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1991-1999 Daewoo Musso/SsangYong Musso Service Manual

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Daewoo Musso/Ssangyong Musso available on the market as SUV with many available engine to choose: 2299cc, In-line 4Cylinder, Diesel (OM601); 2874cc, In-line 5Cylinder, Diesel (OM602); 1998cc, In-line 4Cylinder, Gasoline (E20); 2295cc, In-line 4Cylinder, Gasoline (E23); 3199cc, In-line 6Cylinder, Gasoline (E32); 2299cc, In-line 4Cylinder, Diesel (OM601); 2874cc, In-line 5Cylinder, Diesel (OM602); 2299cc, In-line 4Cylinder, Diesel (SY662LA); and 2874cc, In-line 5Cylinder, Diesel (SY662LA). Its also offered in manual transmission (maker: Tremec T5) and automatic transmission (maker BTRA, type: W4A040 or M74 4WD).
Service manual below is applicable to 1991-1999 Daewoo Musso/SsangYong Musso, and is a comprehensive service manual minus wiring diagrams/schematics. Upon reading this workshop manual, qualified Daewoo/SsangYong technicians will have sufficient informations on overhauling, servicing, adjusting, inspecting the vehicle.
Section 0B General Information
DAEWOO SSANGYONG MUSSO Service workshop repair Manual
MANUAL This manual includes procedure for maintenance, adjustment, service operation and removal and installation of components. All information, illustrations and specifications are included, so whatever
9.99 USD

Section 1 Engine
Section 1A1 M162 General Engine Information
Section 1B1 M162 Engine Mechanical
Section 1D1 M162 Engine Cooling
Section 1E1 M162 Engine Electrical
Section 1F1 M162 Engine Controls
Section 1G1 M162 Engine Intake & Exhaust
SsangYong Musso 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 repair manual download 0*##
or used car with the help of this pdf version of the detailed and specific SsangYong Musso service guide and repair manual. Specifics: Production/model
18.99 USD

Section 1A2 M161 General Engine Information
Section 1B2 M161 Engine Mechanical
Section 1D2 M161 Engine Cooling
Section 1E2 M161 Engine Electrical
Section 1F2 M161 Engine Controls
Section 1G2 M161 Engine Intake & Exhaust
Section 1A3 OM600 General Engine Information
MANUAL These are the same type manuals used by mechanics around the nation. The PDF allow you to zoom in for to view detailed
17.95 USD

Section 1B3 OM600 Engine Mechanical
Section 1D3 OM600 Engine Cooling
Section 1E3 OM600 Engine Electrical
Section 1F3 OM600 Engine Controls
Section 1G3 OM600 Engine Intake & Exhaust
Section 2 Suspension
Section 2A Suspension Diagnosis
Section 2B Wheel Alignment
Section 2C Front Suspension
Section 2D Rear Suspension
Section 2E Tires and Wheels
Section 3 Drive Line / Axle
Section 3A Front Drive Axle
Section 3C Propeller Shaft
Section 3D Rear Drive Axle
Section 4 Brakes
Section 4A Hydraulic Brakes
Section 4B Master Cylinder
Section 4C Power Booster
Section 4D Front Disc Brakes
Section 4E Rear Disc Brakes
Section 4F Antilock Brake System
Section 4G Parking Brakes
Section 5 Transmission
Section 5A Automatic Transmission
Section 5B Manual Transmission
Section 5C Clutch
Section 5D1 Transfer Case (Part Time 4480)
Section 5D2 Transfer Case (TOD)
Section 6 Steering
Section 6A Power Steering System
Section 6E Steering Wheel and Column
Section 7 HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Section 7B/C Manual Control/Semi auto Temperature Control Heationg, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System
Section 7D Full Automatic Temperature Control Heationg, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System
Section 8 Restraints
Section 8A Seat Belts
Section 8B Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
Section 9 Body and Accessories
Section 9A Body Wiring System
Section 9B Lighting Systems
Section 9D Wipers/Washer Systems
Section 9E Instrumentation/Driver Information
Section 9F Audio
Section 9H Seats
Section 9L Glass and Mirrors
Section 9N Front and Under Body
Section 9O Bumpers and Fenders
Section 9P Doors
Section 9Q Roof
Section 9R Body Front End
Section 9T Remote Keless Entry and Anti-Theft System
Section 9U Control Units and System
Section 9W Immobilizer System

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