDRAULICS DISASSEMBLING 15310-2 HYDRAULIC LIFT DISASSEMBLING 15510-3 MAIN HYDRAULICS REASSEMBLING 15810-4 HYDRAULIC LIFT REASSEMBLING 15910-5 HYDRAULIC LINE CHECKING 16410-6 HYDRAULIC CHECK AND MAINTENANCE 16611. ELECTRICAL 16711-1 ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM 16811-2 SPECIFICATION 170About Cub CadetCub Cadet is a premium line of outdoor power equipment, established in 1961 as part of International Harvester company.During the 1960s IH initiated an entirely new line of lawn and garden equipment aimed at the owners of increasingly popular rural homes with large yards and private gardens. There were a wide variety of Cub Cadet branded and aftermarket attachments available at this time; including mowers, blades, snow blowers, front loaders, plows, carts, etc.Cub Cadet advertising at that time focused on their thorough testing by boys - acknowledged by many as the worlds worst destructive force! Cub Cadet tractors and mowers became known for their dependability and rugged construction. A cult-like following has emerged around current and former Cub Cadet tractors, similar to the following enjoyed by Macintosh computers.MTD Products, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, purchased the Cub Cadet brand from International Harvester in 1981. Cub Cadet was held as a wholly owned subsidiary for many years following this acquisition, which allowed them to operate independently. Recently, MTD has taken a more aggressive role and integrated Cub Cadet into its other lines of power equipment which now include MTD, YardMachines, YardMan, White Outdoor, Bolens, and Troy-Bilt.

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